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Feb 3, 2010

Where are we staying by the way???

I know my viewpoint would be a little different and would bring in a lot more criticism than the actual event itself.

It is really brutal and disgusting and a blemish in the name of humanity the way the little kid was put to death. An innocent life crushed due to no fault of hers. This particular event which got wide publicity thanks to the media mania is something which kind of throws light on the very unfortunate fact that money rules the roost. It is a triple tragedy with 3 deaths in a span of 3 days related to internal family feuds. Kind of sent shivers down my spine, the sheer heartlessness of it all.

As a matter of fact I personally feel that the father himself has brought it on to the daughter in a way and on himself. The father knowing fully well the family feud did not reveal it until very late. The baby was kidnapped a few years earlier too but returned safe which also came to light only after a while. Papers say he could not digest the fact that his personal affairs were dragged in public by the media time and again also compounded by the fact that his daughter was brutally murdered due to his own doing, that lead to his death...

Of course, all said and done it is anyways too late as the kid was killed within a couple of hours of abduction and no matter how much we blame the laxity of police or whatever, she is not going to return.

Coming to the fact as to where the humanity is leading... it is kind of vanishing into thin air of late. we are no way bothered as to what happens to the person next door because we are way too involved and entangled in our own messes.

The society is in a way responsible for the events that take place in it. If people could dare to do such acts in total public view without any fear in broad daylight knowing fully well the impact of media coverage and police security, it is because the common man on the road DOES NOT CARE.. DOES NOT REALLY BOTHER TO LOOK BACK A SECOND TIME. If there was a fear that someone would stop and they would be brought to instant justice, they wont do it right. I, as a person, am bothered just about me.. I, ME, My family period, so what if there is a person killed next to me.

Who do we blame..
the parents involved in illegal relationships..
the media glorifying such events by playing replaying the visuals with gory details
the police for not being timely
the govt for not bringing about fear of doing something wrong.
the judicial system which drags on and on and on without any result for years together and still come out scot-free??
the political trends which defy every possible moral code?

I would say it is a collective failure from an individual to an institution!!!

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