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Mar 10, 2010

Political Empowerment... Women

Well, this seems to be the catch word for the day yesterday, it being the Women's Day and the bill passed in the Rajya Sabha, there is happiness everywhere. This approval from the nominated representatives of each party took so much of high drama and attempts to stop and stuff like that, wonder what it is going to be when it comes to the assembly. Well, got to see.

Am I happy, what is my take on it..

In the first place, what is this women's bill... what is in it for a woman. More jobs, more money, more college seats? What exactly is it all about. What is it for a layman to understand. Well until I got to actually read about it I kind of thought it was about increasing the women reservation in colleges and jobs.. well, I am not alone and maybe there are few of the very well-educated women who dont really bother to know about it. My help looks at the paper or rather glances it and seeing the front page asks.. "akka entakka gelichindi manam... andaala potila?" what is it that we won akka, a beauty contest. I say nope we as women got the right to be a part of the decisions taken in the nation. She draws a blank and says okay, does that mean we get more Dwacra loans? I was like Whatt?? and I say to my mom, see mom, the woman wins after all and she is like okay, will women be paid equally with men in all sectors now?? Again I was like +???????.

Nope, nothing has been done and nothing will be done in an instant but yes, the number of voices for or against a decision is going to increase in terms of representation by woman.. fair enough for the starters.

So, what is it that we won..a right to be a part of decision making, 33% reservation for women to come out open into politics. The power to be able to have a say in decision making in this by and large fraternal community where father is the head of the family and mother takes care of the family. In the larger picture, it is a very small step.. but in actuality a biiiiiiiig achievement for an Indian woman. On paper, it seems pretty much appealing to me but in reality WHAT?? is what bothers me the most. Women in politics are often crushed until and unless there is a backing and obviously that backing is by prominent/dominant men in her life.. be it a father, husband, brother, or even a son. So, under such circumstances what good would it do. A woman should stop shouting at the rooftops to be empowered and just take it into her hands is what I feel.

Okay, the bill is passed unanimously in the center and UPA govt. proves to be THE govt to get it done.. then what?? Many women have come forward in the grassroots level and come into active politics thanks to some reservations at Panchayat Level. There was a time when the concept of woman in politics was laughed at. There are women at the grass root level politics but not even 1% has even an idea of any single thing, they are just lead by men, they are just stamp heads whereas men get to rule from behind.

One had to be from very influential family with great political backing to be even be able to stand on the same dias as the men but of late this has changed, but I guess only superficially. It is also an unfortunate reality that women in active politics are famous for a lot of other things than the actual accomplishments. There however are certain exceptions where women outshine men from family in the politics like say Priyanka any given day if she takes an interest would be more popular and has more mass appeal than Rahul. Purandareswari has won a battle singlehandedly and got noticed for her work and caliber rather than claiming a family legacy for her success like the other men in her family do. Sonia has a tighter rein I guess on the party than Rajiv himself would have had. But for every single successful woman there are 100s who are a miserable failure and even a blotch with their cheap comments and corrupt acts.. why is it so? Why cant woman hold on their own in politics, because take it or leave it an Indian women is still controlled by a man in her life.

If she has to be independent and take a totally uninfluenced stand on anything she needs to be really really strong and capable. So, of this 33% how many are going to be with awareness and proper education. I always wonder, man or a woman, how are these elected representatives chosen who do not even have knowledge of their own ward or constituency let alone anything else empowered to pass bills and make laws that impact the whole of Indian population? Well we chose them so no point questioning either.

If we had to have at least a 10th class certificate to hold a sweeper job in the govt. office these days, aren't the law makers/rulers supposed to be a step higher.. well, like always I digress..

.. a Rabri Devi brought forward by Laaloo to the political front to keep the power in family is by and large the political situation of women.. will this change? Yes, it has got to but when.. only when education plays the vital role and not gender, money or anything else.

On the whole, yes, I am happy it at least stepped out of one house after a long battle and even the impending wait at the other house seems to be nothing compared to this little victory which in fact is a victory of large magnitude in reality...

One Renuka Chowdary or a Purandareswari has made it successfully in AP politics but again if you look at it they both hail from an influential community and with strong financial backing more than anything else.. I am still on the lookout for some woman who breaks all the barriers to make it on her own and make that much needed difference, no matter how tiny it is... It is a tough task for a woman to maintain her dignity in whatever chosen public position be it and in the murkier politics it is all the more difficult, in fact maybe 10 times as difficult than the guys.

In a place where woman is worshiped as God yet the girl child is unwelcome and even killed, in a place where women with modern dressing and thought process are termed lewd or slut, and in a place where even in the very well-to-do families and well educated families there is a difference between the way a boy and a girl are brought up, do we expect them to be empowered just in a day or two with the so-called 33% reservation. In a place where women have to request the men despite of the glaring WOMENS ONLY seats in the bus, I have a big big doubt.

I would love if LO were to chose this path but then it is left to her. Do I want to be a part of it all.. well, maybe yes.. being in power need not necessarily mean exercising power, it gives the power to make people take notice, give a thought to what you say... so to me power is not to empower self but to bring forth my thoughts and ambitions to the fore and to ensure that people do give it a thought even for a second and empower them. You know, not to wait for the change to happen but be the change for a change. :).

Good luck Woman and Good Luck Indian Politics!!!

and by the way, this is a big question only if it is approved by Loksabha.. will it reach that house ever or get passed in it if it does.. time needs to give the answer. I feel it is very premature to jump in joy or cry foul but I have my own doubts.


Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, baaga raasaav. am also happy that this bill got passed. but entha varaku ladies ki use avuthundhi anedhi maatram time ye cheppagaladhu.

Suree said...

whats that LO in the last but one para.. i could get it...

and the total post is well written... i agree to every single line in this.

Sree said...

@Satish.. let us hope for the best.

Sree said...

@Suree... LO is my little one Sreya.

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