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Feb 26, 2010

Love is in the air...

Something I did not know until now just made me catch my breath for a while and send a silent prayer to the one above...

LO wasnt feeling too well a while ago, so the kids were prohibited to hold/play with her for a while 'cos she would infect them and also due to the hygiene factor for the kiddo. We had to rush the kid to the hospital a while ago because of severe fever and they saw us leave by the car.. it seems they all went to the Hanuman Statue near by, prayed for the kiddo and put the Sindhooram/bottu on the door of LO's room. They religiously visited her all the days, wished her from outside the mesh, played from far and went away and we kind of got busy with my job and her getting back to health routine... the lady who cleans up the statue area told me in the morning that the kid is blessed, I was like what??

But yes, truly blessed is she and blessed am I... She is doing good now, how can she not when she has so many blessings.

Kids are so pure and kind.. what is it that changes them as they grow up.. if each and every one retains this kind of a feeling after growing up, why would there be any sorrow at all..

It is so true Kids are little Gods... My heart filled with a feeling I had not ever experienced and tears are filling up the eyes constantly after a long time not because of sorrow but out of thankfulness.


ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...

Now the love they show is out of no expectations. If at all expectations exist now, it is being good to others and expecting good for others.

As they grew up, they built up their own world, in that world they have expectations for people they love. They want to be good to the beloved at the the same time they have this expectation that the beloved should do what they think good for the beloved. Often enough, what they think good for the beloved and what the beloved think good for themselves wont be in sync.

That causes confrontation. And creates a situation wherein one has to compromise not for common good/growth of the involved, but for to come to terms with the other involved and for catching "if-i-don't-compromise-other person-not-be-able-to-see-change/growth" syndrome.

At times, the second expectation takes the toll on the first and they stop being good to the beloved.

It always feels better if we don't think too much :) Life will move on anyways!

ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...
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