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Jun 7, 2010

Behind the letters...

There used to be a post every month with a letter to my daughter.  It is not that she is too big yet or I have too less time to write them, it is just that I wanted to take it a little more easy.. time slipped faster as usual.. she will enter her 15th month day after tomorrow and there are sooo many things I want to tell her and share with her.

There have been a few reminders for my letters to the kid as well...thanks guys for reading them out and letting me know time and again that they are good.. just hope the kid likes them as much as you do or at least give them a glance, you know, "those silly momma type of looks".

When I set about writing to the kid, a lot of people asked me the question through mails that how and why chose to do it.. those questions ranging anywhere from how did you get the idea and how do you feel writing them types.

I really dont know how it all happened.. I am very big into mama-baby blogs, I love them to bits.. a few kids like kiran's brat, Kodi and Plane, Appu and Abhay, Winkie and Satya, Brat and bean, Ojas and Tejas, Ashu and Antu, Anush and now Aditi are the kids who I have kind of seen.. err.. read, saw, heard being born and had been a part of their growing up years and their milestones and am really glad to have known them through their mom's diligent efforts to document them up.  I feel so in touch with them, that invisible bond maybe more than a lot of people who get to see them in person.  Somewhere in the world of bloggers I stumbled across a few letters, not every month but once in a while by a few moms which made me think of writing one to the kid..

what do I write? anything that came to the mind on her monthly birthday.. I can put it up as a document or a post like everything else in this blog but I chose to do it in the letter format, 'cos it is originally intended to be for her, for her to read when she is not soo tiny as she is now.  Month after month, I surprised myself I had so much to tell her and so much left still within my heart to convey.

The most important inspiration of course, for a film buff like me is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.. if you happen to watch it and like it lot like I do, you must remember those yearly letters to the kid when the mom is no longer around.  I know,I am not going to go that soon ;) but then no one knows.. what began as memoirs gradually with the worsening health kind of became those mom-daughter letters to be read after I am no longer around (I know I can give Kiron Kher a run for her money in the department of overacting filmy moms, remember Om Shanti Om and Dostaana).

Anyways to cut the long story short, the letters are not my original brainwave, it was inspired but the one which gave me a lot of satisfaction, especially since the senile dementia seems to be setting in way too early in my case..

Month after month there is this urge to document but I had consciously stopped for the past couple of months after she touched the Big One.  It does not mean I do not celebrate the date 9th of every month like I did earlier.. it just means that some times in this mechanical life and run for survival I dont remember it is actually 9th.  Time just does its duty no matter if I remember or not and the kid keeps growing older.

I celebrate her every day, I thank God for giving her in my life which otherwise would have drifted along in a different direction.  I would have been away from all the people but then I would be as content.  All the issues seem to be trivial when compared to her.  How can such tiny packages give such huge pleasure??  Why is it that God packs so much into those tiny bodies which kind of dilutes as they grow up... why are the kids not even a patch of what they are right now when they grow up.  With a heavy heart, month after month I count her age, I count her milestones, I count the moments so precious....

If there is something that recharges me like a live-wire and live it out like no tomorrow, it is she... did I say this earlier, I know I do very often... kya kare control hi nahi hota...

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Renuka said...

True sree....I'm inspired by your letters....It doesn't matter whether the little ones do really care them or not, but it gives a lot of satisfaction within in recalling the memories.

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