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Jan 26, 2010

Phir Mile Sur..

It is Republic day... a day in my life significant for my bro's birthday, someone came into my life to stand by me in everything. I decide to be happy today and no matter what, I will remain so. Well, this is going to be my motto for every day from today.. I will be happy.

I had tough time sleeping last night with severe coughing bouts and very disturbed mind.. why the hell do I lose control when I know that my life is in just my control. I do not have to shout and scream and yell and make my point when the same can be done much more effectively silently. When the hell will I change or will I ever.. when I feel I am cool and composed and nothing can affect me I am proven wrong by myself and time and again, my decision to stay away from people who trigger that is 100% right. Thanks Caps for listening it out, it helps to unwind.

Mile sur mera tumhara a music segment to propagate unity done around 23 years ago still rings in my years and all the memories rush back. It was a visual and listening delight. It was a feast to our little eyes. I did not know what it signified, it just meant to show off how many languages we knew.. mug up the song and count the number of languages :).. funny when I look back and remember :).

watch it HERE.

I woke up today to channel surf while my daughter played with the chicken and her grandmother to listen to the new version of it.. Phir Mile Sur on Zoom TV, directed by Kailash Surendranath. To me, the older version meant sincerity and simplicity while this new one is a fusion of old and new with a whole lot of themes and concepts to it. Has it retained its charm through transition??? Yes, but not it does not match with the older one, it had a beauty of its own but to be fair to the new one, it is okay or maybe I just dont want this new one to take away the memories I had with the other.

It felt good to listen and it felt great to see some parts of it. the significant places seen in the backdrop, the idea behind it, the fusion of the past and the present and the next generation, the mix of sports and arts is a delight to watch. It is I guess lengthier than the previous one, but it did not feel boring, it brought out the personalities of various people and the essence of our nation as to what it should be rather than portraying what it actually is.

Mile sur mera tumhaara, to sur bane hamara... As usual, the AB family is given more importance, the three khans come together, Anushka Shankar, Abhinav, Baichung, Gopichand, Saina, the bangash clan, and for a change the otherwise reticent Mahesh Babu in the regional actor segment.

I missed Sushmita though, the whole thing somehow seemed incomplete without her. I missed Lathaji/Ashaji, Dilip Kumar, Devanand, khushwant Singh, etc. too, maybe the length was too much but I would have at least liked a glimpse here and there...

The theme I like the best is one by sweetheart sallu miya and another one by Mahesh Babu, the backdrop is really good and amazing and coming to involvement Sallu beats them all.

In all, the old wine in the new bottle as the old one is in a way lifting up the spirit.

The day well begun went on to be the first-half well spent with us participating in the Republic Day Celebrations in the school. We gave away chocolates, pencils, pens, and books to the kids and felt really happy to be a part of their celebrations.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhaara, Toh Sur Bane hamara
surki nadiya har dishaa se behke saagar me mila
baadalonka roop lekar barse halke halke.

nee swaramu naa swaramu mana swaramai sangamamga avatarincha....

jhili jhili jhili jhili borse... wonderful lilt

The significance of it at the time of each state wanting to be split into two or more is really really high... it is a part of childhood memories of every kid who was raised in the house with a TV thanks to it being aired in DD by Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad, written by Mr. Piyush Pandey (courtesy: Wikipedia) the lyrics are simple yet convey the message clear and strong in 14 different languages.

I however feel that this song should have had people from all walks of life rather than focusing on glamor and glitz.


Kalpana said...

Happy Republic Day!!! :)

amul said...

It is gud bt its more of bollywood
Sachin,Kalaam,Ambani etc are missin. Infact the song gives a negative impression dat unity lies in more of Bollywood

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, ninna raathri net lo vethiki vethiki maree pattukunna ee kotha video. baane undhi but old one was really wonderful. nothing can ever replace it

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