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Mar 7, 2010

Youth and Energy in Movies..

It is refreshing to see young blood in the industry after long... the talent is abundant, the energy is amazing, the technology and its utilization is mind blowing. Old is gold no doubt about it but new is wow too :).

I had ample of time thanks to the connectivity issues this past couple of days and what best to enjoy it, watch movies, the ones you like and enjoy.

I had a lot of To-Watch Movies in the list.. but with kid, job, health, constraints I barely got to watch any... In that order, it was
**Maya Bazaar.
**Yem Maaya Chesave.
**My Name is Khan.
**Karthik Calling Karthik.

The new colored Maya Bazaar on big screen must be amazing, but I just could not manage when it was close by and cant afford to go just for the movie to VJA leaving the kid for around 6 to 7 hours for a movie even if it is MB and Vivaha Bhojanambu Song!! So, it is still a dream.

However, I manage to catch up with YMC and Leader, YMC, I will review about today and Leader I would love to watch one more time and then go for reviewing.. there are a few scenes which really really touched me.. this one surely falls into the best movie I ever watched in Indian Language in political genre...awesome movie.

A lot of people might disagree with me on what I am going to say... but I feel the younger generation actors are more refined and talented than their parents. No offense to any one, I loved their performances too but it is their kids who score more points with me with their ease of acting and the way they carry themselves. I fail to understand why Big B is such a legend he is made out to be. He is good not extraordinary but so are a lot of people, I personally do not see anything too great to be called "be all and end all" of the industry. I admire this guy too much for his hard work, the way he diligently journals in the blog, the way he carries himself at this age but I feel acting wise, AB baby Abhishek is better (purely personal viewpoint it is).

Similarly, NTR maybe a legend but the overacting kind of grosses me out.. we know they are acting. He is good in mythological roles but social movies, the drama is too much for me to take. Maybe it was the need of the day, but it was clear that those guys were acting. The language, the mannerisms, everything looked fake and made up. Social movies in the late 70s were good but as the time passed by, they got on to me. There were great movies, they were great actors but the style.. uhhu.. not to my liking. Next generation NBK is a little better but still that drama streak exists. Come Jr., he is good, natural, normal like any other teenager his age. The Over Acting gradually giving way to normal, natural, subtle, non-dramatic acting. You can identify with actors crying these days where as I cant imagine crying like NTR or ANR or the likes. It was an era which maybe termed Golden but to me, the art of movie making got refined with the time and so did the actors.

Similarly, Raj Kapoor, Rishi, and Randhir/ANR, Nag and Chaitu/ Krishna and Mahesh Babu/Venkatesh and Rana, they are getting refined as the generations pass. They have everything on the platter, the star sons but it only helps until the launch platform or a couple of movies early on but for the masses/class audience to accept them they need to have the potential and I guess these guys have it. Refreshing to see the young romancing young and the people acting their age on screen. Sick and tired of watching 60-year-old NTR romancing 20 something olds or 50-something NBK acting 25-something, movies with stories woven around a so-called Star's image. The movies lose their meaning with meaning less mannerisms strongly interwoven with no regard to the story or the technique.

The change is for good.. the movie making has become a passion. There is a cult-like following for the makers. Film makers like Bapu, K. Vishwanath, Bala Chandar have given their best. Jandhyala comedy is ultimate and no one can beat it even to date. Of them all, I personally like Mani Ratnam, Shekhar Kapoor, RGV because of their excessive passion. Their thought process is amazing, something which touches me to the core, sometimes shakes me up and makes me see their point. There is something or the other to learn from.. Shekhar and RGV are more open whereas Mani is silent, each has a different approach but equally manage to evoke strong thought process in me. I am a religious follower of their blogs and do have a lot of influence in my personal life as well.

They are like a fresh breeze..

I have watched 2 movies in 2 day's span.. of cousins Rana and Chaitu, both are different, each has their own strength and weaknesses but they excelled in what they did. Rana is lucky to get such an amazing launch pad whereas Chaitu lost out on it in Josh. He has portrayed the role of Karthik in YMC with such an ease that it is difficult to say it is his second movie. He was very natural, could just see Karthik and not Chaitu.. the movies that appeal to me are the ones where the actors get into characters, not otherwise. Good job guys, watching out for more and rooting out for you.. so any guesses as to who my latest favorites are :).. yup, yup, yup, Jr., Chaitu, Rana and Shruthi Hasan in the girs.. way to go and Good luck.


Rajani said...

It happened that I read your blog after I saw these two movies continuously, of course, leader in theatre..and YMC at home.

Leader is amazing, as a big fan of Shekhar kammula, his simplicity in showing the biggest issued is really mindblowing.

YMC is simply superb, the feeling reflected naturally in the characters.

Really these gave a fresh breath after long time in telugu movie industry.

Sree said...

@Rajani.. true.. Leader is yet to sink in go to watch another time, once doesnt seem to satiate me :).

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