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Mar 31, 2010

A Whole Lot of Things...

It has been a while since I even opened my system, health issues as usual, this time at their worst ever and the final straw broke. THIS IS IT.. It just wont work, running around from specialist to specialist, in search of a cure, gulping down tablet after tablet looks like one for each body organ... sick and tired is the least word. So much of pill intake leaves me and I guess my body confused too so it just refuses to budge one fine morning and after the usual rush and cure later, I am okay.. I am ashamed, I am ashamed to be writing of my illness time and again. One fine morning, I wake up pull out the pill box and take everything and dump in the trash.. yes, just today morning I do that and I already feel way too good. Back to basics, water therapy, yoga, meditation, walks, exercise... I would do whatever it takes but not the medication part!!!! Thanks to Tharini and her approach and her willingness to help out, I will find a way out.

My system has a new problem now, the monitor... it just stops display and flickers.. okay, so be it.. maybe I wont be needing it for work for a while now, with health being the primary priority I guess work this month needs to be off completely, so if and if it happens to work I do browse, otherwise I just wont even try, if you dont see me blog, blame it on the screen :).

Fast approaching a year, enduring growing up pains and also pains of growing up with me ;)... wish her a healthy life guys.

It crushes me to see the situation of Hyderabad, I love that place, it will always have that special place which nothing else can take. the prime of my life has been there. To be the one to see the rise and fall of Hyderabad is not something that I would like. I dont like it one bit. What do we learn from history, obviously nothing.. where is all this leading to... the multicultural city which caught the fancy of the world just about a decade ago, which made everyone sit up and watch out for its immense potential in all aspects is fast bringing doom upon itself. Somehow, the whole situation reminds me of Calcutta or Kolkatta in good old days, it was a very well-developed city back then when no metro was as good as it. Now, what is it? the fights, the movements, the politics everything have scared the potential investors and now the place is an old mess lagging behind in the metro race when compared to the other newly developed ones. What are the movements doing to the beautiful city of Hyderabad, what is the battle Andhra-Telangana doing to it, free zone, greater hyderabad, real estate, software, investments, what the hell is happening.. each day I open the news paper, there is one step backwards... when the whole world looks forward to progress we are just inching backwards undoing all the good done over years...

Today, people are scared to walk on the road because of some issues... the same Hindu and Muslim families which peacefully cohabited until the other day just seem to be enemies now.. nope, I dont agree, the families are just the same, they are the just the same friends, so what is all this happening.. obviously an undercurrent political drama. I am a human being first who wants the basic needs fulfilled first and then my religion comes.. to me, God is a supreme force, a hope, a positive energy motivating to live life rather than just lead it and religion is what man says about GOD, each individual has a different opinion and has a varied approach that is it. It is only the extremists with an ulterior motive who used God's name to create rifts between people.. no religion, no religious scripture preaches violence.. if it does, it is not religion, it is something else.

I hope and pray things do fall in place soon enough... I just do not want to see T issue raise its ugly hood once the religious mob activities in Hyderabad are under control, is there an end??

NTR Family:
I dont really understand the mass hysteria about the Nandamuri family.. what the hell, it is just like any other movie/political family. I am a big fan of NTR myself, for his charm, beauty, portrayal of certain mythological characters and a few of his qualities, his amazing prowess to start a party from scratch and come to power in 9 months, there are so many things I admire and got to learn from him... but does that mean I say this man is the only good thing that has happened to "telugu vaadi Aatma gauravam".. sorry, I dont think so. I am sick and tired of listening to the family stories... he was a CM and he did his duty period. I hate the approach of his family using his name and wanting to come to power even decades after his death... are people that dumb, we respect that man, we love that man but we need leaders to rule us not a family or a family name okay... the NBK and LP drama just taken too far by the media for a couple of days just increased my headache :(... what good is it to use up all the air time and our time.

I love this guy, Jr. NTR beyond words can say but must say am a little disappointed in his choice of girl, nothing wrong with the girl, I dont even know about her other than the fact that she is too young. I would have ideally wanted him to marry someone from a normal middle-class family like the one he hails from from his mother's side rather than give into scheming and plotting ways of CBN. But then, no issues.. as he enters that beautiful bond in his life, I do wish him good luck, I do wish all his wishes of bringing credibility and a society stature to his mom come true, I do wish he finds what he has been looking for all his life and finally I do wish that he not fall into trap of family name politics and make a mark of his own...

Piracy and Movies:
Hmmmm... good the industry has come together to put an end to the piracy stuff but I guess something needs to be done about the exorbitant prices in theaters so that the common man approaches theater instead of pirated copies, making moving watching a pleasant experience..if I am offered something good at some affordable price, since movie is the only entertainment for majority of us, we will end up watching them... got to see if something is being worked up on there.. anyways, industry bigwigs can survive all this with the wealth stashed out for generations together but it is the day-to-day strugglers and dependers on the movie business that I am bothered about, let there be a hope in their lives...

Varudu Hype:
tuuussss.... I looked forward to the heroine with so much of hype surrounding it... but my reaction is on the starting sentence, hope the movie panned out well...

Rains Now:
It is just about the harvest time and it broke my heart to see showers today... cant they wait for a while until the crop is safely home. It is already breaking the back of a common back to make two ends meet, we dont need to add up more to it... God!!!!! just hold those showers a little....

.... by the way, met a long-lost friend after a while and it is good to know that no matter what we could just begin where we left off a while ago.. not that we are back to that chaddi-buddy style but yes, back to being good listeners :).


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