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May 23, 2010

Raising the bar

The 10th class results (SSC) are out today and since I am the only person with net connectivity in the village, all the students flocked my place for the results... firstly, the results took me by surprise... there were grades in stead of class.. okay fine ABC... for 123 I thought but what came on screen totally took me by surprise..

The results were announced by 11:30 and until 2 I was breaking my head trying to figure out what those grades meant over the net.. the simple solution, however, would have been to switch on the TV and see the scrolls down.. thwack, thwack!!!

So the grading goes like this 
Grades as per marks percentage: A1 95% | A2 85% | B1 – 75% | C1 65% | C2 55% | D1 45% | D2 35%.
in other words A1 509 and above...
A2 508-470
B1 469-438
B2 434-404
C1 403-374
C2  373-343
D1 342-308
D2 307-307

So, the first result I typed in was B2.. and I was like okay maybe first class like the earlier Intermediate result (A grade distinction, B grade 60 to 75% and so on).. but as I type in other hallticket numbers I am taken by surprise from numbers ranging from A2 to D2... what the hell is this, all of us try to figure out but no use...

In my days getting 500 was the "best" in early 90s.. now people get as high as 593... phew.. what are these kids doing by the way???????  It is okay to raise the bar it is a good signal but C grade for what was first class mark in our days.. 60% is something which kind of shook we really need to measure the students merit on the marks they get in the exams... what I have learnt in the school/college has just been theory and I had to get practical hands-on training to be suitable for job environment.. so when what I learn itself does not prepare me for my livelihood, why should by merits be measured on that.. okay that might be an unending discussion...

I dont like it one bit when students with 70% are graded B.... anyways.

If the grading is one thing that bothered me, the parroted replies of the toppers in "English" when the questions were asked in Telugu bothered me no end.. ela feel autunuvvamma ante happyga feel autunna andi ani okka maata okka pillakay anadey.. I feel happy, my school management, my study hours, my parents, this that ani prati okkaru Englishlo cheppatamey...

Telugu maatladatam below dignityga feel autunna pillalni emanaalo artham kaatledu.. English nerchuko, global villagelo venakabadipokundaa manchigaa undu tappu ledu kaani kaneesam maatrubhaashalo santosham kooda vyaktaparachaleni dustitilo enduku unnaam manam...

ento.. naaku chaadastam baaga perigipotundi... choostuntey naaku LOki single genaration kaadu enno tara taraala gap vacchestundemo tanu perige paatiki anipistundi... devudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Manasa said...

Sree, iagree100% with u, don't know where the standards are going ? I feel these results are not going to help the kids in anyway they need to change the system to filter out intelligence

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