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Mar 8, 2010


A beautiful sunset view from the bench just outside the village.

Nature offers us so much, it is just that we forget enjoying that amidst of total chaos that we create for ourselves.

It is an absolute joy to enjoy the nature when peace all of a sudden engulfs you from all corners, especially the early morning and the sunset-evenings. Mornings these days are packed up with work and sleep, but the walks in the evening, me and my daughter enjoy are a delight to my senses.

The greenish yellow crop, a view from the roadside canal cement bench with paddy stacks.. superb!!

The crops in the fields just bordering the village, the kuppalu or the paddy stacks in the middle of the farm after the harvest, the blackgram fields ready for the harvest, the cool evening breeze, the green earth, the blue, orange, gray skies and people on the road stopping by to say a quick hi or accompany for a while, awww so heavenly.

the greenery in the paddy fields just before sunset, a view from the other end of the village.

The paddy fields and the chepala cheruvulu or the fish ponds with nets on top of them, the coconut and toddy palm trees, can there be a heaven anywhere else :). You feel like living amidst of the greenery all the while, a pleasure to the eyes and a balm for a tired soul.

I am glad the kid gets to enjoy all these at this tender age and am concerned how long I could provide her with this pollution-free life but anyways why worry about later and ruin the present.. sochnaa kya, jobhi hoga dekha jayega :).

The sounds of the cattle, the dust rising from the brooms in the evening, the water sprinkled to keep the dust down, the smell of the cattle sheds, the bleeting of the sheep/goat, the sounds of the hen/chicken going to their shelter after a tiring day of hunting worms, the women cooking on the clay stoves, the smell of burning wood and cowdung cakes preparing the evening meal, the cow dung water sprinkled in front of the homes, the ladies putting rangoli for the next morning, the oldies chatting on the arugulu (sit-outs), the kids reading out their homework aloud, the sweet scent of jasmine, sampangi drifting in the air, the orange skies and the golden sunsets, the temple bells and the chants by the priests, the smoke from the burning trash heaps to ward away the mosquitoes, the cycle bells on the roadside, the smell of the yummy bajji, punugulu, jalebi, on the roadside eateries, people squatting, sitting, standing and chatting away after a day's hard work...

These are the sounds/smells/sights welcoming the mother and daughter as they take their evening walks taking in the nature and each other setting aside all their worries with mom pushing the stroller and the kid sitting upright and taking in the pure air. The sense of security and happiness inhaling that air and taking in all the sights is what gives me that feeling that not everything is rotten in lifey. Do I even want to think about setting my foot out of here, a village which spans may be just about a kilometer or so in its length on the main road with just around 5 K people, most of them oldies with the younger lot going out to towns for livelihood.. nope, but I have to in a short time in quest of better future and a little higher income to see us through...


ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...

Beautiful sight! The first and third are perfect captures..

Rajani said...

Perferct pictures, reminded me the scene while travelling to my place in west godavari, a beautiful site and feast for eyes.

Sree said...

@Dileep... I loved the first pic, it was actually shot in a hurry, but turned out really really well.

@Rajani.. this is in Krishna district.. this is in deed a fertile plain.

Rajani said...

Oh, In Krishna, I travelled many times to other grandma's place.

ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...

శ్రీ, మొదటి దానిలో కొంచెం కళాత్మకత ఉన్నట్టు అనిపిస్తుంది. The contrast and the colors attract us.

మూడోది కూడా నాకు చాలా నచ్చింది...

కొబ్బరి చెట్లు ఆ పచ్చటి పొలానికి కట్టుదిట్టంగా పహారా కాస్తున్నట్టు లేవూ?


ఆ కొబ్బరి చెట్లలా మన హద్దులు(మానసికమైనవి కావొచ్చు, భౌతికమైనవి కావొచ్చు) సరిగా కాపాడుకుంటుంటే, మనం ఆ పచ్చని పొలం అంత హాయిగా ఉండగలం అనిపించడం లేదూ?

Sree said...

yes, that sense of security feeling, true... another angle to that pic.. to me it meant greenery and peace and nature..

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