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May 20, 2010

Intey Intintey...

Super song and awesome peppy lyrics... enough to lift me for the day...!!!

I am not really sure as to who wrote this one, but just happened to catch it on FM on the way back from hospital... fell in love with it instantly!!! How could I miss this all along.. anyways better late than never.

Movie:  Balu ABCDEFG...

Intey intintey intey intintey... aalochistey antaa intintey
kannu intey kanu paapa intey.. lokam lotu choodaalantey...


moggallona daagundi kaayo pando kanipettaali mundey
mabbullona daagundi chinuko toofaano pasigattaali mundey
manushullo manchodevaro munchedevaro manestti choodalantey..
ee mattiloni vajram choodu... bogguloni aggini choodu.
annitikannaa neeloni ninne choodu
alaa choostey yedure ledante
alaa chestey tirugey ledante

raasi phalaalanni vachchunu neeventey
tommidi grahaalanni panule maani tirugunu nee chuttey
(this has a special significance owing to the fact I am bending towards blaming stars.. easy target arent they??).

gudiselloni pedalaki snehitudayye gunamundaali neelo
medalloni ammadiki premikudayye pogarundaali neelo
desaanney sokam nunchi cheekati nunchi rakshinche sainikudavvaali
nee panullonu sraamikudalle, pagalu reyi kaarmikudalle
samudramlo naavikudalle mundukupotuntey
janam mechche naayakudavutaavu
jagam mechche uttamudavutaavu
prapanchamlo devudivavutaavuu
ee bhoomi meeda assalu sissalu maanavudavutaavuu..

Laila is still in its element but inner storm is backtracking...

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