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Mar 23, 2010

Mouna Raagam ..

I suddenly remember the movie and want to listen to the songs from that.. and end up with the new album on

jaabiliki vennelavvana
taaralaku ninginavvana -2-

kommalaku koyilavvana
pulagundelo jolapaatanavana

tolakari meghama meghama todu raana
harivillu gootilo guvvalaa undipona -2-

-- jaabiliki-

Liked the kid version of this song from the latest Mouna Raagam.

Movie: Mouna Raagam (old).

Chinni chinni koyilale, kori kori koosenamma...
oorinche aanandam, lolona aarambham -2-
pulakinche siri mogga nene nene -- chinni--

Sweet :).

and the peppy

Oho Megamocchenu..
Edo laali paadenu..
veeche poola gaalule
paliki pasidi gaadhale
poola pai andaale varahaalanu panchenu
jallulu kurisina samayam mucchatalu virisenu... --oho--

which takes me back to

Ollanta tullinta from Geetanjali...

Is music back with a bang in my life?? no idea but it sure does provide a good getaway..they say music has the power to heal, it surely does.

Had another trip to vja, enjoyed the time, finished a mini novel on the way, got relaxed with all the greenery, it is a joy to see the crop ready to be harvested, the paddy crops bowing down to the weight of the paddy is something I have come to enjoy over the past year.. another 10 days, the crops would be ready for harvest and the lands will be bare for a stretch of 3 to 4 months..... when we want to consciously search for happiness, you find it everywhere.. when we actually want to leave negativity behind.. music and greenery is the best way... soothing to the nerves.


ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...

I love Mouna Ragam, both music and movie.

You might be interested in listening to music on (if you are already not aware of it).. I dont know how they recorded the music, but it has a vintage touch.. feels like the tape-recorded music... It does not need to install a music player. I use it big time for Ilayaraja music and Old hindi songs...

Sree said...

Yes, i listen to it on chimatamusic at times... yeah like the very old ones... hindi i never tried though, will check out.

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