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Jul 14, 2010

Ae Zindageee gale lagaale..

One of favorite songs from the movie Sadma where both the lead players did their best...

Ae zindagee gale lagaa le
Ae zindagee gale lagaa le
Humne bhi tere har ik ghamko
galese lagaaya hai.
. Hai na --ae zindagee--

Humne bahaane se, chhup ke jamaanese
palkonke parde main ghar bhar liyaa
tera sahara mil gayaa hai zindagi
la la lala la la laala la laa
tera sahaara milgayaa hai zindagi --ae zindagee--

Chhotasa saayathaa, aakhon main aayathaa,
Humne do boondon se mann bhar liyaa
Humko kinaara milgayaa hai zindagi
la la laala la la laala la laa
Humko kinaara milgayaa hai zindagi --ae zindagee--

The song, lyrics, the picturization everything kind of remain etched in my memory... simple and sweet and haunting..

by the way, how can I forget Hariprasad and the childish voice of Sridevi not really getting on to my nerves.. can watch it again any day any time.

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