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Feb 12, 2010


It had been a long time since I actually fasted, be it just staying on fruits and water or complete fast thanks to my low BP but today without any problem I could stay put. Though unintentional, I did stay on just fruits and since I had anyways kind of half-fasted, I thought I might as well give the night-out or jaagaram a try as well.. and yay!! I worked whole night and as I type this it is 5:30 a.m., time to feed LO and yes high time to lie down next to her and sleep cuddling her to recharge my batteries for yet another day :).

and by the way, do wish kiddo good health and happiness, she seems to be teething ... err not teething with all symptoms and no signs of an eruption!!

and yes, belated wishes for a happy Siva Raatri..

Did you guys know that on Siva Ratri people give offerings to their dead ancestors near the river banks. There is a belief in this part of coastal AP, i.e., Vijayawada and surroundings that the dead ancestors await at river banks waiting to see if their offsprings have remembered them and gave offering in their name to a brahmin. Well, I did not know all these years neither do I have resources or time to go to river bank so, I just send a silent prayer for my amma and taatee.. I know those guys are just watching over me and now LO too... hang on there oldies will be there some time later.

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