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Mar 25, 2010

Patti Tecchanule..

Patti tecchaanuley, pandu vennalni nene.. aha naa maava kosam -2-
edi edi choodaneeve daanni
kallu muyyi chooputaanu anni.. -2-

patti tecchaanuley pandu vennalni nene aha naa malli kosam..

Like this song for music rather than lyrics... good song from Ilayaraja, movie Aatma bandhuvu..

Another song I discovered today is from Rocket Singh... loved it.. thanks MM for the link.

Pankhon ko hawa zarasi lagnedo
Dil bole soya tha ab jagnedo
Dil dil mein hai, dil ki tamanna sau
Do sau ho, chalo zara si tapnedo
Udne doo o ho -2-

hawa zarasi lagnedo, soya tha ab jagne do
pankhon ko hawa zara si lagne do

Dhoop khili jism garam saa hai
Suraj yahi eh bharam saa hai
Bhikri huyi rahein harazon sau
Thamo koyi phir bhatakne do --udnedo--

Dil ki patang chaho mein go dikhaati hai
Dheel todo dekho kahaan pe jaati hai
Uljhe nahi to kaise suljhoge
Bikhre nahi to kaise nihkroge --udnedo--

On an entirely different note,

stumbled across this what seems to be a hilarious remix of movie and real life... pathetic speech. I am not actually making fun of her language but I dont really understand what she is trying to convey over here, such a serious issue she is trying to throw light out is totally masked by the choice of language. The medical malpractices or harsh truths about general medicine practice in India she is trying to point out is very genuine and point of another post altogether, but for now just for few laughs..

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Rajesh Khanna said...

Its very fine
Some words in this blog touched my heart

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