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May 1, 2010

Something That Amused Me...

In good old days when there were no mikes, the only way one has to communicate a message to whole village in general was.. "the vetti vaadu doing rounds of the village gathering groups of people and screaming out the message with his dappu noise". I still remember the way we used to run around to the spot he was standing and hoping that the people come in slowly that he would play the dappu a little longer and some times take it in our hands after the message was conveyed and play a little.. boy, how we envied that guy's job.. just walking, playing dappu and screaming out message, what a way to earn livelihood, it would have crossed my mind to be one but I dont clearly remember :).. those days were a bliss, the childhood isnt it.. no calculating as to what would give me more money, fame, etc. just aspire to do whatever catches your fancy.. pallettoorlo dappu kotti tamuku veyyadam atani jeevanaadhaaram... maaku adoka pedda sambaram... where are those days??hupphhh... I digress.

Almost once in a week, there is this announcement in our village. The first time I heard the intro part of it, I felt as it were some delicacy they were talking about and doing the canvassing, the gist of it after the final message sank in was that of surprise and then peels of laughter... try if you can guess what is being sold here?

Guraza graama prajalaki goppa subhavaartha!!! -- 3 to 4 times--

Vinandi ammaa, vinandi baabu
vinamma akkaa.. vinnamma chelli
Guraza graamaniki vacchina mahattara avakaasam
randi baabu randi, marala maralaa raani avakaasam

Pushtikaramaina, subramainaa
ruchi kaliginaa, poshaka viluvalato nindinaa..

Jeedi pappu, baadam pappu
chekkera kelilu, amruta paalilu.
tini perigina... 25 vela rupaayalu viluva jese
melu jaati _________________

randi baabu avakaasanni sadviniyoga paruchukondi...
ee mahattara avakaasanni meeru jaara viduchukoru ani telusu baabu telusu
mundu raakapote migaladu baabu... twarapadandi repu samayanaki viccheyandi..
meeru kooda gurtu chesi pampinchandi amma, gurtu cheyyi chelli...
mee inta vindu.. maakento pasandu..
randi baabu randi :))))).

the first time around amidst of all the hype I missed what it was... the second time I couldnt but control myself to go out and listen and see what is that they are advertising... and when I knew what it was, I couldnt stop laughing..

Can you guess what we are talking about???


ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...

హమ్మ్... నిదురపోతున్న మా ఊరి జ్ఞాపకాలని తట్టి లేపారు.

Krishna Kumar said...

What it would be in the blank?? me too amused a bit...!

Sandhya said...

May be bulls (or any other animal species) of good breed...Am I right?


Sree said...

Dileep, so you have an appointment fixed with my maama for sure :).

KK: Nuvvu bhakshinche padaartham kaadu... :).

Sandhya: Animal Species rightey but enti anedi kada question :).

Sree said...


that is actually Pork.

parisubramaina seema pandi maamsam..

Sorry veggie guys.. an out and out NV post here.

Renuka said...

Sree...seriously hilarious..hehehe.ROFL here.

I grew up in village cum town enjoying the innocent culture there...but didn't really experience this ever!

Sireesha said...

Ha ha! I couldn't guess it! :-)

Sandhya said...

Okie, could not guess it correctly. Ha ha, how could a veggie possibly get it right on a non veg post!!!!!!

Well-written though.


sri said...

lol...mundu meka anukunna...kani bhakshinche padaartham kaadu annappudu ardham ayyindi...nenu paalakovalu etc ammatam chusanu kani idi matram too much assalu

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