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Ref: Chichkoo is what I lovingly call my daughter, kiddo my brother, amma and taatee my late maternal grandparents, and OA is the other adult in the family.

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Mar 1, 2010

Nee sankalpaaniki aa vidhi saitam chetulettali....

Too good... written by Chandra Bose and tuned by Keeravani one of the very inspirational songs of this decade maybe that flows from the silky soft voice of Chitra, a balm to the wounded soul and the biggest gist of life in the simplest of words...

Mounamgaane edagamani mokka neeku chebutundi
Edigina koddi odagamani ardhamandulo undi
Apajayaalu kaliginachote gelupu pilupu vinipistundi
Aakulanni raalina chote kotta chiguru kanipistundi --mounam--

Dooramento undani digulu padaku nestamaa
Darikicherchu daarulu kuda unnaayigaa
Bhaaramento undani baadhapadaku nestamaa
Baadha venta navvula panta untundigaa
Saagara madhanam modalavagane vishame vachchindi
Visuge chendaka krushi chestene amrutamichindi
Avarodhaala deevullo aananda nidhi unnadi
Kashtaala vaaradhi daatina vaariki sontamavutundi
Telusukunte satyamidi, talachukunte saadhyamidi --mounam--

Chemata neeru chindagaa nuduti raata maarchuko
Maarchalenidedi ledani gurtunchuko
Pidikiley biginchagaa cheti geetha maarchuko
Maariponi kadhale levani gamaninchuko
Tochinattugaa andari raatanu brahme raastadu
Nachchinattuga nee talaraatanu nuvve raayaali
Nee dhairyaanni darsinchi daivaale tala dinchagaa
Nee adugullo gudi katti swargaale tariyinchagaa
Nee sankalpaaniki aa vidhi saitam chetulettali
Antuleni charitalaki aadi nuvvu kaavali --mounam--

So, this is one more that the kid gets to listen at least once a day... So, it boosts the spirit and shouts out aloud "NEVER SAY NEVER".


Rajani said...

Hi Shree,

I like your thoughts, in some form they touch me.

Thanks, today I could read all lines of my favourite song.

Sree said...

thanks Rajani... I know someone with your surname. :).

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