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Jul 30, 2010

Interesting Forward

Found this one interesting, while figuring out where to put it, I got this bright idea of storing it on the blog... ;).

Some known & unknown facts
1.      MOPED is the short term for 'Motorized Pedaling'.
2.      POP MUSIC is 'Popular Music' shortened.
3.      BUS is the short term for 'Omnibus' that means everybody.
4.      FORTNIGHT comes from 'Fourteen Nights' (Two Weeks).
5.      DRAWING ROOM was actually a 'withdrawing room' where people withdrew after Dinner. Later the prefix 'with' was dropped..
6.      NEWS refers to information from Four directions N, E, W and S..
7.      AG-MARK, which some products bear, stems from 'Agricultural Marketing'.
8.      JOURNAL is a diary that tells about 'Journey for a day' during each Day's business.
9.      QUEUE comes from 'Queen's Quest'. Long back a long row of people as waiting to see the Queen. Someone made the comment Queen's Quest...
10.  TIPS come from 'To Insure Prompt Service'. In olden days to get Prompt service from servants in an inn, travelers used to drop coins in a Box on which was written 'To Insure Prompt Service'. This gave rise to the custom of Tips.
11.  JEEP is a vehicle with unique Gear system. It was invented during World War II (1939-1945). It was named 'General Purpose Vehicle (GP)'.GP was changed into JEEP later.
12.  Coca-Cola was originally green.
13.  The most common name in the world is Mohammed..
14.  The name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with.
15.  The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.
16.  TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row ! of the keyboard.
17.  Women blink nearly twice as much as men!!
18.  You can't kill yourself by holding your breath.
19.  It is impossible to lick your elbow.
20..  People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze, your heart stops for a millisecond.
21.  It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.
22.  The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language. If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die.
23.   Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history.
o Spades - King David
o Clubs - Alexander the Great,
o Hearts – Charlemagne
o Diamonds - Julius Caesar.
24.   Horse Statue in a Park…
· If a statue of a person in the park on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle.
· If the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle
· If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.
25.  What do bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers all have in common? Ans. - All invented by women.
26.  A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.
27.  A snail can sleep for three years.
28.  All polar bears are left handed.
29.  Butterflies taste with their feet.
30.  Elephants are the only animals that can't jump.
31.  In the last 4000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.
32.  On average, people fear spiders more than they do death.
33.  Shakespeare invented the word 'assassination' and 'bump'.
34.  Stewardesses is the longest word typed with only the left hand.
35.  The ant always falls over on its right side when intoxicated.
36.  The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
37.  The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet.
38.  Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over million descendants.
39.  Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
40.  The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.
41.  Most lipstick contains fish scales.

Jul 27, 2010

I am that mom...

Found something interesting accidentally and felt it is the time again for looking inside.... am a little disturbed by the turn of the events in the recent past and want a break from that train of thought, so here I go..

As part of the blog carnival of the Zombie princess,


I am that mom who was paranoid every single moment of my kid's life for up to 6 months.

I am that mom who started letting go little by little in an effort towards detached attachment if there can be any.

I am that mom who does not hesitate to do anything to keep her sheltered and bring her up independently.

I am that mom who lets the kid have anything she feels like, go anywhere she wants to, do anything she likes to as long as at is innocent exploration.

I am that mom who spends a fortune on the daughter's learning process and day to day life rather than invest in safe and secure bonds and policies.

I am that mom who thinks that my kid is not superior than anyone else.. she is a innocent angel like every little kid in the world.

I am that mom who focuses on practicing  giving and caring, sharing and bearing... practice and preach!!!

I am that mom who is mad, bad, sad, glad, kind and sometimes even blind in love for my daughter but all in moderation and not all at once ;).

I am that mom who plans of letting the kid explore her own values and just be there to guide when she goes wrong, intend to let her be and only intervene if she happens to go wrong anywhere.

I am that mom who wants to relive the childhood along with my daughter rather than live her life for her.

I am that mom who treats her infant as her best friend rather than an offspring.

I am that mom who intends to celebrate each moment with her daughter as if there is no tomorrow, working today for the moment that is NOW "present" which is actually a present.

Jul 19, 2010

Naalo Maarpu

Ee padi rojula ninchi nenu intlo unna time venakki tirigi choosukunte chaala chaala takkuva, hospital ani, mandal office ani, passport office ani, SP office ani.. abbo kaallaki balapaalu kattukuni tiragatam antaaru idenemo mari naakaite teliyadu kaani kallarigipoyelaaga tirugutunna... aa panula vattidilo vacchey poye daarilo unna pacchati polaalu ento seda deerustunnay..... elletappudu vaana vacchetappudu manchi vaataavaranam.. chaala baguntundi... kaani naa kooturu maatram naa nunchi dooram autunna feeling oka pakkana kelikestundi... thaaat!! attachment extragaa undakoodadu ani nuvvu anukuntaav malli ee baadha enti ani antaraatma godava okati backgroundlo..

Mottam meeda passport pani ekkadidaaka vacchindi ante SP office daaka vacchi aagindandi.. mukkalu mukkalugaa rojuko kadha cheppe badulu... passport vacchaako, lekapote raakapoyinappudo oka pedda post chestaanu appudu choosedduru gaani :).

Nenu maaripotunnanu... melligaaney kaani kacchitamga maaripotunnanu... naake teda baaga telustundi... manchikaa chedukaa ani teliyadu... pandugaadi meeda picchi prema undi kaani ento kaasta dooramgaane unchutunna tanani, tanu kooda konchem resist chesinaa kooda bagane alavaatu padutundi... kaavalani chestunnaa aa maarpu naake badhagaa undi... aa pasi manasu maatram emi pattanattu tana chuttu unna prapanchamloni manchini maatrame aasvaadistoo gaba gaba perigipotondi :(((...

Ninna snanam chestoo naa sabbu evaro vaadinattugaa anipiste kopam intettuna pongindi... evaradi ani... melligaa alochiste naake ee maarpu vintagaa undi..

intillipaadi okate sabbu vaadesukuni.. dibba rotti mandaana unna daanni pootarekulaaga maaredaaka aragadeesedaaka iraga ruddesukunna rojulu emaipoyay??

Parachute kobbari noone raasukuni bayataki ellali ante.. abba cheee yaak!! vaasana vastundi!! chakkaga noone raasi juttu biga gatti rendu aratikaaya jadalu veyinchukuni oorantaa tirigocchina rojulemi ayipoyaay?

Designlu unna cheppulu vesukokundaa baytaki velte ento eddi maalookaallaga janaalu nannu choostunnaru anukuntunnaanu kadaa ee roju mari... Hawai cheppulesukuni ooranta utsaahamga tirigina rojulevi...  Interki kooda nenu blue color hawai cheppule vesukuni vellanu kada.. mari ippudemiti??

Paste ayipoyinaaka tube kosesi andulodi kooda vaadesukunna rojulu marchipoyi.. ee roju inka konchem undaagane kotti tecchi pettesukuntunnanu enduku??

Doordarshan ane okkate channel unnappudu mucchatagaa... mustaabayyi rain bow bands ninchi logo with music vacche channel kosam eduru choostoo budhavaaralu vacche chitrahaar, sukravaaralu vacche chitralahari, sanivaaram saayantram vacche telugu cinema, aadivaaram madhyannam vacche pranteeya bhaasha chitraalalo telugu cinema eppudostundaa ani eduru choodatam... anni emaipoyaay.. lekkalenanni channels aa bulli pettelo vastunnaa aa rojullo unna trupti manasulo ledu endukani..

Congress gaddi meeda vacche tellani poolani mukkupudakallaaga pettukuni, picchi mokkalaki vacche kaayalani gudlu laaga tablet sheetsni egg box anukuni muddugaa pettukuni aadukunna naaku naa kooturiki maatram velaki velu posi kone bommala meeda mozu enduku... taataku bommalu, bommala pellillu, vaamana guntalu, mattito vadiyaalu pettadaalu... emaipoyaay aarojulu...avanni cheste pandu gaadu naaku ade santosham vastundaa.... ammo adi tineste ani gundaagi podu???

ento ee maarpulu eppudu jarigaayo kooda teliyakundaa jarigipoyina maarpulu... naa jeevita gamanaanni nirdesinche maarpulu...chinnave kada anipinche adi pedda maarpulu... naaloni oka manishini moolaki gentesi kotta manishi mundukocchina maarpulu... alochistoo unte malli aa rojulloki vellipovaali anipinche maarpulu...

Jul 15, 2010


Wait until I do a full fledged post on this... Nenu 2 samvastsaraala ninchi maa orlo untunna... ee July 28thki rendellu... naaku address proof ivvandi morro ante evaru ivvaru... enduku antaaru denikenti denikaina mundu ade kada adugutaaru naaku ivvandi mahaa prabho ante ivvaru... enduku simple andi dabbu kaavaali.. andulonu America returned ani oka tag edchindi kada naa bratukki... America elli akkada enni boppilu kattinchukuni vacchamu ani maata devuderugu.. akkadedo Obama pakkanundi naa pedda suitcaselu renditlonu dollar kattalato nimpi pampintalu niluvu dopidi cheyyadaaniki readygaa untaaru janaalu :((((((....

migataa appudu eppudo okasaari ivvaka chastaara ani nenu kooda mondikesi koorchunna... VRO maa inti eduruga officelo grama chavidilo untaadu aayana chuttu nenu chesina pradakshinaalu devudi gullo cheste ee paatiki eppudo moksham prasaadinchevaademo aayana... ippudu scene enti ante naakooturiki passport kaavali... hadaavudigaa edo ooru chekkeyyadaaniki kaadu, talli tandri iddari passportlu undaali kabatti tanu ikkada unnappudu cheyincheyyaali lekapote aa lanchaalu, aa gola nenu padalenu :((((..

Aa prahasanam antaa nenu cheptaanu kada taravata postlo... ippudu matuku naaku kacchi, picchi rendu kooda peak stagelo unnay.. erra tapu adenandi red tape ento, aa paperwork ento, aa golento... ento, asalento... antaa maaya... oooohu... govt. office antene maaya.... ee passport vyavahaaram antene mahendrajaalam :((((..

Entabbaa ee madhya evari maadu choosinaa mottikaayalu, evari gundu choosinaa dippakaayalu eyyalanipistundi anukuntunna... ippudartham ayyindi naaku govt. officela chuttu tirigi paityam perigindi...

Jul 14, 2010

Tujhse Naaraaz Nahi Zindagi...

Kids usually do love fast beat or melodious music songs and do not really pay attention to the song's lyrics is what general impression is... but I cant really say

I really dont know how and when I got hooked on to this song.. as early as 6th or 7th class, the depth of this song is too much to be understood at that point in time..  Again, the essence of life in a few sentences.   Movie:  Maasoom
Tujhse naaraaz nahii zindagi, hairaan hoon main
 o hairaan hoon main
tere masoom savaalonse pareshaan hoon main
 o pareshaan hoon main

jeeneke liye socha hi nahi, dard sambhalane honge
muskuraaye to, muskuraane ke karz utaarne honge
o muskuraoon kabhi to lagata hai, 
jaise honton pe karz rakhaa hai --tujhse--
zindagi tere gham ne hamain rishte naye samajhaaye
milejo hamain dhoop main mile chhaanv ke thande saaye
aaj agar bhar aayi hai, boondein baras jaayegi
kal kyaa pataa inke liye aakhen taras jaayegi
o jaane kab ghum hua... kahaan khoya,
ek aansu chhupake rakha tha --tujhse--
Listen to it here 

Ae Zindageee gale lagaale..

One of favorite songs from the movie Sadma where both the lead players did their best...

Ae zindagee gale lagaa le
Ae zindagee gale lagaa le
Humne bhi tere har ik ghamko
galese lagaaya hai.
. Hai na --ae zindagee--

Humne bahaane se, chhup ke jamaanese
palkonke parde main ghar bhar liyaa
tera sahara mil gayaa hai zindagi
la la lala la la laala la laa
tera sahaara milgayaa hai zindagi --ae zindagee--

Chhotasa saayathaa, aakhon main aayathaa,
Humne do boondon se mann bhar liyaa
Humko kinaara milgayaa hai zindagi
la la laala la la laala la laa
Humko kinaara milgayaa hai zindagi --ae zindagee--

The song, lyrics, the picturization everything kind of remain etched in my memory... simple and sweet and haunting..

by the way, how can I forget Hariprasad and the childish voice of Sridevi not really getting on to my nerves.. can watch it again any day any time.

Jul 13, 2010

Eteltundi Lokam!!

I was traveling in a bus yesterday with my daughter on yet another one of those endless trips to Vja.  Auto digagaane bus dorakatam toti vipareetamaina anandam to nenu, Pandu, buddu ekki koorchuni settle aipoyaam hammayya anukuni.. bus kudupulaki naa kooturu kooda naa odilo ninchi nidraadevi odiloki jaaripoyindi... Oka stoplo oka musalaavida, nadiche, kaneesam nunchune opika leni manishi ekkindi.  Conductor mundu seatlo koorchunna oka paduchu pillaadu, maybe teenager, atanini lechi nunchomani cheppaadu... adi asalu streela kosam ketaayinchina seatu, andulo aavida vikalaangula quotaloki chendina manishi kaani evaru kaneesam kadalanu kooda kadalaledu... aa abbayi legavabotunte vaalla amma "chee aa munda pakkana nenu koorchonu, nuvu legavaku, daanni choostunteney asahyamga undi" ani titti koorchobettesindi... Naaku lechi velli naalugu peeki raavalannanta avesam... em tanicchina ticket dabbu aa musalaavida tarapu vaallu ivvaleda?  repu tanaki aa paristiti raadu ani raayinchukuni puttindaa?  asalu adi, idi, munda ani nenu tanani ante oorukuntundaa?  ante pedarikam anta pedda antu vyaadhiaa...

nenu moodo seatlo koorchunnanu, Panduni budduki icchi mundukelli ammaa koorcho ante aavida nenu raalenu ani alaage nela meeda koorchundi poyindi, ekkevaallu digevallu tokkutoone unnaru :(((.. aina alaage sardukuni eeagalu tolukuntoo undi :(((((... pakkana vaallu naaku salahaalu pasi bidda deggara endukule amma aavida ani :((((.... naaku maatram pasi bidda pakkana ilaanti saareeraka arogyamto maanasikamga kullipoyina vaallu koorchotam kante aa musalaavida enno vela retlu melu anipinchindi...

chiraaku, ahasyam, kasi, kopam...aa manishi kanipinchinaa, vinipinchinaa velli dulipiraavali annanta emotionni ati kashtam meeda aapukovalsi vacchindi...

asalu inkokaru cheppe munde lechi nunchovaalani kodukuki nerpinchakundaa aavida emi nerpistundi tana mundu taraaniki?? Bus journeylo enno anubhavaalu, endaro manushulu, enno chiraaku chestalu, chetta maatalu vinabadatay kaani enduko ninna naa manasu chaala chaala gaayapadindi...

Asalu palle velugu kaani, rural buses kani andulo ladies seatslo ladies koorchoru or rather koorchonivvaru.. subbaramga pushtigaa dukkallaga unna moga pillalu, aadapillalu kooda kadalaru, bus raagane parugetti seatlonchi pustakaalo kerchieflo esesi ekki darjaaga koorchuntaaru... ide mentality manani anni rangaallonu venakki nettestundemo kada?? kashtapadi bus ekkakunda seat meeda gudda vesi reserve chesukune mentality... munduga ekkinavallu aa gudda teesi giratesi nuvvu bus ekkinaaka gudda kaakapote inkemaina esuko, kaani nenu ekkanu nenu koorchuntaanu ani arichi cheppakapovadam moolaanemo kada?

inko chaala chiraku kaliginche vishayam naaku buslo college boys and girls koorchune, nunchune paddati... aa ati maatalu, chestalu... kamparam vestundi okosari... nenu peddarikamgaa alochistunnano vaallu chillaraga chestunnaro artham kaani paristiti..prema doma ani TVlonu cinemallonu choosi prati okkaru ade gola.... devudaaa, nenu vayasu perige koddi maa taatee laaga tayarautanemo anipistundi annitiki kayyi kayyi kassu bussu mani aruchukuntooo :((

Jul 12, 2010

The Thinking Pen

I see a lot of my thoughts flowing in Telugu these days... It is not that Telugu should not be used.  I was never really good at expressing myself in Telugu.. it is the language I prefer any day, I talk only in Telugu with those who understand it, but when i write or type i do it English...

When I was trying to learn the language as a kid, what my English teacher/sir told me got imprinted on my mind... if you want to work on any language and get good at it, just start thinking in that language... did it work.. yes, it really did.  I am okay in writing if not too good.  When I see convent-bred people talk in wonderful English, I am like stumbling to bring sentences out.. while they might not be speaking good grammar they speak it poshly.. due to my averse feeling to talk in English, I end up being either too silent or just rush off in a couple of sentences and get back to myself.  I dont have trouble figuring out any accent or grammar thanks to my job.  I had tough time understanding Atlanta African American/southern drawl though :(...

I dont know when the change really happened, maybe the comfortable level I reached with respect to work and social interaction in the "universal language" or maybe my conscious effort to teach LO proper Telugu, my mother tongue, the way it is spoken in my region, I no longer seem to think in complete English...

Of late, I see my posts and expressions turn Telugu... good, I see a lot of pure Telugu.  Telugu blogging is something which I have not really taken any interest in so far, but one person who got me hooked onto it is "Sphuritha" found her link through Sirisha's and it was one of those have to read her through ones.. I am really not comfortable sparing so much of time on Script corrections because I hate incorrect spellings (queer considering I dont really spell check my posts), but you will no doubt see more of Telugu in my writings.

Telugulo 56 akshaaraalu unnaa kooda prastutaaniki ee 26 tone pani gadipeyyali... teerika, opika, korika kaliginappudu Telugu script meeda padataanu.

Good to see me getting out of learn English, speak Telugu Clutches... and getting into you know enough to manage through the rest of your life, get better in your own now :)))...

what is your thinking language??

who next?

So, media chooses to make an octopus the latest celebrity with a lot of its airtime, print space and web store dedicated to it.. I do not like it one bit.  So when given a choice between two different containers, the octopus decided to check out one.. and what it chose happened to be correct, big deal??????....

Sick and tired of the word media!!

Pudutoone Uyyaala...

Was watching the movie Neninthe by Ravi Teja... in fact am watching it right now... 

Movie caption defines me.. ;).. this songs defines what keeps going on in my mind... andukenemo picchi picchigaa nacchindi...

pudutooney vuyyaalaaaa, nuv pothe moyyaalaaaa -2-
eelopey edo cheyyalaaaa

elaala, elaala,duniyaane elaala,
cheka cheka checka chedugudu aadaalaa
thoogunte vastaaya, maavente untaya
kondantaa aasaya, koosinthey lifeaya
iragesei thiragesei, dunnesei dulipesei
andanga aanandamga istamgaa batikesei

avakaasam raaledantu gukkepatti yedodde
enaado vacchuntaadi nuvve vadilesuntaave
chikatine tidutu tonguntey, vekuvaki chotey ledule
ninnem tirigi raadu kada, repem jarugutundo kada
neekai migili undhi ika ee rojey
jaade leni daarulu, twistey leni gaadhalu,
riske leni lifulu bore borey
nuvvento ettuki edigina, boldanta sampaadinchinaa
ori naanna pongi pokuraaaa
gelupevvadi sottu kaaduraa, adi neeto modalavaledu raa

adi fifty-fifty chaanceraaaaaa --pudutooney--

niluchuntey bus stationlo bus vastaadi ekkochey
padipotey frustationlo emuntaadhi ekkekey
innellu chesina porapaatuuuuu
successto sardeyocchu leyyyy
padinaa tirigi levadam baalyam modati lakshanam
daanne marachi povadam vinthey gaaa

edhi entha avasaram itte telusukovadam
anthe mosukelladam happyraaaa
ninu bayapette panulemitoo,avi chesei roju kokkati
ika apai jadupey raadhu raa

nee korey gullai poinaa, karmantha kaali poinaa
premisthene pani cheyyaraaaaa

Check it out here.

I loved this song, heard it a while ago but did not pay attention to the lyrics, especially watching it on screen with gyrating Mumaith it was not my cup of tea song... but as I set about watching the movie paying attention to the lyrics, found this gem of a creation and we need to give the credit where it is due.

Loved the movie a lot, the reality shown there is very less yet touching in a way... endaro enno rakaalugaa already cheppina storyni kottaga cheppindemi lekapoyina Ravi Teja kosam choosanu and it was worth it... and by the way, andulo atani character life fundaa bhale bagundi... Man is most selfish creature, the way he brings his lady love to touch base with reality is what I liked... yes, even when I claim that I love Sreya, it is because she is my flesh and blood... "MY" is the crucial thing here... so even the most saintly mother love is based on that core I, me, myself factor... nothing wrong about it too... it is the way of life...

PS:  Hey, I  did not get the stricken out word in the lyrics, check out if someone can figure it out.

Jul 11, 2010


Ento teliyadu kaani ninna nenu maa doorapu bandhuvu, varasaki babaye ayye aayana death ceremony choosi vacchetappudu pade pade "nirvedam" ane maata naa burralo medilindi... meaning ento teliyadu, enduku gurtocchindo teliyadu, eppudu vinnaano antakante gurtu raatledu kaani ade padam manasulo nilichipoyindi...

Okappudu chaavu ane padam vinapadetene bhayapadi sokaalu modalu pette nenu ippudu adoka jeevita satyam ani samaadhaana padipoyi inkokarini samudaayinche stithiki raavadam nijamgaane naaku peddarikam vacchesindemo anipinche vaastavam.

Naalo ee maarpuki modalu maa amma maatalu... evairaina chacchipoyaaru ante vaniki chacchipoye nannu daggara koorchopetti cheppina maatalu.

Evaraina subhakaaryalaki pilichinappudu vellinaa, vellalekapoyinaa evaraina poyaaru ani telisinappudu maatram maa amma, taata tappakundaa vellevaaru, nannu teesukellalani choosevaru.. naakemo bhayam, vaallakemo kartavyam.. intlo okkadaanne undaalante bhayam, vellalante akkada bhayam, elagola vellinaa kooda aa inti bayate nilchuni eppudu amma, taata vastaara ani eduru choopulu.

Okasari, maa intlo addeki unde okaayana unna pettuna mancham meeda alaage chanipoyaaru... jabbu ledu emi ledu, alaaga padukuni poyaaru... appudu vaalla aavida pettinaa keka ippatiki naaku gurtu undi.. ekkado pote tappinchukovacchu kaani mana intlo ante tappadu kada, appudu nannu choosi maa amma chesina gnanabodha nannu chaala chaala marchindi.. okesaarigaa kaadu melli melligaa..

"Amma bratuku chakramlo puttuka chaavu tappavey.. pasi pillallonu, poyina vaarilonu devudu untaadamma.. okati jeevitam modalayyindi anadaaniki gurtu, inkokati chivariki neekide migiledi enduku taapatrayam ani nerpinche gurtu.. nuvvu enta tappinchukunna tappanivi ivenamma. Oka manishi poyinappudu tappakundaa kudirite choodalamma, inka manam enta anukunna aa manishi gnaapakaale kaani aa manishi kanipincharu kada, okkasaari aa manishi mattilo kalisipoyemundu aakhari choopulu tappakundaa choodalamma.  Manishi jeevitam puttuka to madalu ayyi, bratikinannaallu kaama, krodha, madha, lobha, mohaalaki baanisgaa undi chaavuto oka paripoornatani nimpukuntundi, alaanti aa chaavuni choosi bhayapada koodadamma, bratiki unnanduku edokati cheyyali ani tapana penchukovaali.."

Amma maata meeda guri unna nenu, melligaa maaraanu, evarina telisina vaallu pote tappakundaa velli choosi dannam pettukuni vastaanu.. evaridaina savam eduru vaste daaniki dannam pettukuntaanu, aakhariki ambulancelo evaraina vellina kooda dannam pettukuntaanu...

Aina kooda, maa ammani choosentavaruku naaku oka chaavu gurinchi emi teliyadu, naadoka prapancham, nenoka pudingini, chinni chinni vishyaalu saasvatam anukune vayasu, nene goppa ani virraveege manasu.  Aavida potu potu enno swayamga choopinchi vellinatlayyindi.. naaku badha ante ento, jeevitam ante ento..aavida poyina nela rojulaninchi ee roju daaka telustoone undi.. yaantrikamga bratike manishi jeevitamlo enni egudu digudulu untaayo, edi nijam, edi sasvatam anedi rojukokasari telustoone undi, bratiki unnannaallu naa kartavyam ento naaku bodistunte untundi...

Amma cheppina maatalu pade padu gurtostay, amma laage.. eppudu elani vaarta vinna ave maatalu, ade roopam.. inni naaku nerpinchina ammani naa biddaki choopinchalene ani badha..

Intaa telisi enduku naalo kopam, aham, pattudala migili unnayo naaku artham kaadu... enduku ee monditanam, enduku nenu kondarini kshaminchalekapotunnanu, enduku naaku naa jeevitaannichina kanna tandri ante anta asahyam, enduku???  enni telisinaa, konni aacharanalopettadaaniki chaala pedda manasu kaavaali... telisinavanni kooda aacharanalo petteste nenu kooda Buddhudu vanti mahaa purushula listlo cheripotaanemo.... "kshama" ane gunam naalo eppudu peruguntundo, asalu perugutundo ledo teliyadu.... asalu kshamaagunam valana annitiki ateetamga bratakadam anedi nijamaina mukti maargam emo kada?

Jul 8, 2010

Teerani Kalena??

This is one really touching ad.. One thing I really really want to do with all my heart and have not been able to do is donating blood. I dont really remember when it started, the urge to give blood, that is. Donating eyes, organs and blood, the ads related to them.. I dont really remember one incident that triggered that desire but the urge grew with me.. but I remember my father (no matter how much I hate him for his way of life) donating twice a year or as needed.

When it came to implementation, first there was this age restriction, then I was underweight (it is really funny now to think that I was underweight at one point considering what I have put on postpartum), then I was in US, then I got pregnant and later on now... anemic... phew!!!!

I still remember my colleagues making fun of me not to go to the camp area because they would just ask me to lie down and give me some and go :((... I always used to go down, the doctor used to check my height and weight and then turn me down and that silly coordinator would offer me the juice and send me upstairs :((.

Now, when we were looking for donors for my maama, I was stopped because I am clinically anemic :((((.

I so badly want to do it once in my lifetime before it is too late to give blood.. so my resolution is to be able to donate blood on next LO's birthday!!!

What triggered this post is a cute ad that I got to see HERE.

It will surely make me feel good 'cos the thought of doing it one day fills me eagerness to get back to great health.

By the way, I am A positive!!

Torn... !!!! Helpless......!!!!

There are times when you feel you need to do something ASAP but are tied down due to a lot of restrictions.. you feel a lot for a loved one but end up being a mute spectator as her life is battered time and again.. I feel tied up.  I feel that if there is one person I could kill at this very moment that is what is the cause and who is that person who evokes those really violent feelings in me... Well, this a friend's personal life and I cant really divulge the name and place she stays right now but I just hope there comes a time when I can do that and relieve her from those clutches...

I feel like something is going to burst in me seeing her helpless... I fail to understand why she has to put up with it all.. I fail to understand why she is trying to be a God.  I fail to understand why she is punishing herself really bad!!! I fail to understand anything at all!!!

There are predators in the world.. Beware!!! For those looking out for marriage alliances through net, check out, check out the references thoroughly, verify, cross verify, re-verify.

I have not seen a fraud of this magnitude so upclose in my life... this has been eating me from within, I had to vent it somewhere...

what did she do to deserve this???

Once married with kids, marries again for money, spends every single paisa provided by the girl's parents, takes every single penny of her pay, creates rifts between her and parents when they see through the farce and are no longer willing to shell up the money, takes all possible loans on her name, does not eat the food cooked by her, leaves her in a lurch when in need, denies her a right of children, starts and ends a day with a lie, that chimpazee faced idiot *&%*&^(*&)(&09][#^%(*&*)(&.... criticizes her and fights with her...

why the hell is she bearing it all... I dont know..

why am I silent...
I am respecting her request for silence for a while until she sorts out her own issues..
I cant provide a solution for the rest of her life when my own life is in a mess..
I am plain helpless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God, I have heard from amma that you deep fry people in hot oil who sinned on earth, you make them walk on thorns and fire.... show me that you are there by doing it to that guy, do something... show some divine justice... I just want to wipe her life clean but feel so sick!!!!! that sick b&^$&*&*#$^...

give her some peace.. from the day she married him, I have never seen her get a wink of peaceful sleep or a moment of truth... isnt 6 yrs too long to go through that hell???

Send in your wishes that she sees sense and he is put to justice....

I am still seething, even venting out here does not seem to help!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 7, 2010

TV 9.. Close Encounters and Be A Star

One of the people I have this strong hate hate feel relationship these days is TV 9 Ravi Prakash.  It began as a channel that would strip the corrupt naked or something along those lines, but several years and a few incidents that came to my personal notice I just stopped believing its credibility, it is just another TRP-hungry channel into huge money minting someway or the other in its own race for power and money.  The constant craving for news, any dirty cheap news shown 101 times kind of taking people into a trance with all those crime related programs, the undue publicity given to unnecessary stuff.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that ever since Srija's elopement and wedding, there are quite a few girls who take police support and get married, some kind of an inspiration she is.  While not all cases are as successful as hers, the families on both sides are at each other's throat, the police having to do the middleman ship of keeping them from hurting each other.  What good was the live coverage for the audiences anyway???  One person throws acid, a whole group follows, one person cuts throat, another group follows.. what the hell???  and of course, there is no denial in the fact that politics and Telangana issue are blown out of proportion because of these channels only.

I, however, cannot ignore it completely and end up watching a few programs like Be A Star or Close Encounters with Suzy while channel surfing.

Be A Star is a makeover program where a common man is treated in beauty salon, boutique and a photo shoot on a day and the portrait is on display at a mall for a day making a celebrity out of a common man for a moment.  I have my own reservations on whether I really like it or not because I personally feel that beauty is not just skin deep and there has to be beauty from within, but since there are quite a few people out there with such trivial dreams that remained unfulfilled throughout their lives and so it is a good portal for such people.. so must say it gets 50% of my support ;).  I happened to watch it a couple of times.. a transgender makeover and an episode where a couple of slum kids are given a time of their life and finally handed over to a social service organization to get them educated and give good life.  Those beautiful dirt streaked faces, a boy and a girl, with a lot of dreams in their eyes where even a decent enough dress which is new is unthinkable, they get to a photo shoot after a beautiful makeover in a hair salon and designer dress, footwear and what is the best is they get to keep them forever.  The kids are frightened throughout, very very apprehensive at first but then go with the flow, they open gradually and what touched me most were the answers when they were asked whether they liked the dress.. yes, they did and they only saw rich people wearing them.. :((((((...the tears in the eyes of the girl when she cut the cake and had it, the look she gave the anchors when leaving the mall is something which will stay in my heart forever.  The tears in her eyes, the sadness that it has come to an end, their moment of glory, happiness, they could not get to enjoy it completely and it all came to an end pretty soon, that killing look... gunde pippi pippi chese desperate helplessness.. edo cheyyali, andari pillalaki okate jeevitham enduku undadu.. enduku ee differences????

One more thing I liked is Close Encounters With Suzy.. I first saw a program with Nag, pedda extraordinary anchoring emi anipinchaledu, in fact when Nag kissed her after the interview, naakento chaala atigaa kooda anipinchindi... it was like, what the hell, Nag has a reputation of being a lady's guy but why the hell is he kissing her, western culture has set in so rapidly is it anipinchindi.

The other day when I saw the reason behind it, the gesture and its intention fell into place.. the lady in question Suzy is paralytic waist down, someone has to carry her around, a physically challenged individual.  When they claimed she was the most beautiful anchor in the world, I was like aaaw another gimmick of TV-9, when I saw the show, I was like there have been a 100 better shows out there.  When Rana and Sai Kumar were doing the promos, never was there mention of anything about disability, they just spoke of her ability.  Ravi Teja interviewed her and I liked the way it went on.  She is in deed an inspiration to a whole lot of other people who are challenged.. not physically but emotionally.  Those with all the body organs working thoroughly give up, but out there in the world there are quite a few people who work wonders with disabilities physically.

We are so tuned to think in just one way that things just cant be seen the way they actually are.. I was blinded by many thoughts to see through her grit, all I could see was odd display of affection by the guests... give a chance and the pervert in me pops up... sigh!!!!

There was one point where I could relate to that girl in a way and all of a sudden I felt it could as well be me replying to that question.  When asked how could you overcome such difficulties and reach this position.. her answer was "I never felt these were difficult to do, it is only when you people emphasize that you have done something most people give up on do I realize that I did something".. So, true!! how can you do this, how can you manage this being a cripple (well not in so many words, but implying the same) is the one question people ask me time and again.  Well, the fact is I dont really think it is out of the norm for me, I am just doing what I feel I should do, whether or not the body cooperates or not and how I work around it is another issue.  The lack of physical capability is compensated in many more ways, it is just that we need to tap that door and there is enormous potential just waiting to be used.  I surprise myself every time in adversity as to how I could manage that, when I see people crumbling under pressure, I thank God a 1000 times over for crippling me physically and putting that extra quota in grit and determination.. The only thing that limits me is myself.....

I like the lady and her simplicity... the wig is a big no!!!, the fake accent is a big no!! the encouragement by Ravi Prakash is good... and to many more good things in her life!!

Jul 4, 2010

Miss You Jangu

I had done a post on her a while ago HERE..

It goes without saying how much I love Jangu, it was just a 2-month-old pup when I had come to the village, 2 yrs. and 2 deliveries later with just one surviving son, Pingu, it is no longer there :(((...

It is strange how one gets so attached to whatever he stays with for a while, be it material or living thing.  It has been a part of my life from the day one I came here.  People scared me to get rid of it once LO was born as stray dogs tear the infants apart (scary)... though we were very cautious, there was not even a single day it came near the kid's bed.. it just stayed in the yard, ate w hat we gave and left.  I used to give it the formula/milk that was left over in the bottle after the kid has fed.. strange and weird it would sound to some of the non-dog lovers out there.. but it was kind of a kid to me.

I had been extremely busy this past week with mama's operation and his discharge from the hospital (yes, he is fine and thanks for all the wishes) and for the past 3 days I was doing daily service to Vja.   There was an announcement in the village that dog catchers.. err.. killers would be coming and those hiding the strays would be fine 10K.  Well even if Jangu and Pingu are strays they stay in our yard and are our unofficial pets though they are not chained or belted, so after the announcement I put both Jangu and Pingu in the chaavidi and locked them with sufficient food and water and things to play with and went to vja.. nothing happened on day 1, they did not come but Jangu managed to come out through a ventilator :((... the second day no matter how much I would try it would just not come to me, so I shut the door and let it be inside the house. but out of frustration it was biting wires and everything that it could find and crying real bad, so I let it go and cautioned the dog catcher not to kill it since it is my pet and had to rush to Vja... I come back at night only to see it lying dead on the doorstep :((((((((((((( and a scared and shaking pingu refusing to eat anything :((((((((((((... ever since then Pingu has been crying real bad, shaking and crying... it has seen its mother struggle and die it seems and it is scared.  The moment I entered the house, it was crying real bad and only when i fed it it ate something.. we then both cried and it had a very disturbed sleep.

Stray dogs in village are really a menace, the barks and howls at nights kind of gives you a near nervous breakdown but still the sight of dogs killed left right and center on either sides of the roads is something which I can never forget in the coming days... sterilizing and leaving them leads to hormonal issues or something is what they say but in all, the sight is scary and it tears my heart apart to see my  beloved Jangue lifeless and Pingu shaking real bad seeing any new person approaching it... miss you Jangu.. you were the best pet I had, a decent and a dignified stray... Will take care of Pingu for you, he is belted and collared now, waiting for you to come and play.. but I guess he will forget in a day or two... so will I.

For Evil Eyes on LO