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May 6, 2010

Prajaa Patham.. A One-On-One

On any given day my village roads are scattered with leaves, papers, dust, grass, khaini packets, cow dung etc. But one fine day, I see the current worker cleaning the area around the transformer and burning the trash and I am like.. "oh, wow.. finally an environment cautious govt. servant who takes his job seriously," me and kiddo go and appreciate him and go on our walk. Next morning, a battalion of workers get down a lorry and start sweeping the roads, burn all the "penta pogulu" which are dumped next to main road, gather all the dry leaves, sticks, thorns gathered by birds, kids, etc. and burning them, putting bleaching on two sides of the road and in short beautifying the village, I was like "oh my God, these guys are actually working, well done Panchayat."

In the evening, there comes a voice from the Panchayat vehicle, announcing...

"Guraza Graama Prajaalaara...
Mana Divangata Mukhyamantri YS gaaru modalu pettina...
Prastuta Mukhyamantry Rosaiah garu nadipistunna...
Congress prabutvam nirvahistunna
adbhutamaina, amoghamaina.. manakento preeti paatramaina..
Prajaa Padham Karyakramamlo bhaagamgaa..
Repu mana gramaaniki, gauravaneeyulaina mantri varylu, K. ParthaSaarathi gaaru
Collector Piyush Kumar Garu, Anni saakhala unnata adhikaarulu andaru kooda
Panchayiti office vadda mana samasyalu telusukuni parishkarinchadaaniki vastunnaru

kaavuna andaru tappaka, mee mee arjeelu, abhyardhanalu, samasyalu emi unna sare
tappaka vacchi ee, vinnavinchukuni, parishkarinchukomani maa vinnapamu"

The gift of it is, as part of the Prajaapadham program, the minister, MLA, collector, top officials from this district would gather in our village and we all need to attend the program and make it a success by submitting our woes or whatever..

Suddenly everything becomes crystal clear, the reason behind beautifying my village, the reason behind so much of politeness in the officials, the reason behind the taps which never worked for the past year or so got repaired, the reason behind fitting bulbs on all the street lights which were not there for the past so many months became crystal clear.. "We Never Change."

A minister and a group of officials and everything is spic and span.. if that is the case, why are the minister and the officials not touring often? Well, I dont really know.

It was supposed to start at 8 a.m., so I reach there by 7:45, only to see empty tent and seats.. I go to my mama's house closeby and keep checking every hour.. 9 a.m. nope, 10 a.m. the C.I. and officers start coming, 10:30 the collector is not coming... 11:00, minister is 5 minutes away... 11:30, finally he comes and gets seated on the dias... after 4 long hours of wait.. the sensible villagers come in after the minister's convoy arrives.. but the old people who had come just come finishing breakfast keep waiting with papers to submit in the hot sun.. After the minister arrives we are supplied with water packets and a small cup of tea!! wow!!!!

Then the minister without wasting times asks each of the 5 vital issues that need to be addressed to be discussed..
1. Tella Cardlu, Aarogyasri padhakaalu.
2. Upaadhi Haami Padhakam.
3. Indiramma illu.
4. Manchi Neeti Saraphara.
5. Paadi/Pantalu Abhivruddhi

among the lot..

The officials come one by one, give their progress report, the minister tries to show that he is interested amidst of the phone calls he receives on his cell phone, his security guard's cell phone, yawning, wiping sweat, drinking water, drinking coffee/tea (I had no idea). Asks some really valid and intelligent questions making me wonder if that guy was really listening to what is being said. Asks the public if they have any concerns, no one opens their mouth.. a few enthusiastic kids who come with me shout "dammullevu evaru maatladaru, aina maatlaadina evaru emi cheyyaru" and finally one person stands up with some cattle related issue and since that is the portfolio of that particular minister on the dias, he gets irritated. He says "why are you talking now, it has been a year since the issue, are you waiting for me, what did you do to bring to the notice of the government, you are educated are you not responsible. No that program is not a failure, you have no right to pass such judgments in a strong tone.." If that happens to an educated young man, who is voluntarily doing cattle farming in spite of being eligible software/high-paid jobs.. no one dares to question anything else right???

Then after a few more questions and enquires over the phone in "okeokkadu" Arjun style to the concerned departments, the minister continues with other issues.

Since no one opens mouth, praises that other villages have a lot of issues, your village is super, bumper, top, phirangi, gatra gatra gatra and starts opening the complaints brought by villagers...

A man complains his daughter was in pains and when they rushed her to the hospital, there was no one there, they had to go to the nurse's house and request her to come and by the time she comes and gathers other staff, the situation worsens and she had to be transferred to another hospital... the minister calls the doctor...

where do you stay
mudinepalli.. 2 kms from village (a lie, he stays 50 kms from the hospital)

why did you not come.
I had training the previous day and could not rejoin.

why is no one else there?

villagers --!! nobody is there ever.

what is the staff count?

how many vacancies?

So, the total staff is???

So, on that given day.. out of 13 people, no one was around and the patients had to run to the nurse's house?

how many doctors?

Wow, great!!

Do you come regularly..

By then the villagers gather some courage and shout.. "NEVER"

Do you come regularly..
I come alternate day.. the other doctor comes alternate day ,between us we cover all days..

Do you come regularly.

Villagers shout -- no

Doctor -- Yes.

Villagers gather a little more courage and a lady bursts into choicest expletives on the doctor..

All of them shout at once.. no doctor comes only for an hour and leaves without seeing us.

Doctor (stares blankly).

Minister.. Tell me what is this??

This is embarassing to me.. tell me why is it like this..

(While the villagers taking the chances, gather near the dias and shout and tell their problems).

Minister.. I am ashamed
Doctor.. silence.

Minister... please wait, I will see to it that there is justice.
Doctor.. silence.

Minister.. please wait, give me 15 days to get this straight.
Doctor.. nods his head.
Concerned Officer: Takes the responsibility of taking the doc to task.

Minister... okay people, please bear with me, within a month you will see the change.

The villagers shout back... a month of which year????? and I wonder the same..

So, I stand witness to that minister's promise and the villager's complaints.. let me wait for a month and update the status here..

A few more issues equally grave with irresponsible officials..
A father has a permanant ST certificate but son is refused. The father and son are running from pillar to post for the past couple of years for the son's caste certificate. They have proper certificate for father, the certificate that the son is born to that father, that they reside in this village for the past 2 years, but still the son is not given the certificate.

Minister.. what is this?
MRO: Some GO stuff and technical nonsense.

Minister: But the father meets the criteria.
MRO: Yes, per the certificate.

Minister: Son doesnt get it??
MRO: Yes.

Minister: Why?
MRO: The certificate is fake.

Minister: Sensing public displeasure.. "so why is the officer who gave that certificate not questioned?

If it is genuine, the son should have been given the same.
If that is fake, the father should lose his.
IN that same family, the father has the certificate, his elder son has the certificate, his daughter has it, but the last son is refused.

Minister.. I am really ashamed, please issue it to him immediately..

So, he gets it because he had the guts to go to minister.. or wait, wait, will he really get it after the minister goes? Remains to be seen. What about the others??? Why such laxity.

I had a couple of issues and the school kids had a few more, we write letters to the officials, petitions for help, and wait patiently until 1 o'clock.. Minister suddenly sees his watch.. okay enough for today.. it is 1 already, we need to leave...

Leaves promptly at 11 to the Pseudo president's house for a delightful spread.. (pseudo-president) is the story for another post.

I capture the whole drama on the cam, will wait for the month and see if his assurances are fulfilled or not.. then what???

What can I do????

Do I have the time and patience to leave my job, my kid and everything and be behind them to see if they do it or not.

No, I can't. If I dont work, I starve..... 8 to 1 p.m. watching it was possible because of off day.... so, what is it that I do.. seethe for a while, cuss for a while, cry foul, and follow the routine...

A part of me is ashamed at my lack of followup and a part of me just wants to survive....

No need to say, the part of me that wants peace wins over in the battle of survival!!!!


Renuka said...

Official never ever care the time they arrive, but they are ever sharp in saying "Time up" ......

Responsible citizens are neither doing Govt. jobs nor in politics. If they do, they don't act responsible. Problem with system.

上宇軒興 said...

nice to know you ~........................................

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