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Jul 27, 2010

I am that mom...

Found something interesting accidentally and felt it is the time again for looking inside.... am a little disturbed by the turn of the events in the recent past and want a break from that train of thought, so here I go..

As part of the blog carnival of the Zombie princess,


I am that mom who was paranoid every single moment of my kid's life for up to 6 months.

I am that mom who started letting go little by little in an effort towards detached attachment if there can be any.

I am that mom who does not hesitate to do anything to keep her sheltered and bring her up independently.

I am that mom who lets the kid have anything she feels like, go anywhere she wants to, do anything she likes to as long as at is innocent exploration.

I am that mom who spends a fortune on the daughter's learning process and day to day life rather than invest in safe and secure bonds and policies.

I am that mom who thinks that my kid is not superior than anyone else.. she is a innocent angel like every little kid in the world.

I am that mom who focuses on practicing  giving and caring, sharing and bearing... practice and preach!!!

I am that mom who is mad, bad, sad, glad, kind and sometimes even blind in love for my daughter but all in moderation and not all at once ;).

I am that mom who plans of letting the kid explore her own values and just be there to guide when she goes wrong, intend to let her be and only intervene if she happens to go wrong anywhere.

I am that mom who wants to relive the childhood along with my daughter rather than live her life for her.

I am that mom who treats her infant as her best friend rather than an offspring.

I am that mom who intends to celebrate each moment with her daughter as if there is no tomorrow, working today for the moment that is NOW "present" which is actually a present.


Renuka said...

Good one sree..
you sure is a special mom...saying it from heart!

Kalpana said...

Lovely raa... :)

Satish Bolla said...

andhuke, thallullaara meeku johaar

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