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Jul 4, 2010

Miss You Jangu

I had done a post on her a while ago HERE..

It goes without saying how much I love Jangu, it was just a 2-month-old pup when I had come to the village, 2 yrs. and 2 deliveries later with just one surviving son, Pingu, it is no longer there :(((...

It is strange how one gets so attached to whatever he stays with for a while, be it material or living thing.  It has been a part of my life from the day one I came here.  People scared me to get rid of it once LO was born as stray dogs tear the infants apart (scary)... though we were very cautious, there was not even a single day it came near the kid's bed.. it just stayed in the yard, ate w hat we gave and left.  I used to give it the formula/milk that was left over in the bottle after the kid has fed.. strange and weird it would sound to some of the non-dog lovers out there.. but it was kind of a kid to me.

I had been extremely busy this past week with mama's operation and his discharge from the hospital (yes, he is fine and thanks for all the wishes) and for the past 3 days I was doing daily service to Vja.   There was an announcement in the village that dog catchers.. err.. killers would be coming and those hiding the strays would be fine 10K.  Well even if Jangu and Pingu are strays they stay in our yard and are our unofficial pets though they are not chained or belted, so after the announcement I put both Jangu and Pingu in the chaavidi and locked them with sufficient food and water and things to play with and went to vja.. nothing happened on day 1, they did not come but Jangu managed to come out through a ventilator :((... the second day no matter how much I would try it would just not come to me, so I shut the door and let it be inside the house. but out of frustration it was biting wires and everything that it could find and crying real bad, so I let it go and cautioned the dog catcher not to kill it since it is my pet and had to rush to Vja... I come back at night only to see it lying dead on the doorstep :((((((((((((( and a scared and shaking pingu refusing to eat anything :((((((((((((... ever since then Pingu has been crying real bad, shaking and crying... it has seen its mother struggle and die it seems and it is scared.  The moment I entered the house, it was crying real bad and only when i fed it it ate something.. we then both cried and it had a very disturbed sleep.

Stray dogs in village are really a menace, the barks and howls at nights kind of gives you a near nervous breakdown but still the sight of dogs killed left right and center on either sides of the roads is something which I can never forget in the coming days... sterilizing and leaving them leads to hormonal issues or something is what they say but in all, the sight is scary and it tears my heart apart to see my  beloved Jangue lifeless and Pingu shaking real bad seeing any new person approaching it... miss you Jangu.. you were the best pet I had, a decent and a dignified stray... Will take care of Pingu for you, he is belted and collared now, waiting for you to come and play.. but I guess he will forget in a day or two... so will I.


Hari said...

Pets....they are so breath taking....i once saved a puppy....and it still jumps over me out of love with its sibling...both of them run to me once i come out of the loving

Dimple said...

I can totally understand how you must be feeling..

Renuka said...

Hmm..its villages lo ayithe ila champakunda, ooriki dooramga teesukuni velli vadilestharu, the feeling is lot better that it is alive somewhere far from us rather seeing it lifeless :(

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