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Apr 23, 2010

When Time is Bad

Thing is my life are never simple.. like that guy Venu Tottempudi says in some movie "nenu edi chesina chirigi chaatantai chaapantautundi" a type annamaata.

Mom says when time is bad whatever you do, wherever you are nothing seems right and nothing will seem to be okay, maybe partially true. I dont actually believe in this stuff sometimes I am forced to. I had taken a lot of time to decide between a lappy and a desktop and thought 101 times before going to invest.. portability, mobility, is what made me choose this one. A while ago maybe having them both wasnt a big deal but now it IS..

So, I get this new lappy and since my office software is compatible only with XP, I go for XP loading instead of the normal Vista or Windows 7 :(.. the dealer said DELL is the best since it has got on-site service but did not mention that service warranty is only with Vista and Windows 7.. what the hell, okay let that be.. I am having a lot of trouble get the office stuff loaded, finally it does happen and there goes my internet connectivity, struggle with it, go for a new modem, new cable, new connection and what not and finally it is decided that it is the port that is the problem... not yet sure of it though... so, net-net the scene is "I get rid of DT which dumped me and end up with a lappy which is not cooperating with me" which leaves me wondering why is there no middle ground.. I either have highest of highs or lowest of lows, nothing plateaued.

It is just today that I was able to do some decent work, hoping that this continues for a while at least... and you guys know anymore remedies other than dumping the lappy?

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Renuka said...

hey sree...cant help here...infact, didn't understand the problem roots also.

But, i hope the problem is ressolved and you be back to work quickly..

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