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Feb 3, 2010

When I crib...

When I crib about working and getting back to work after the baby (9 months after the delivery), please do remind me the things below.

I kind of exhausted all the possible reasons to not work and just wait and watch the baby grow before I sat back to work seriously..

1st 3 months of rest is completely acceptable but the remaining are errr....

4th.. she is too small to be on her own, how can I trust her with the maids.
5th.. she is starting to roll over, oh my God what if the maid leaves her on the bed.
6th.. she just started her solids, let me set her eating routine first.
7th.. hmmm.. every thing kind of sets in let me start working, but wait... I am sick.
8th.. the health gets from bad to worse and whatif something happens to me, let me get my health back first.
9th.. okay, it is Time now.. enough is enough.
10th... high-time running out of funds, excuses, and inclination to get back to work.

So, there I go full-time in 10th month finally with a lot of cribbing and more than the baby it is me who is averse to separate and maybe a vast part of my illness was my bodily response to psychological refusal to part with the baby.

I dont go to office, I do work from home, so not seeing her is just a very very lame excuse.


When I crib on how I live from paycheck to paycheck, I should learn to remember that each of my paycheck is way above what a lot of people earn in a month or maybe even a year.

When I crib on how tough it is to manage home and job and the baby, remind me of
*** the maids who get back to work with an infant in toe.
***the daily laborers who work with their kids playing in the sand, mud, and dirt near them.
***the beggars who go about on the streets with kids hanging in the cloth swaddles.
***the moms who have high-fi jobs and fancy paychecks with an equally high responsibility at the job front.
***moms abroad who need to manage home, work, and kid without any help or whatsoever.

The lady who really really motivated me to get back to work delivered the baby in April just like I did but the only difference between me and her is she got ample of support in parental home up to 3 months and sent to the husband which I lacked but from the day she returned she was managing the home alone, cooking, washing clothes, cleaning, taking care of the baby and also helping with the work of her husband who runs a road-side hotel. My heart skips a beat when I see the baby swinging in a cloth swing or playing on the mud floor with papers, mud, leaves, etc as the parents slog out to earn their daily bread and my lips send up a silent prayer for the much much better condition in which me and the LO are in. We have help to cook, clean, wash the clothes, bathe the kid, play with her and all I do is play with the kid and maybe at the max arrange her clothes/things in order apart from my office work.

Thank you God, when I ask you why.. remind me to ask myself why not??

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