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Jun 24, 2010

Vedam... Movie Through My Eyes!!!

I finally happened to make some time to watch movie, like I promised myself I watched it on big screen in a town.. 'cos the films by the time they reach the village are half cut :(((.. that is the point of another post anyways.. for now, I want to stick to reviewing and remembering a movie which has been close to my heart ever since I heard about it ...

Obviously coming from a director like Krish whose Gamyam is one of my all time favorite movies, it has to go into the must-watch list of mine.. Making some time and then watching it with the gang, coordinating their timings, etc. is a mess, so one fine day, I wake up and go watch it and come, problem solved... nenu happies...!! was it worth that wait antey yes, it made me think in many ways and many angles... aina think think tappa nuvvemi chestaavule ani anukuntunnaru kadaa.. naakado tutti aipoyindi antey...

Missed first 10 minutes... watched it from Saroja's scene... It is a typical Krish movie.. signature style telisipotundi.. girl emotional senti, guy carefree, rich, girl wants him to see the reason, the guy sees it after so many tragedies along the way... this is where the similarity in both movies lies.. rich lifestyle, someone trying to bring a change in heart.. in this one, he tried both the ways from the poor man vying for a rich, rich/rich brat angle.  He basically tries to  bring out core human values and feelings.. Gamyam was a little different in the sense, it focused on a single track.

We can see the Crash crossover in this movie, how 5 different people from different walks of life, a poor guy trying to get rich, a rich guy trying to make it big in music world, a prostitute trying to get rid of her madam, a muslim trying to move out of the country to forget the trauma in his life, a FIL and DIL trying to get their son out of bonded labor by selling kidney.  Individually, no person has got anything to do with the other person but circumstances kind of put them all together and how the story unfolds at the end bringing out the heroism in average day to day people... it is like "Ek Situation Zindagi Badal Detihai Sirjee"

There are quite a few points of view that I loved in the movie, in fact each person has a justification to be how he is or what he is, each person has a valid reason to be there at that particular place at that point in time towards the end of the movie.. Ideally I would have loved that these guys rise unscathed from the blast impact, but then again maybe that is needed to have this effect on the viewer...

There is nothing over the board, considering the filth that is shown in the name of family entertainers and double meaning dialogues, screenplay is refreshingly good.. there is use of vulgarity and cheap language but that is how things in real life are.. when you want to make a movie with social message, you show certain things as is.... I do not expect a prostitute to be well-spoken or the people conversing with her in a nice tone.. things do happen the way they show on screen, people are very very derogatory and if you happen to watch the TV channels these days or have any idea of how they speak and behave from close quarters, what they have shown in the movie is very less.. it an unfortunate but true occurrence..

money and lust are two things that rule the lives of the lower strata, this I came to know after staying in a village for a while.. the guy wanting to be rich through a girl, yes that is very common, situations make him think so.. born and brought up in a slum near the high-rises, the only thing he wants in life is to be in them one day for which he would do anything he needs to do, the extent he stoops to to get there but something in him, the core humanity brings him to senses and he goes back to rectify the mistake.. he is a man with flaw but he corrects it and rises to a level way above normal people.

"Adrushtam addam tirigite aratipandu tinnaa pannu iruguddi"... how true!!!!

Manam chaste gantalo lepestaaru, unnodu pote 2 rojulu fridgelo pedataaranta...
this dialogue shows the kind of life the guy has seen and the kind of life he aspires to have.... measuring death in terms of money!!!

Saroja, a lady who knows no world other than flesh trade, trying to run away from madam.. not for good life, but to open another company on her own where she can "work" only if she wants and take a break when she needs to... touching!!  She knows nothing other than customers, sleeping, money... the look on her face when she sees a guy committing robbery for the sake of a girl.. the question or rather that self-question "premante idena??" says it all.. subtle, underplayed.. but still the scene has had its impact long after the movie got over.. the way they are exploited, the way they are treated is scary, I would not even dare to be in the presence of that stuff happening, so can only imagine how it must be to go through it... Finally, after seeing all the real life around her, she decides to go and live a life away from all the mud.. a decent way of life, the life that she had not seen so far, but now knows that it exists...

Vivek Chakravarthy, the typical confused rich kid trying to break free of family requisites and making it big... the gang begins something, ends up doing something else... there are good things about friendship shown there.. Manoj is the surprise performance and somehow I have this gut feeling that this guy will make it big.. like a Saif in Tollywood.. Good luck Kid...

The reality sucks, the slavery, the child labor, no matter how much we would like say is taken care of by government, there are still a lot of lives struggling the way it is shown.. the rich landlords, the family servants, the bonded labor, it exists... maybe the next generation wont accept to it but as of now I do see a few instances... the vultures, the organ trade business, the brokers, everything sucks big time.. but that does happen... blood, organs you name it we get it... source, the poor, the addicts in search of quick money... the struggle to get the kid to school is something I would like to see in every parent...

Manoj Bajpai as usual emoted well but somehow the over-used Muslims are Terrorists and finally proving that there are indeed good ones does not gel well with me... I do not deny that it does happen, it does happen on a fairly regular basis, the discrimination, I mean to say.  I personally do not like the Hindu Muslim Divide, so this was to me the weakest link though the climax actually revolves around terrorism.  One thing I fail to understand is while three of them are arrested, why is only Manoj taken outside by the police officer or maybe I did miss something over there... this was the only link which seemed filmy in an otherwise art film category close to reality movie...

HMmmm... coming to the fact if I cried in the theater... Guesss!!! I did, but not buckets as usual... just a tear drop...

I loved this song on Money.. so true.. one harsh reality that you come to accept with experience... if not for money and lust, world would be so good isnt it????????

My favorite music bytes from the movie are

Padipaa Padipaa Padipaa Nidipaa Nidipaa Nidipaa
Padipaa Padipaa Padipaa Nidipaa Nidipaa Nidipaa

Idi chetulu maari raatalu maarchey kaagitamoy
tanu jebula ninchi jebulaloki dookesi egire egire... Roopaay.
Roopaay, Ru Roopaay... idi Roopaay... haaye Roopaay...
Roopi Roopi Roopi Roopaay
Roopi Roopi Roopi Roopaay

Kotalu medalu kattaalannaa, kaatiki naluguru moyaalanna
Guppedu methukulu puttaalanna
praanam teeyalanna okate..... Roopaay

Ee oosaravelliki rangalu rende... Black Or White..(Roopaay)
Ee kaasula tallini koliche vaadi... Wrong is Right (Roopay)
Tana hundee nindaalante devudikaina mari avasaramenoy
Roopaay, Ru Roopaay... idi Roopaay... haaye Roopaay...
Roopi Roopi Roopi Roopaay
Roopi Roopi Roopi Roopaay

Poye oopiri nilavaalannaa poraatamlo gelavalanna..
Jeevana chakram tiragaalanna
Jananam nunchi maranam daaka..... Rupaaye

Another one that touched me was...
prati nimisham prati nimisham adugese mundaalochistu
prati nimisham alochanalaku kallem vestu.. --2--

prati udayam kala kariginaa
nijameduruga nilabadutunna
manishi manishigaa jeeviste
manishini manishigaa jeevinchaniste.. (if and only if it were to happen.. love the possibilities left open without filling in with the lyric)

Vedam... Vedam... Vedaammmmmm... Vedam
Vedam... veeeeeeeeeeeeedam... Vedam vedam vedam
Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedam... vedam vedam vedam


Kalpana said...

Hey, I liked the title. Aa title chuse movie ki vellali anipisthundi... Definitely kontha reality ki deggaraga untundi ani expect chesaa... Gamyam effect tho.. :)

Review baagundi...

Renuka said...

I didn't see the movie yet sree..but excited by your review...looking forward for one cool weekend or otherwise a regular weekend with no functions to attend :P

Anonymous said...

Ee movieni nuvvu andarilaa kallatho kaakundaa manasutho choosinattunnaavu Sushma...anduke intha baagaa raasaavu nee view :)

BTW, aa brahmee episodelo I think I've missed noticing that word'uddarinchadam'...I agree with ur viewpoint

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