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Feb 7, 2010


Did I tell you, I like this guy RGV and his thoughts and words kind of strike a note with me and maybe the fact that we are both rebels in our own way is a common ground and we do have 101 dissimilarities, yet you know you have that feel that you are tuned to like an individual no matter what, it is one of those.... It takes guts to be yourself no matter what and that is what I admire the most about him.

and in his own words the best thing he said in an interview is "naa chaavu ne chastaanu" in an ABN interview a couple of weeks ago with Open Heart with RK. I know what he means 'cos that is what I feel and say too.

and by the way, even though I hate this guy RK for turning a news channel to something like a "Blue News Channel" with majority sex scandal news and stuff, I must admit that he does have a knack to bring out a different facet of an individual to those who watch it, or at least to me.. I happened to watch only 2, ANR and RGV and must say loved them both!!!

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Kalpana said...

I have seena a prg of Jr. NTR very long ago... Adi naaku nachchindi...
Ikkada ee prg chuse scope ledu kadaa... Hmm...

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