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Mar 5, 2010


Thanks to the current problem mentioned a few posts earlier and a worse situation w.r.t. power, 12 plus hours at times any time of the day, take it or leave it, I have to work in the ungodly hours and in a way blissfully unaware of what is happening around me and vertigo is not doing too good either... why the hell am I blogging then... hehehe ;).. 'cos it is the only sane adult conversation I seem to be having these days, err.. at least a monologue.

One good thing is during the day me and kiddo end up having a ball (touchwood) with her never resting a minute trying to stand up on her own and walk around and even demanding to be walked around. I am getting the much needed exercise too.

I just finish my work for the day.. err night.. err day whatever!!! and before closing just check out the headlines and find this 3-year-old murdered in Aussie.. what the hell, what the Hell, WHAT THE HELL????

Do I even want to know what is happening. NOPE.

I stopped seeing newspaper first thing in the morning because by the time I wake up the kid reads.. err.. chews/tears/throws major chunks of news, so I am out of sync with everything and thankfully so.

The latest thing media gets fodder for a few days until another sensation is the swamy exposure mania I guess. Those fake Godmen, phew.. point of an entire post altogether, but I would just say who gives the fake Godmen the power to create mass frenzy, we ourselves.. media hype, personal interests, etc. but when something goes wrong they are EXPOSED.

Had been unfortunate enough to catch a passing glimpse of the young swamy what the hell.. from when do we have Adult news channels and why the hell should it be telecast a 100 times over.. need some urgent mass media censoring in place in India at least.

What good is it showing his (s)explicit deeds... Every man has a right to his personal choices and he after all is a human too, it is we the common people with herd mentality who make them Gods, so if people are being cheated by them, it is because they are willing to be cheated. For those who cry foul, I say "WELL YOU DESERVE IT for not believing yourself and giving into those wierdos and in a way those still under aura are a lot better 'cos they are in refusal mode and for them there is no problem at all. Like everything else in this present day world the gurus are adulterated too, sigh!!

News channels exposing.. MY FOOT. The gurus manipulate a few people who believe them blindly but you guys do the worst possible damage. It is clearly the media which is worse(r) evil.

In a way, my kid surely knows what to trash. The news is worth trashing out of the universe anyways. Hope, we can just throw those trash creators too.

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