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May 8, 2010

Thanks Buddies... But No Thanks

All of my buddies out there abroad, thanks for remembering me and kiddo.. am really blessed to have you guys in my life.. thanks for everything and thanks for the huge support you have been always... but sincerely I request you one thing....

Each time any one of you comes on a trip or your close ones come, you guys surely send me a parcel.. err, LO to be precise.

It is almost always dresses which cost I am sure a hell a lot of money when converted into rupees... I know those dirty looks and the cheap you scoldings that will follow, but that is how I am.  Keeping in view that we are not used to a/c rooms and all or in spic and span surroundings all the beautiful frocks that you send for your little angel are just worn once that too for a while and then promptly kept inside as your reminders.... :((...

Do ask me when you guys want to bring something, if there is something that I need like Cetaphil or something I dont find here, would surely let you know.. but do not spend money on clothes!!! new clothes at this age are a waste as with each passing day the kids grow.. that doesnt mean I dont get her clothes at all, I do but that is according to the season and according to the size, every month or so whenever the size changes..

So, please please please DO NOT SEND ANY GIFTS... the best gift is your remembering us and trying your best to meet us in your tied up schedule and most importantly the blessings you shower on the kid...

For the LO, I am there and she has you all if at all there is any need any point in time... so If and if you want to do something for the kid as a token of love, do something to the other kids who do not have anything at all... Me and LO would be extremely happy if you guys donate the same amount you spend on her shopping in the charity like sponsoring a kid for a year, a month or maybe even feeding a poor old man on the road a proper meal or something like that.. the light that brings on their faces, will give the kiddo all the more blessings she will always need..

so buddies, thanks but no thanks for all the gifts... we know you love us... please do not spend on clothes for LO...!!!!

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