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Jan 3, 2010

Touched... Thank You All...

New Year Cards For LO

Well, I mentioned in the post below that I dont give much importance to New Years in particular... just acknowledge the wishes at the max has been the routine.. I have even stopped wishing people, I know I am getting wierder if that is possible..but what touched me most was the number of cards, chocolates and biscuits LO got... I am really touched with the kids' feelings..

I have to mention a lot about how I bring up my kid before I tell you the importance of the school kids (govt. school 1 to 5 classes) which is also called "dumpala badi" in the colloquial language. Yes, I had been to that very school in my childhood.. I remember very vaguely going to the school and our bag filled with rice :) along with other students and now my kid goes there.. I know she is just 8 months old for God's sake. It is just that she goes to the school but not in side. The school is just in front of my grandparents house and we both, me and LO, sit next to the road on a mat with all our toys and play with the kids in their recess bell and lunch bell :).

The Love, the care, the joy, the concern... kids have it all

I know I do get those looks from those who are very particular about cleanliness, no dust, no germs rule for the infants. But I do believe germs are good if they serve the bigger purpose of bringing a smile on someone's face. It is really really heart-warming to see the kids play with her and her toys and she play with them.. the way her eyes light up and she lets out a shriek of happiness more than makes up for the germ content whatsover, so I let her be.
Gifting goody boxes on Independence Day

So, I am really proud to say that my daughter has this huge fan following among the kids, they play together, eat together (they have their midday meal and LO has her meal with them, though it is homecooked), and are happy with each other and I absolutely dont care what anyone has to say about the way she mingles with them all.

Meal Time Fun..

Whenever there is any little milestone to be celebrated, be it her rolling over, walking, gundu or Independence day, Christmas, New Year or whatever it is with them we share our happiness.

It really came as a surprise when all the kids got her and me tiny little greeting cards with a chocolate and when I said LO doesnt eat chocolates they went back to bring in biscuits.. wow... priceless gifts to start our New Year.. I just wish she is as people-friendly as she is now and share whatever she has with the underprivileged or those who are not as blessed as she is.

Love you kids.. God Bless You and May You All Go Way Ahead In Your Lives... and Thank You God for being able to bring my kid up the way I am doing right now, away from the concrete jungle, amidst of innocence and loads and loads of love... TOUCH WOOD..

And thank you all those who called me up and sent me cards, I am really sorry to have missed all your calls on mobile, it is just that I hardly use it these days because of fear of radiation to the kiddo.. I AM CRAZY AFTERALL... so Wish You All The Very Best in Twenty-Ten.


Bhagi said...

Thats so sweet Sree. Sreya pillala tho baga enjoy chestoo untundi kada...

Kalpana said...

Lovely raa... Sreya, be the same dear! :-)

Sunita said...

So sweet.. :)

Sree said...

@all... yeah she does enjoy a lot.. janaale naaku class peekutaa untaaru americalo undaalsina pilla enti ee gali pempakam ani.. but as I say.. I really really dont care.

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