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Jan 20, 2010

This and That

There have been quite a few things happening around which I did not blog about. There were a few things which kind of crushed the heart, some which lifted my spirits, some which made me "veellu maararu", some I actually gave up on.

Telugu New Year 2010

I have this habit of checking the new year calender for the next new year's name. Each Telugu year has a name and it comes into force from Yugaadi day somewhere in March or April but when I get the new calender in Jan, I check it out. I personally did not like the name of this year "Virodhi" which to a layman like me means enemy. I am kind of superstitious about a few things. The fights among people, regional disputes everything, kind of reinforced that superstition, so was hoping if the new year would have hope-giving name.. nope to my dismay it is "Vikruthi" which means ugly :(((... So, I am kind of bracing myself for something really bad. I pray really hard that it is just my superstition and nothing else and everything is going to be just fine.

I was consciously avoiding writing and thinking about Haiti victims because it just scares me, the magnitude of death, the suddenness of it all. Death and destruction everywhere. The pain and sorrow that single moment leaves behind for the survivors. Just brings forth the reality of life, it is just a bubble ready to burst any moment isnt it. A catastrophe of this magnitude kind of jolts you awake from the worldly life and think about the supreme with reverence and fear.

Those people just like us were filled with all the emotions, had a lot of hopes, lot of aspirations, and everything is now a thing of past and what is left behind is strewn bodies and body parts. So why is it that even knowing fully well that nothing lasts that we tend to say I, me, mine???

Jyothi Basu
I do not know anything about him in person, meaning I havent really focused on WB politics, communism really ever other than just a glimpse here and there. I knew him as the longest serving CM, more than 20 years, he was Marxist in his political views, he kind of ruled the state with an iron thumb or something like that. There were a few of my friends who are Bengali who used to say not so good things about his rule, dont actually remember anything in particular as of now but just one thing, for a person to continue to stay as a CM in this competitive sphere is really amazing and he really had something, what it is, I am actually unsure. One really really nice thing though is donating is body for medical learning purposes which could be taken as an example. I personally want to do the same and once I am free from the routine 24/7 care of the kiddo, it would be the first thing to do. I am not sure of his life, so cant really comment on it but in his death he set an example.

KCR and Family
why is he still allowed to make those comments.. I heard him saying talalu narukkuntam.. what the hell, why is he not arrested sumoto still??? His daughter, against Adurs and all. Let me remind these guys that there are hell a lot of things to bother about once Telangana is given.. like development strategy, goals, targets etc.. why not focus on them rather than passing utterly silly senseless comments.

Student Suicides
Sadly, the media-done damage is so high already that I refuse to believe that T state is the cause of death of those 2 students. Had T issue not been there, they would have been blamed on love or education system or home stressors or whatever. With high rate of lies at the time of YS death, I am sorry to say that it is difficult to believe even if it is true. While I am sad at such tender youthful life being wasted, I refuse to believe they have anything to do with current political scenario.

The grahanam/eclipse picture which I took with my chest x-ray on top of the lens

It is the first time I have witnessed an eclipse with naked eyes and actually managed to shoot it for a while when the sun wasnt covered by clouds and even managed to click a pic. It was good to see that. They say it comes once in 1000 years, so must say I watched something which no one alive today would be able to watch... yay!!!

I have decided to take work seriously from now on, so finished my work and also to take my blog seriously, so finished it too.. and hoping to continue the same every day.. let us see!!!

Educational Reforms and Kapil Sibal
Looking forward to some sort of reforms in educational system personally.. dont know what this guy is up to, but really really watching out for something to lessen the burden and teaching the kids something worthwhile rather than the good old rote method which neither prepares the kid for job nor the life ahead.

Erich Segal
The creator of Love Story is no more. I have thoroughly enjoyed all his works and he would remain in my memories forever with such sensible portrayal of characters. RIP.

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