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Jan 22, 2010

Thoda Happy Thoda Sad

That is all about life right... just yesterday I wrote about the chicken that I got for LO and today morning when I wake up to feed them, one of them just did not stand up, it was alive but went limp :(((.. the pink colored bird in the pic below.. So, took it from there, made it drink some water, prepared a swing type of thing from a tiny cardboard box and hung it to the bulb to give it some heat and light. It kept making sounds, but did not open its eyes, everyone around me gave up the hope. I did too but just could not let it be, so I sat next to it whole day :((((.. feeling bad, whatever species it is, it almost kills to see tiny babies breathe their last. I am told time and again that they just wont live, but they why do they sell them, immersing in color. I wanted to leave them with some hen and her chicks but due to their color, I am told that the hen would kill the colored ones :(. I cant hit myself enough really... so it is just the four leafy, chickie, saffie, lemoney (I know, I am crazy, one who names soft toys, so named them all) who are alive and playing now. I dont see them missing their buddy but I miss that little one really bad. Even LO has taken to like them a lot and keeps watching them clapping, waving and talking/screaming to them. RIP pinkie :).

It breathed its last at 3 p.m. after 7 hrs or more of pain and I was kind of down all day. Since it is Daalava (crop time) season mosquito menace everywhere, so I went to bring mosquito net for the kiddo's bed so that I am kind of diverted out of the sad mood. It is in the next village and as I got to the shop and I come out, I see one of the most beautiful sunset moments I have ever witnessed. I almost kicked myself for not having a camera with me to capture that lovely moment. The bright orange ball obstructed here and there by gray clouds, then just the ball for a while and then a semi circle and gradually vanishing for the day to bring a happy morning in some other part of the world having done its duty here. I kind of went into a trance watching it and people around me sure would have felt I was a gone case.

Like this one of my favorite movie dialogue which goes something like this "manam vennalani roju choostam puri adi eppudo okasaarey andamga kanipistundi.. adi roju alaage untundi, choose manalone undi" True, there are many times we look at the moon. It is only sometimes that it does look really really awesome to our eyes. It is always like that, it is just in the eyes of the beholder that everything lies....

I did not get the net but I did get out of the sad mood and actually I found myself humming "uthe sabke kadam, tara rum pum, aji aise geet gaaya karo... kabhi khushi kabhi gham, haso aur hasaaya karo." on my way back home.

The LO unaware of it all plays all the day with the remaining chickies, her toys, school kids, and of course me. Isnt it a bliss, to be able enjoy the moment as it comes like my daughter or any kid for that matter does. I undergo so many emotions during the day, carry them forward for a few minutes, few days, and few months or maybe few or several years at times, but kids nothing lasts beyond 5 minutes at the max. Why is it that we are born intelligent and lose it as we grow!!!!!!

... and as I type this there is this song that comes to my mind out of the blue...

Unchi neechi hai dagariya, patli hai mori kamariya, zara dheere chaloji, balam dheere chaloji... sung by Anaida, one of the songs I used to soo love in my college days... got to listen to it now and go to sleep... We had our hands and minds full today how about you??

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