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Mar 7, 2010

Yem Maaya.... Chesave

Well, 30s may not be the right age to be reviewing the movie YMC or maybe it Just IS.. it is a young love story for the younger lot but will surely take one through the memory lane.

**It will surely appeal to those who have successful love stories.
**Will touch a cord with those who had to miss out on their true love because of pressure of whatever kind.
**Will bring in the memories for those who had it rough in their first love.
**Stir up the emotions for those whose first crush was a total crash.
**Leave you feeling good if you have not ever fallen in true love.
**Will drive some sense into those who fall in and out of love like they change their dress.
**Will make you feel like it is a drag and waste of time movie if you go in with a lot of things on mind.. if you watch it with a free and open mind to enjoy the magic on screen, it will take you through an amazing journey of love of two individuals.. too good to be true yet unfolding in front of your eyes.

It has been a while since there was an out and out love story in Telugu with youth in it. This one has a refreshing touch with good looking actors. For a change no routine comedy actors as friends/side kicks. Krishnudu as Krishnudu is good. Sound track grows on you gradually and the maestro Rehman does not fail to touch you musically yet again. A couple of songs with Malyalam lyrics but still I enjoyed them all, however, the telugu lyrics I feel haven't done justice to the music track like Praveen points out. My favorite is Kundanapu bomma and Hosaanna, good beats, good music, overall feel good feeling.

Chaitu seems to be an apt choice for the lead role, 1. he is new, 2. he is sweet. 3. he is good. and Samantha is Beeeaaauuuttiiffuull... loved her, girl next door look... voice reminded me of Gopika's in Naa Autograph.. may be the Malayalam Connection ;).

For a change the hero is not the one who decides the course of their life, it is the girl who takes an upper hand.. the girl is not an absolutely adorable brainless bimbo wanting to die and live for the sake of love. She has a sensible head over her shoulders, she loves the guy, but she is extremely cautious even to the point of being selfish for what she wants, she puts the guy to a lot of tests. She has an urge to be with him, yet the same time she wants to be herself, she wants to give in but wants to hold her own. She seems to be very unclear and fickle-minded but she actually is in total control though confused at some points. Yes, she is the girl of today, a woman of substance.

The guy is good, he is clear as to what he is, knows what he wants from the beginning. He is head over heels in love with the girl yet he has a clear goal of his career in front of him. He has to have the girl but he has to have his life too.. He dreams of a life with the girl he loves in the career he loves, no compromise.. going out all for it. Persistent, romantic, bold, enterprising. The rejection or confusion does not leave him in the lurch, he does not hit the bottle or the road blaming the girl. Like they say, he rises in love not falls in it. That is the beauty of it all. Glad to see such a sensible movie in the days of utter chaos. It is nothing wrong to fall in love, it is nothing wrong to go about different ways, but is totally wrong to throw away the beautiful life.

This is the first movie I saw of Goutam Menon but must say I am looking forward to a lot more from him.

Loved the dialogues, loved the way lead pair performed in their getting to know scenes, the puppy love between them, Chaitu's expressions, their roadside serious conversations, every single thing. Samantha's sweetness created that magic. The movie seemed to be a drag at times, the language mix was too much at times but at the end of it all I dont know what really worked, but it did. It did appeal to me in a way no love story had in the recent times. Nothing unreal, that is what happens in youth, so much of confusion, so much of conflict, but ultimately you like it. Beautiful portrayal and a happy ending.

I was a big fan of Geetanjali, but must say this equals or maybe excels my past favorite in terms of preference. To me Jessie and Karthik are one of the best onscreen lovers followed by Geeta and Prakash :).

Life taught me that first love doesn't need to be the love that will stay with you in your heart forever, the one which you thought was love as a kid is mostly never that, just a figment of your fertile imagination in a wild teenage... Love doesn't happen when you want to escape from something and use it as a means, love doesn't happen when you want it to happen. When you fall in love, you don't wait for the other to say that, go ahead and say it, when it does happen, you will feel that magic and time just flies and sadly some times you just wonder how fast it came and how fast it left but yes. Love that culminates into marriage is what I feel is the best of all. You love someone and you get that person for life. Such love once you get the taste of it never leaves you no matter how bitter things get in between the couple, they do haunt once in a while, the magic it creates is something that will only leave you with your life. There is love in life always, it just changes the form.. I am in love, all over again... the best and truest form than ever, with new life, with new beginnings and new tiny reflection of mine with those naughty sweety still-toothless smiles.
Finally, if love were to be as sweet, honest, simple, cute, bubbly, nice and magical as portrayed in the movie, I would want the exact same to be showered on the LO throughout her life, touchwood and God bless!!


Sri said...

challa baga raasaru....really not getting words to comment back.....sometimes i regret that i cant express my feelings on words so beautifully, like you.

idhokkate kaadhu mee blog motham chaala baguntundhi...espescially "dear daughetr" ..i became fan of you reading those....I really wish that I can read them, with my sweet heart sitting beside me.....

Nagrockz said...

akka chaala baag raasav ya...nee review tho maya chesaav :D

Sree said...

@Sri, thank you so much.. I do wish you good luck to read it together with your sweetheart :).

Sree said...

@Praveen.. choodu mari intagaa promote chestunna kooda I am not paid ;)..

on a serious note, i loved the movie.

Kantri said...

okka rupaai kuda ichedi ledu.....paid reviews cheyyataniki mememanna mega fans aa aakkai..

genuine nagfans

Sree said...

@Kantri, ledule pillakay was kidding, baagunte baagundi antaa ledante ledu.. nenu oka particular hero fan ani emi ledu, a good movie fan antey :).

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