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Ref: Chichkoo is what I lovingly call my daughter, kiddo my brother, amma and taatee my late maternal grandparents, and OA is the other adult in the family.

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Feb 16, 2010

thwack thwack!!!!

The mad mad momma turns real bad today when in a play mood with the kiddo who is feeding her something with so much of love and playfulness, bites off the finger in all the rough-housing in stead of the snack.... the baby shrieks in pain but seeing the momma in tears, holds her own and starts feeding her again and wipes the tears with a smile in the tear-filled eyes and the word "amma" on her lips..... "hai mein mar jaaon" moment again...

Lesson learned "forgiveness" and true love... arent kids the know-it-alls who gradually forget everything as they grow unlearning all the wisdom.

Did I say, I sometimes wonder what did I do to deserve so much from her...


ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...

Splendid your blog is!

Like the waves of a lake that ripple through..
And those reeds that blow in breeze...

The clarity of expression and those perfect titles for posts are just awesome.

An out-n-out absorbing blog.

You are my company this saturday. Thank you.

Sree said...

phew that is a biiiiiiiiiiig compliment, thanks for visiting and yes, you made my day along with my daughter today.

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