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Mar 12, 2010

Human Rights???

I had been listening of too much gaga about human rights violation and all that, violation happens when there are rights. What rights are we talking about and how come there is a commission to such nonexistent rights??

It has been a long while since I actually shed so many tears for causes other than my personal issues. I dont have to do that either. IF nothing, I have hope for a better tomorrow. My life hasnt come to stand still in any way but I crib and cry for small reasons, even the smallest like you know too much of heat and my daughter breaking into an eczema because of that, on things that I cannot have control on. Anyways I digress..

Sunitha Krishnan, the voice, clear and strong, resonating in my ears even after much time had passed since I actually saw the video. Thanks Praneetha for sharing this wonderful piece. I had at one point checked TED talks regularly, but then I got busy with life and never gave them a glance until reminded by P. Overwhelming is the least I can say.

One thing hitting me hard from the back of the mind when the baby had taken a form in me is "sexual assault/harassment" in each and every sphere of life be it a baby boy or a girl.. if we think boys are safe, then maybe we need to think again. When madness goes beyond a point, gender doesnt matter. I am scared to hand my daughter even to family members without my presence, I never leave her in isolation with ANY ONE. The only one I trust her with and can sleep peacefully for a while is my mother and that too for a while. To them, I seem to be overreacting. I never curb the little one's happiness but I need to see that she is safe period.

Statistics are scary with regard to the sexual exploitation of small kids and surprisingly within the close family and the friends of the family and not the strangers. It need not be the act itself but any kind of inappropriate touch, talk, vision anything will scar them for life. They might not be able to point to it as THE thing bothering them but they know it is not natural, they are often silenced with fear, a sense of sin, dying within unable to come out of it. A few instances within the close family circuit left me shocked once up on a time but shocked or not, unfortunate truth is pedophiles do exist amongst very normal looking people. We teach the kids to be safe from strangers but how do we teach them to be safe from anyone. I dont know how I will go about it in the coming future but that is something which is always there at the back of my mind.

Of course, the video talk deals with another aspect, sex slavery but the 3 innocent children and their tales leave me gasping for breath, one look at my daughter and I shudder all the more.

The speaker is so right in pointing out that we avoid the victims and "victimizing the victims is the best that we can do." In a society where accepting a separated/divorced woman is a taboo even in the much educated society (was really shocked at certain rigid views in a forum recently), expecting these people to be accepted is a far cry but then there has be a beginning somewhere. One view about victims that shook me and affected me to the core is the view point of an ordinary educated woman that "victims (be it of marriage or rape or anything) are jealous of other happy/happily married individuals and that these people would not be happy sharing their happiness with some one like that. What the HELL??? Where are we by the way.

We speak so much about helping others, understanding others but when it comes to accepting them normally, nope we have my own inhibitions, fears.. great!!!! then why high claims of being modern, liberal and all the crap.

The victims do not need our sympathy, do not need our financial help, do not need anything material from us. In fact, they do not even need a kind word from us, just let them rebuild their lives without being biased. Cant we do just that. Step aside from our own points for a second and think from that person's and cant we co-exist without hurting them. Why criticize, ostracize, and isolate them. They already have their cup overflowing with woes, physical, emotional, psychological, do we need to put in even a drop knowingly or unknowingly. Nope, thanks but no thanks. Just let them be.

It is an xyz now we might be talking about with a cool comfortable roof on our heads, a good paycheck, some free time to browse in the office or at home.. If we even set about thinking whatif it were to be ME or my immediate family, would I be reacting the same way, maybe a lot more happy faces would be there in the world that greets us day in and day out.

Check..Sunitha's blog out HERE and do help with rescue mission that she has undertaken. I pledge my support, how about you guys!!!

and to find more about the mission and ways to support this particular cause check out here

and do watch TED talks if you get time.


Chandu said...

Sree !

I don't have enough words to express appreciation.

You are one of the best writers I've seen in the long long time and its no exaggeration.

Lemme tell you, I'm ashamed and embarrassed to write anything after reading your blog.

I'm deeply touched and inspired !

You Rock, Boss !

Sree said...

I guess we form a mutual admiration society :) and yes dont be as humble okay, learn something from me ;).

Renuka said...

Sree...You write so well. One quality in you is that your thoughts are so clear, so your writings. Keep going!

And about the topic, Yes....its so unfair & it hurts alot.

I a drowned back to my own thoughts on how to protect my two little gals....Might sound selfish, but thats the truth!

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