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Mar 22, 2010

Music... On the Play List...

Do I like remakes of old classics... NOPE.... they are a class of their own...

I happened to check out Maro Charitra songs today, with due credit and respect to the new artists I just felt that the old ones are far more superior...

I love the song "Ye Teega Puvvuno" and was extremely eager to catch up that track on the cd and the disappointment is beyond expression over here... it is not fair to compare but the new one just ruined the feel of it all :(.

I quickly decide never to watch the movie as well.. I hate to see it ruined this way.. just hope the movie is a little better than the song..

Ye Maaya Chesave.

The lyrics have me saying that these days :).. good songs, and yes as usual, the songs are slow poison that grow gradually.. first instance you kind of say what is it.. but then you just cant let go of them.. so the ones on and on and on other than of course "Adurs" where is that?? which still and maybe will always top the list until the time another song really catches my daughter's attention.. is Ye Maaya Chesaave.. Hosaanna.. too good.. the maestro never fails to mesmerize me... wow, the little master!! and I loved the songs in Leader as well, reminded me of my school days... fav among them is "e sakuni aadani judam... vandemaataram".

and did I say Chaitu doesnt know how to dance really but he is sweet.. that jumping around is cute :) cant really call it dancing :), especially the hello, hello sequence in the Hosaanna.. cant stop grinning :)).

Vande Maataram from Leader

Yesakuni aadani joodam
Brathuke 'o' chadarangam
Idi aarani raavana kaashtam
Chithi lone seemantham
Idi manchiki vanchana silpam
Ika aagani samaramlo
Ee neram, ika dooram, idi maa taram.. --Vande Maataram--

Migilina dikkuga..
Nilichina naa tallikai..
Pagilina ningilo..
Nilavani dhruva thaarakai..
Raajyalele ee dabbu, hodha..
Aarey jwalalu nenai..
Jeevana yagnam saaginchagaa..
Vacche aapadha, vicche poopodha nadipisthaaga.. -- Vande Maataram--

The best part about this song is the picturization... one thing that left me haunting... the tea stall scene where he rescues a girl from that old man and a lot more girls turn up and the protagonist is helpless... arent we placed in the same situation time again, where you have limited resources but a lot of people to cater to.. beautiful!!! something which left a lump after watching screen, it is difficult to digest naked truth!!!

Sreelu Pongina Jeeva Gaddai from Leader

Sreelu pongina jeeva gaddai
Paalu paarina bhagya seemai
Vraalinadhi ee bharatha khandamu
Bhakthi paadara tammudaa --Sreelu-- 2

Desa garvamu deepthi chendaga
Desa cherithamu tejarillaga
Desa marasina deera purushula
Telisi paadara tammudaa --2--


Reminded me of my school assembly, telugu teacher, Ms. Lakshmi's songs.. miss her.. RIP.

Got to look forward for more of Mickey Meyer's music.. awesome..

True music transcends all barriers and takes you into worlds prior to unknown to self :)....

and by the way, the latest favorite of the kiddo seems to be Relare from Varudu... beats are good, lyrics forget them :).. enjoy the beat !!


生氣 said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

Suree said...

i dont think its fair to compare these songs with the older ones..just leave the essence and enjoy the music.
I loved "Bale Bale magadivoy" song from Maro Charithra... swetha pandit rocks...

So does Mickey in both leader and maro charithra

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