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Feb 24, 2010

Current Shock...

Nope, I did not get that electric jolt by current itself but from the power department in AP, to be more precise Krishna district...

The official power cut is yet to be announced yet round-the-clock we have power cuts ranging anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours. The phone is always busy/engaged, I doubt put aside which I had noticed a couple of times I had been to govt. offices. So, when there is such a cut, we are at loss to even find out what is the cause and how long is the cut. Since I work from home and I have limited power backup for the desktop and no laptop, I need to know and let my office know as to my work hours. So, no need to say my work has gone haywire and me searching for reasons to be with the kid and not work readily jump at the given opportunity (I digress).

I get hold of the concerned AE from the Electricity Department and get him to pick the phone somehow.. conversation goes like this.. mind you, the power cuts have been in existence since about a fortnight..

Me: Hello sir, I would like to know if there is any official power cut or any reason for such frequent and too many cuts.
AE: Yes, we got official orders a couple of days ago for 2-hour cut.
Me: But sir, they are way beyond 2 hrs and too random ranging from 2 minutes to 2 hours at a stretch or sometimes even worse and it is not yet summer.
AE: Yes, I am aware, that is because we are not receiving enough power.
Me: Okay, then arent we supposed to increase the official power cut time.
AE: Errrr.... yes, but I dont know.
Me: Okay, what is the OFFICIAL time?
AE: 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.
Me: Today, we got the power at 11 a.m. and it is 12:15 and again the power has been gone for half an hour.
AE: We are not receiving enough power.
Me: Okay sir... we dont mind any cuts as long as they are scheduled.. we are used to around 6 to 8 hour cuts but we made arrangements back then, cant there any such provision now.
AE: No idea.. not in the near future but the cuts will increase depending on the power generation.
Me: I perfectly understand sir, but who do we approach for this just power save current cuts without any time.. last night we had a cut from 11:30 p.m. to 3:45 a.m.
AE: We had not received power.
Me: Who decides to cut the power when there is no power.
AE: Department.
Me: Can we have some timing so that we all can be prepared, I am sure it is not just me who is suffering.
AE: I understand it is good but I dont know.
Me: Can you let the the village power guys to maintain a timing at least there must be infants and kids and this is peak mosquito season.
AE: What are you talking madam, how can I tell them... official power cut time is just 2 hours.. the rest we are saving the power to provide you with current rest of the time...
Me: %$^(*&(*&>(*P)(*#$@!$#%$^&. (searching for something hit my head on).

One can gather from the gist of the conversation that the power cuts are mostly in the late evenings and early mornings when even the sunlight goes missing. I can count on fingertips the number of houses with inverter/generator in the village, around 10% have charging lights with say around 2-4 hr. light backup only, and the remaining 89% or more of people depend on oil lamps... so, it is the kerosene which is vital right... if all is well, then why crib.. from this month the village white card holders just get 2 L of kerosene for the entire month.. Reason almost all of them have gas stoves thanks to the Deepam Padhakam, okay we cook on it, but what about the lamps $#^&%*&^&*^(*&*&)(*$$%^^^&&*&... and most of them still use kerosene stoves for water, cooking, etc.

I fail to get the logic behind the kerosene allocation.. corporations get the highest where there is the lowest amount of power cut or the lowest number of kerosene users, mandals get the next and villages where they need it the most get the least... it beats my understanding...

and yes, I am working on the inverter right now after applying leave for today 'cos there is no hope of power coming back soon and I need to save the reserve for fan and lights just in case we go power-less the whole night... (yes, that happens frequently as well.. sigh).

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Suree said...

Actually this is so common in India.. Sorry to sound so casual ..but that is how we are .. we are used to evrything...

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