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Jul 12, 2010

Pudutoone Uyyaala...

Was watching the movie Neninthe by Ravi Teja... in fact am watching it right now... 

Movie caption defines me.. ;).. this songs defines what keeps going on in my mind... andukenemo picchi picchigaa nacchindi...

pudutooney vuyyaalaaaa, nuv pothe moyyaalaaaa -2-
eelopey edo cheyyalaaaa

elaala, elaala,duniyaane elaala,
cheka cheka checka chedugudu aadaalaa
thoogunte vastaaya, maavente untaya
kondantaa aasaya, koosinthey lifeaya
iragesei thiragesei, dunnesei dulipesei
andanga aanandamga istamgaa batikesei

avakaasam raaledantu gukkepatti yedodde
enaado vacchuntaadi nuvve vadilesuntaave
chikatine tidutu tonguntey, vekuvaki chotey ledule
ninnem tirigi raadu kada, repem jarugutundo kada
neekai migili undhi ika ee rojey
jaade leni daarulu, twistey leni gaadhalu,
riske leni lifulu bore borey
nuvvento ettuki edigina, boldanta sampaadinchinaa
ori naanna pongi pokuraaaa
gelupevvadi sottu kaaduraa, adi neeto modalavaledu raa

adi fifty-fifty chaanceraaaaaa --pudutooney--

niluchuntey bus stationlo bus vastaadi ekkochey
padipotey frustationlo emuntaadhi ekkekey
innellu chesina porapaatuuuuu
successto sardeyocchu leyyyy
padinaa tirigi levadam baalyam modati lakshanam
daanne marachi povadam vinthey gaaa

edhi entha avasaram itte telusukovadam
anthe mosukelladam happyraaaa
ninu bayapette panulemitoo,avi chesei roju kokkati
ika apai jadupey raadhu raa

nee korey gullai poinaa, karmantha kaali poinaa
premisthene pani cheyyaraaaaa

Check it out here.

I loved this song, heard it a while ago but did not pay attention to the lyrics, especially watching it on screen with gyrating Mumaith it was not my cup of tea song... but as I set about watching the movie paying attention to the lyrics, found this gem of a creation and we need to give the credit where it is due.

Loved the movie a lot, the reality shown there is very less yet touching in a way... endaro enno rakaalugaa already cheppina storyni kottaga cheppindemi lekapoyina Ravi Teja kosam choosanu and it was worth it... and by the way, andulo atani character life fundaa bhale bagundi... Man is most selfish creature, the way he brings his lady love to touch base with reality is what I liked... yes, even when I claim that I love Sreya, it is because she is my flesh and blood... "MY" is the crucial thing here... so even the most saintly mother love is based on that core I, me, myself factor... nothing wrong about it too... it is the way of life...

PS:  Hey, I  did not get the stricken out word in the lyrics, check out if someone can figure it out.


మురళి said...

naku kuda istam caller tune ga pettedam anukunna dad ph chesinappudu champestaru ani urukunna

Renuka said...

nice lyrics, though i never heard it. looks like i became an alien to the movies and songs :)
actual ga same meaning tho old movie Erra mandaram lo -elo elo uyyala, kannu teristhe uyyala, kannu moosthe moyyala antoo oka song undi sree...i love it to the bits..

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