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Feb 13, 2010


Anni unna alludi notlo sani ani evaraina vinnara... alaagundi naa work paristiti ivvala :(.. I get up at 4 a.m. after the usual feedtime for LO to work to find BSNL link gave up on me. Well, if it was completely giveup I would have slept blissfully, it is in a teaser mode, you know come and go and come and go, so there I am waiting up that it will be stable some point.. those who use modem/router mode to access net via BSNL will know what the wait for the second yellow light on the modem is like :(((.

I cant login to the office network with such instablity and I keep looking at the modem on the wall and pray that the 2nd light comes alive and stays like that... of all things praying for a tiny little light... phew!!!

It always pisses me off but in the early hours, when I struggle to drag myself from LO's side when she is in her true element, fresh from a good night's sleep and no distractions to just sit and meet the targeted deadline, it really really feels like ugh, grrr..pcchhh.. and what not.. and yes, it takes 30 minutes to post this job after I typed it in the notepad :(..

... and yes, you guess it right, I am going to go back now and enjoy the early morning life coming to life lazily with such peace and serenity along side LO... our own National Geographic in the backyard.. the birds chirping, the sun rising, the blue sky mixed with silver, orange, gray and black shades with cool breeze to complete it all... and with MS Subbalakshmi in the background singing... isnt nature the best remedy for a tired soul....

bubye :).

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