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Feb 5, 2010

Open Your Hearts.....

Please spare a little time from your busy schedule to look into this place called asraah
which tries to bring a smile on the faces that need it the most.

Anything starting from $5 is accepted and for a small amount of 900 rs/- or 20$ the kids are taken care of for a month, so please do pitch in and help them out.

But this past 2 months all of us kind of fell back on sending in our contributions and so did a lot of other regulars and it is very unfortunate that the school has been closed down for the past 2 months due to lack of funds and the kids sent back to their homes who cannot provide them even the basic amenities.

I am sure almost all of us have that urge to give something back to the society or the needy but are kind of drifted along in a monotonous grind. Reasons partly being unsure whether the amount sent is spent genuinely or not and being unable to put in time and resources to verify the credibility of the said organization.

Regarding this organization, this is genuine and a few friends of mine actually have been to that place and help them out in whatever little way they can possibly help. Not much but a tiny little amount every month to keep them floating.

I personally can vouch for it being genuine and say that every penny sent would be used for those kids... not much a little a time but continuously maybe bill pay option or something like that for as little as 5 to 10$ a month or maybe one student a month.

Would be extremely glad if this mail generates even a little amount for those kids.

Believe me, the smile on their faces when they get those bags, blankets, books, food whatever it is that we send, makes our day and makes us feel really good!!!

Please find the donation details at

THANKS AGAIN FOR GOING THROUGH AND THINK PLEASE!!!!!! less than cost of a burger or a meal in a restaurant for each and everyone of us in my mailing list, is equivalent to a week or more of happiness for them..

nothing much a $10 bill once a month or at least just once a year :).

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