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Jun 13, 2010

T-20 and me

So, I take a break from work to watch the tollywood 20 match going on in LB stadium Hyderabad.  Saw the inaugural speech and the challenges of the players... it is silly, watching it is a waste of time but still I do watch it why??? because I can get really silly at times too... on top of it, I am a real movie buff and anything related to movies, movie stars kind of catches my attention and unless it is a really hopeless stuff, I kind of go through with it completely.

There is nothing much to really do, it is raining outside and as usual I do not have the motivation to work, so what best to do than sit and watch those on-screen demigods and have some good TP..

Balayya lions batting, Venky Warriors bowling ani first match start ayyindi.. valledo aadestunnaru nenedo iragabadi choosestunna... pillakay kooda edo artham ayyi avanattu choostu madhya madhyalo simha simha ani little jigs chestundi.. annatu marchipoya ee madhya maa song of the moment "simhamlaanti chinnode, vetakocchade.. simha simha simha..." heeeeehaaaaaa and when asked who is simha it is "naayi" which means me :)))))).... As of now it is funny and real cute but I just cant imagine my LO being the OA simha ;).

Sare gaani have a nice day.. nenu matuku mast enjoy chestunna kullu comments chesukuntoo... naa kooturito aadukuntoo... madhyalo eppudaina bore kodita ilaa net meeda padi updates istaa...

annattu marchipoya.. simhaalu chatikila padutunnay.. okadaani enaka okati toka mudustunnay...  baabai out ayyadu edo abbayi naana tantaalu padutunnadu... mari result ento.. evaru gelustaaro emaina cheppagalara??

naa guess... wild wild wild guess... Venky Warriors vs Nag Kings Finals kostay and either of it can win... but nenu Nag gang kada konchem atu favor... chooddam mana prediction enta varuku correcto :)


Kalpana said...

same to same raa... naa prediction ade.. chuddamu... :)

ఏకాంతపు దిలీప్ said...

meeru koodaa Nag gang enaa? :) mottaaniki gelichesaaru :)

Renuka said...

looks like you had good time with Sreya...Have fun!

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