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Jul 7, 2010

TV 9.. Close Encounters and Be A Star

One of the people I have this strong hate hate feel relationship these days is TV 9 Ravi Prakash.  It began as a channel that would strip the corrupt naked or something along those lines, but several years and a few incidents that came to my personal notice I just stopped believing its credibility, it is just another TRP-hungry channel into huge money minting someway or the other in its own race for power and money.  The constant craving for news, any dirty cheap news shown 101 times kind of taking people into a trance with all those crime related programs, the undue publicity given to unnecessary stuff.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that ever since Srija's elopement and wedding, there are quite a few girls who take police support and get married, some kind of an inspiration she is.  While not all cases are as successful as hers, the families on both sides are at each other's throat, the police having to do the middleman ship of keeping them from hurting each other.  What good was the live coverage for the audiences anyway???  One person throws acid, a whole group follows, one person cuts throat, another group follows.. what the hell???  and of course, there is no denial in the fact that politics and Telangana issue are blown out of proportion because of these channels only.

I, however, cannot ignore it completely and end up watching a few programs like Be A Star or Close Encounters with Suzy while channel surfing.

Be A Star is a makeover program where a common man is treated in beauty salon, boutique and a photo shoot on a day and the portrait is on display at a mall for a day making a celebrity out of a common man for a moment.  I have my own reservations on whether I really like it or not because I personally feel that beauty is not just skin deep and there has to be beauty from within, but since there are quite a few people out there with such trivial dreams that remained unfulfilled throughout their lives and so it is a good portal for such people.. so must say it gets 50% of my support ;).  I happened to watch it a couple of times.. a transgender makeover and an episode where a couple of slum kids are given a time of their life and finally handed over to a social service organization to get them educated and give good life.  Those beautiful dirt streaked faces, a boy and a girl, with a lot of dreams in their eyes where even a decent enough dress which is new is unthinkable, they get to a photo shoot after a beautiful makeover in a hair salon and designer dress, footwear and what is the best is they get to keep them forever.  The kids are frightened throughout, very very apprehensive at first but then go with the flow, they open gradually and what touched me most were the answers when they were asked whether they liked the dress.. yes, they did and they only saw rich people wearing them.. :((((((...the tears in the eyes of the girl when she cut the cake and had it, the look she gave the anchors when leaving the mall is something which will stay in my heart forever.  The tears in her eyes, the sadness that it has come to an end, their moment of glory, happiness, they could not get to enjoy it completely and it all came to an end pretty soon, that killing look... gunde pippi pippi chese desperate helplessness.. edo cheyyali, andari pillalaki okate jeevitham enduku undadu.. enduku ee differences????

One more thing I liked is Close Encounters With Suzy.. I first saw a program with Nag, pedda extraordinary anchoring emi anipinchaledu, in fact when Nag kissed her after the interview, naakento chaala atigaa kooda anipinchindi... it was like, what the hell, Nag has a reputation of being a lady's guy but why the hell is he kissing her, western culture has set in so rapidly is it anipinchindi.

The other day when I saw the reason behind it, the gesture and its intention fell into place.. the lady in question Suzy is paralytic waist down, someone has to carry her around, a physically challenged individual.  When they claimed she was the most beautiful anchor in the world, I was like aaaw another gimmick of TV-9, when I saw the show, I was like there have been a 100 better shows out there.  When Rana and Sai Kumar were doing the promos, never was there mention of anything about disability, they just spoke of her ability.  Ravi Teja interviewed her and I liked the way it went on.  She is in deed an inspiration to a whole lot of other people who are challenged.. not physically but emotionally.  Those with all the body organs working thoroughly give up, but out there in the world there are quite a few people who work wonders with disabilities physically.

We are so tuned to think in just one way that things just cant be seen the way they actually are.. I was blinded by many thoughts to see through her grit, all I could see was odd display of affection by the guests... give a chance and the pervert in me pops up... sigh!!!!

There was one point where I could relate to that girl in a way and all of a sudden I felt it could as well be me replying to that question.  When asked how could you overcome such difficulties and reach this position.. her answer was "I never felt these were difficult to do, it is only when you people emphasize that you have done something most people give up on do I realize that I did something".. So, true!! how can you do this, how can you manage this being a cripple (well not in so many words, but implying the same) is the one question people ask me time and again.  Well, the fact is I dont really think it is out of the norm for me, I am just doing what I feel I should do, whether or not the body cooperates or not and how I work around it is another issue.  The lack of physical capability is compensated in many more ways, it is just that we need to tap that door and there is enormous potential just waiting to be used.  I surprise myself every time in adversity as to how I could manage that, when I see people crumbling under pressure, I thank God a 1000 times over for crippling me physically and putting that extra quota in grit and determination.. The only thing that limits me is myself.....

I like the lady and her simplicity... the wig is a big no!!!, the fake accent is a big no!! the encouragement by Ravi Prakash is good... and to many more good things in her life!!


Kalpana said...

I too liked Ravi Teja interviewing her in this show... When situations get worse only, we define ourselves the best.. positive attitude is a must.

Sunita said...

Straight from the heart, chala baaga raasavu Sree.. I didnt see any of the programs that you have mentioned, but would like to see Suzy once.

Konni sarlu chaala ati ga alochinchi annintlo negatives matrame kanipinche level ki analyze cheseyyatam alavatu aipotundi.. The most apparent things become difficult to perceive as normal. Subj okati aithe inkento comment rastunnanu kada, I was thinking abt something and came across your post, it brought a different level of clarity to my thought process.. Thanks for such a frank and right from heart post!

Sree said...

@caps... adversities bring out our best capabalities.

@Sunita... thanks for the comment, it made my day.

Renuka said...

i never watched them till date sree..but i did read about close encounters and interested to see..BE a Star seemed to be a nice program.. keeping the intentions aside, there is someone getting benefited out of it unlike the other stuff they telecast 24*7!

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