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Feb 15, 2010

Sets me thinking...

Chicken soup, no I am not talking abut the nutritious chicken soup for the palate, I am talking about nutrition for the soul... it is amazing going through those books.. give them a try if you still havent. Just one story a day and it will surely make a difference in the way you have been looking at things so far.

My latest one is for the mother's soul... one story a day, not much.. one step at a time.

There is one story about locking people out of your life, which set me thinking my approach to people and relationships. I go out and give the very best in every single relationship be it just an acquaintance or someone really close but if and if the effort is not realized and when pushed into a corner either by force or with lies which may partly be unintentional nothing to intend any harm but constant lying for no reason other than just trying to be good in front of people just gets on to my nerves. I just cannot bear that. I take it to an extent, I try to ignore, if it is a person who has no impact on my life, fine.. let them be whatever they are.. but if it comes to my being forced to act in accordance to their wishes, I just burst out after a while. I just lock them out. I try the best not to confront them or indulge in them just plain and simple but if they try to push me further, they see the worst of me. I constantly try to lock them out completely but looking at the other angle, okay I lock them out of my life but with kiddo is it okay. I am confident she can do pretty well without the so-called relatives with something on the mind and something on the tongue attitude but most of all I feel rotten to be put in such circumstances. I will leave the kid to her choice once she is old enough to know good from bad or at least let me or her father know what is happening with her and around her depending on with whom she is at that point.

Locking totally is just not possible in some cases, especially with the kid involved... am I shielding from what I think is bad and making her vulnerable and should I just let her be and face it out from the beginning... pccchhhh... that is the reason I dont want to think about locked statuses :((.

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syamd said...

I don't believe in "LOCKS". I believe in destiny. Everything that we do or occurs to us has some purpose. Some time back we might have secretly longed for them. By the time our wishes are fulfilled we want something else.

So we need to be careful in what we are wanting for. And what we are longing for.

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