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Mar 13, 2010

Here and There

The other day, I had the privilege of watching LP and NBK in action.. err. in emotion.. First thought.. too much and at finally, media sucks. TV-9, the sensational channel gives a marathon interview for I dont know how long with a visibly on the cloud-9 LP who says my son, my family and all that all the time. I dont know for what issue they both met and why this was made an issue, I did not think this was some event that needs to hog the newsprint and airtime.

I usually love Sridhar cartoons from Eenadu newspaper.. yesterday's being the Edison invented bulb and Rosaiah reinvented lantern... yes, he did but sir, to light the lantern we need kerosene and we just get 2 L of it on white card, so he in actuality reinvented dark ages!!! light less nights.

Naxal encounters... hmmm. brace for a few more in the near future, is all I can say. No comment.

Jr. NTR's wedding.. happy for the kid but isnt she too young, anyways, let me give them a quick blessing.. he deserves a lot of happiness.

T-suicides .. stop applying T color to any and every death and Srikrishna committee or whatever it is, should move a bit faster.

Ash's pregnancy -- give her a break, I dont like her too much either but I would want her to have peaceful life and recuperation from whatever it is that she has.

Sush's 2nd adoption -- way to go sweetheart.. love you all the more.

My Name is Khan -- a decent enough try.. but honestly it is not Karan's specialty to deal with such sensitive and sensible movies, stick to goody goody ones sweetheart.

Padma Nabham's death and Industry reaction -- sad but true, money and power rules, but sir you will be remembered, I still remember your song rendition in Vajrotsavam and you will remain in my heart forever and would love to watch you on screen with LO. RIP.

too many events that passed by and too many reactions.. just a few listed above...

ear sucks but spirit rocks!!!

and on the personal front me and bro eagerly await a disappearance threat to come to reality... looks like good days are on the horizon after all.

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