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Feb 26, 2010

Too much of love musically...

There are some songs which you just fall in love the first time you listen to them.. this one comes in my unending loop list for today...

I actually chanced up on this song by hunting for Gangotri papa on you tube (that is how the school kids call the LO, it seems she laughs like that baby and they just cant stop calling her gangotri papa), all the babies are just too cute but you know that proud swell when your kid gets those compliments, top of the universe... and these matter the most when they come from little children who love the kid to bits (touchwood, touchwood, touchwood) and to me all those kids laugh like Gangotri papa too, too many milk-teeth grins vying to hold the LO and play with her, so this is for the Gangotri gang :).

From the movie Gangotri, it is really really sweet.. I flicked off some verses for my blog for the LO :).

vallanki pitta vallanki pitta mellaga rammanta
chinnari paapa ponnari paapa todundi pommanta
tanu navvindante inkem kaavali
nidarotoo unte tana pakkanundaali
ee bangaru paapanu kantiki reppaga kaachukovali --vallanki--

garisanisamagarisa sagamaninipamagama
papamaga mamagasa gagasanisa

chiru chiru maatalu palikevela chilaka dishti..
budi budi adugulu vesevela hamsa dishti
venelammalaa navvevela jaabili dishti
jaabilammalaa edigevela dishtichukka dishti
irugu dishti, porugu dishti, naa dishthi, devuni dishti
edisthi tanaku tagalakundaa nuvve choodali --vallanki--

Aataladaga chitti chetilo bommanautaa
aakaleyaga bulli bojjalo buvvanautaa
snaanamaade challani vela vednelautaa
ekkekki edchevale kanneelauta
nestaanannauta, guruvu autaa, panimanishi, tana manishautaa
ne cheppe prati maataku nuvve saakshyam avvali --vallanki--

Vallanki pitta vallanki pitta mellaga rammanta
maa manchi paata simhadri paata manasaara vinamanta
tana tiyyani paate amma paade laali
tana todu unte adi deepavali
maa iddari sneham vardhillalani deevenalivvali...

and they sing the Jejamma tune from Arundhati with the kids name, what do I do for them for sharing so much of happiness with us, I guess nothing can equal theirs...

awesome kids, they do make our day, mine and the kids that is :).

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Rajani said...

Chala manchi song!

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