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Jun 18, 2010

TV kaburlu

Knowing fully well the kind of movie buff that I am, it is no wonder that I love these talk shows where they get to show us a glimpse of their behind the camera personal life... like Rendezvous with Simi, Jeena Isika naam hai, Coffee with Karan, especially the shows where celebrities interview their colleagues and their rapport throws light some interesting events :) and on top of it such shows are a big yes any day compared to naatak, shaatak, draama, vama of TV serials... I really dont understand how I even could watch those Ekta Kapoor serials like Kyunki.. or maybe things were not as bad in the initial stages...

ammo... ee TV serials, aa make up mohaalu, aa dubbed Telugu, background music, banka jigurulaaga ekkadiki kadalani stories, years together chetta chetta chetta chetta... anyway, aa prapamchamloki elte enakki elaago raalem.. ippudavasarama adi...

I happened to watch RWS yesterday, a very old episode.. with Saif and Dingy... it is like some thing from the very very distant past, ekkado goyyi teesi puraavastu saakha vaallu velikiteesina astipanjaram laaga anipinchindi... but felt refreshing.. Saif looked so immature, ready to please Amrita, Amrita her cool self making it obvious she was the stabilizing factor in his life and stuff like that... a few things they said and I feel are true are..

** if you want to make a relationship work there will be 1000 things working for you.. if you dont those very 1000 seem to be working against you.
** age and experiences sober you down, you become maybe gentler and softer as time passes.
** trust in relationships, a wife being a watch dog and keeping the husband in control is one of the worst things to happen like what is the big deal man, his mind wants to waver but he is there because of the fear, what is the point actually?

and a lot more things... many years down the line, it feels sad to see the way they lives got apart but somehow even at that time, I felt that it was bound to happen some time.. too ready to please Saif and comfort in her own skin Dingy.. I love Saif on screen for the looks, his acting, his comedy timing, his English, everything but Dingy wins it for me for being the person she is...

I got to say a lot of things on a lot of shows which are points to be observed in individual posts...

 Coming to the latest fad of reality shows which I like watching once a while but do not digest are...
Rahul lejaayega Dulhania.. on NDTV, Rahul's Swayamvar... what the heck? this sick psycho who we all got to see on Big Boss openly romancing Payal and even before we can forget the goody goody Ms. Monica Bedi and his romance, his episode of wife bashing, drugs, divorce, the behavior on camera on national TV, people still are vying to get married to this sicko and the things they do amongst themselves to be his wife.. my God!!!! where are we heading to..

dongalu padda aaru nellaki kukka morigindi anukuntunnaru kada... khikhi..hehehe... aarellaipoyindi anukuntaa actually ;).. anyways..

the ones I enjoy to watch once in a while these days are
**Kitchen Champion... pure kitchen fun, no planning, plotting
**Desi Girl -- for masti, masala and stuff... on that note, I really fail to understand what Monica is, I mean her true face/personality.  Each time she manages to confuse me but reassures to me the fact that "I am innocent, Ms. goody two shoes" person that she portrays, she definitely is not.  Selfish to the core, nothing else comes to my mind... I have come across people like her in real life and for the sanity of people around, I wish their breed is very limited ;).
**Heart to Heart with RK

Sumalatha program bratuku jatkaa bandi start ayyindi.. anta below poverty line, labor category people issues solve cheyyali ani focus chestunnaru.. it is good concept but more than the focus on solving or bringing the issue forth enduko cheap publicity anipinchindi.. watched an episode kaani enduko chooda buddi kaaledu... naaku concept nacchindi kaani execution nacchaledu.. Indian Oprah Winfrey typelo edoka program enduku cheyyalekapotunnam manam anipistundi... maybe nenu cheyyalemo.. on a serious note, oka program design cheyyali eppatikaina.. comments cheyyatam telika... practical problemsni overcome chesi execute cheyyadam important kaabatti let us see how it works out finally...

Otherwise it is Zing for Music and Zoom for general watching and porapaatuna madhyalo news channels pettano... veera baadudu shuru...

 latest ga TVlo prostitutionlo cheramani protsaaham icchina police officer gurinchi vaayimpu... ledante Dimple ani TV actress chesina high drama or  National level news chooddam antey on a sad note Kolkatta lo student suicide... chuttu prampanchamlo emi jarugutundo telusukovaali.... kaani nijamga nijam telusukovaalani naa korika...aa particular channel advocate chese viewpoint kaadu... I want to see the world around with unadulterated news catered to me which is the most rarest of all or maybe an extinct commodity already!!!

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