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Jan 7, 2010


rubbina gorintaaku.. arachetilo chandamama and chukkalu.. amma gnapakaalu

Thanks to my daughter, I am reliving all my childhood days.. if not for her, I would never have stayed here to have a relaxed life. I wake up relaxed, no need to rush anywhere, I dont have to really rush about anything... we have a huge backyard and when done with the morning chores me and kiddo sit next to the road and watch the buffaloes, sheep, goat, people, buses, cars, cycles, bikes going by, enjoying the lazy life...

aaku kadigesina ventane kobbari noone raasina cheyyi..

The smell of the freshly ground gorintaaku, the feel of it on the hand simply reminds me of my grandmother. She used to take all the pains to do it with pestle and mortar, put the same old design on both hands and feet (boot design). I dont have the patience to do it by hand, I grind it in the mixer and use it... not just me, even my daughter has to go through this grind of mehendi once in a while once the old design fades. It is not as beautiful as the cone design but to me it is the best, it reminds me of my granny, it reminds me of what all my childhood was, it reminds me of the only peaceful days that we had as kids. It reminds me of all things beautiful and perhaps the only things worth remembering in my past life.

yummy, yummy

and guess what.. the one in the above pic is..... peechu mithai, the one that i bought from the vendor on the bicycle who gives this sweet in return for plastic/iron/tin things. Believe me the taste is amazing nothing can beat it, not even the Pulla Reddy SonPaapdi... yummy... I guess the germs add to the taste ;)...

and after a long time, I watched a movie on the TV, Matilda, a kids' movie which was really nice and it felt like I am back to my old self. Nothing has changed after all and as they say time is the best healer.. it just has become all the more beautiful with the kiddo in it and if there is a doubt whether the kiddo gets to taste what all I eat.. yeah, of course... I know, those looks, but that is the way we are, mom and daughter, and maybe another me in the making but I just wish her life is a bed of roses and the thorns underneath them just come in my way.


Anonymous said...

ooh.. u r making me nostalgic with your post and the peechu mithai..

Kalpana said...

Now I too feel nostalgic... Good old memories.

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