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Mar 11, 2010

Zing.. Chillax Mornings

Me and the LO watch Zing channel Chillax mornings at times when time and power permits.. these 2 songs caught after a long time were too good, kept humming them whole day. LO loved the second one for music obviously :).

Movie: Life in Metro by Adnaan Sami

Baatein kuchh ankaheesi, kuchh ansuneesi hone lagee
kaabu dilpe rahaa naa, hasti hamaari khone lagee
wo o o o o o o........
shaayad yahi hai pyaar -2-

kehde mujhse dil mein kyaa hai, aisa bhi kya guroor
tujhko bhi to horahaa hai thoda asar jaroor
yeh khaamoshi jeenenade, koito baat ho
wo o o o o o o........
shaayad yahi hai pyaar - 2-

tu hi meri roshni hai, tu hi chiraag hai
dheere dheere mitjaayega, halkaasa daag hai
ye zeher bhi yu piya hai, jaise sharaab ho
wo o o o o o o........
shaayad yahi hai pyaar - 2-

Check out HERE

Yet another one just loved this one for music and voice... and also captures the essence their whole chance meeting and life, too good to listen to for a change.

Movie: Paa by Shilpa Rao

Mudi mudi kahaan kahaan, kahaan mein mudi mudi ittefaaq se
Judi judi jahaan kahaan, kahaan mein judi judi ittefaaq se
Ghadi ghadi kyun mein kyun udi, main udi kyun, ghadi ghadi kyun udi.
Judi judi kyun mein kyun udi mein udi, judi judi kyun udi
kyun uni mudi thi judi ittefaaq se --2--

Khuli khuli mein chali chali mein khili khili ittefaaq se
gali gali mein chali chali mein mili mili ittefaaq se --2--

udi udi na ladi ladi mein ghadi ghadi judi judi udi
Judi judi na mudi mudi mein ghadi ghadi khadi khadi udi
kyun mili kyun khili kyun chali mein
kyun udi kyun mudi kyun judi mein
kyun mili judi mein udi ittefaaq se --mudi--

Thinking of Paa reminds me of another song.. Hichki... Lovely song with a wonderful meaning. Sunidhi renders this song really well, one of my favorites in the latest movies.

Movie: Paa by Sunidhi Chouhan
hichki hichki hichak hichki ho na jaana
khwaabon ki gali mein tu yaad banke kho na jaana --2--

hichak hichki ka aana jaana
sisak siski ka taana baana
kiski hichki hai, kiski siski hai
siskiyon ki bheed mein tu khona jaana
hichki hichki hichak hichki ho na jaana

hichak hichki -4-

jo hai pataa wona bataa,
raaz chupaane mein hai sachha mazaa
hichak hichki -2-

kehna hai jo keh doge na, baatein banane ko hai
kuch na bachaa
hichak hichk -2-

hasti hoon mein kyunki meine kabhee kuch na kahaa
baaton hi mein baaton se tu baaton ko na badhaa
hothon ki baatein kabhi hothon se jaae nahin
hothon pe rehne do na jaan.

--hichak hichki-- 2--

jaane dona, jeene dona
jeene se roko nahi jaane do na --hichak, hichki-- 2-

jaane na woh, jaanega toh jiyega aise jaise koi sazaa
hichak hichki -2-

hasta hai woh kyunki tune abhi kuch na kaha
baaton hi mein baaton se tu baaton ko na badhaa
hothon ki baatein kabhi hothon se jaaye nahi
hothon pe rehne de na jaan --hichki--

siskiyonki bheed mein tu kho na jaana, a biggest lesson for life

Listen to them both HERE

I found the music in my life again and it does feel good to be able to enjoy life without inhibitions.

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