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Jan 18, 2010

Sankranthi Sandadi

Gangireddu Aata.

There are so many things that I like about being in a village and one among them is celebrations in an authentic way. This year, recession has affected the villagers as well and there was a cut-off in so many activities as they were all busy in the fields for oodupulu. It was sad to note no Haridaasulu or Pittala Doralu this year. We had very few festivities and the reason behind is the point of another post.

We started our festivities with Gangireddu melam, a guy with ox decked up which performs various acts. By the way, that is LO on the ox-back trying to lick, suck, pluck, bite and all.

Then came the "edla pandem" of ongolu edlu. The oxen race or whatever it is in English. The kid enjoyed it to the core. The race, the crowd, the whistles, the shouts and everything... hehehe she is my daughter after all ;).

Edla Pandem

The race we went to was of "melu jaati ongolu edlu" trying to race pulling a heavy stone. I did feel really towards the end of racing when the men in the track hit the ox to make it move faster. A few of them just hit the hunter in the air but a few actually hit :((( which was really really sad.. and could not continue beyond watching 2 sets.

I really wonder what the guy is doing in the air.. any idea???

By the way there was a live coverage and also some TV coverage which covered the LO for a close up shot and kept zooming in and out and all the neighbors and relatives kept calling me to watch the kiddo on TV. In this part of world, it IS still a big thing to be on TV.

LO throwing a log with Harsha Baabi :).

The Bhogi day started off with Bhogi mantalu, lighting up a bonfire in the early hours in the back yard. My maama's kids were here and the gang of three whenever we meet have a blast and Kiddo's happiness knows no bounds 'cos she has 2 more willing slaves at her service to protect her from the military strict mom (me ;)).

The muggulu on the road.. the geometric perfection and all that, isnt it really amazing.. and before you jump to any conclusion, I am not the one who put that muggu okay.. it is my aunt.

How about this one.. the gobbemmalu are missing because I could not personally find any cowdung and in anticipation of bhogi pallu the next morning, could not sleep well and had no patience or strength to go with the rangoli, color, gobbemmalu routine.. so, gave it a skip.

This is the venue of her Bhogi pallu in her new swing. The deco behind is a small and new kind of bommala koluvu with all her toys from day 1.

I leave you with a picture of regipallu, baby's breath, flower petals, akshintalu, chamkilu, chillara dabbulu, in short Bhogi Pallu for the LO.

Me and the kiddo had a blast, how about you...????

Wait a minute... how can Sankranthi be complete without the mention of Ariselu... yes, yes, yes, we had a lot of them and many more varieties.. All in all, the first Sankranthi of the kiddo reminded me of the days with my granny and like I say living each moment with the kid makes me feel like a kid all over again.

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Anonymous said...

You miss all that living in a city and abroad! It was a busy day for the kiddo!

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