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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Aug 29, 2010

On my view list.

No matter, how much I crib, kick, curse, hate waking up early and working I end up doing it.. even when my mind resists it body kind of got used to getting up.. No jobs today, i just cant sleep, so am watching a few videos of my choice leisurely..watching movie Prasthaanam.. thanks for the review Chandu Garu :), it just expedited my need to watch this one.

I have this extreme liking to watch interviews.. those who know me and are close to me know this fully well because they are targeted to those watching sessions in spite of their liking/disliking whatever. I dont really force them to watch but I simply wont stop :).

So, these days since the BSNL offers me 2 to 8 free package and since that is the most relaxing time frame for me to work.. i work in that slot.. when the work is in progress, I download a few video clips of interviews during the work hours in the background and watch them later on when the time permits.. me happy, kid happy and mom happy for leaving the TV for her cook shows... God, dont even get me on that.. every day the TV cookery shows on various channels are a torture, the experiments are worse considering I am the one who needs to taste it :(( (just kidding).  I am seriously considering to call one of these channels one fine day for a maa/mee oori/inti vanta with oldie and goldie (that is what my mom and my daughter call themselves).

grr... i digress, especially Open Heart Series which I missed on TV as well as Jaya Pradam these days for the wide range of celebrities, like Jr. and Sr. Rama Naidu, Krishnam Raju.. etc.. while I do not like Jaya Pradam much in terms of Jaya's over action and her dressing.

God, considering she is supposed to be one of the most beautiful women, her dressing, makeup, hair... everything screams change for my taste.. keeping that aside, the language, the unnecessary laughter etc is too much to bear.

I loved Open Heart with Sunita a lot, to me she comes across as a very strong and brave individual who has a knack of surging ahead right through the difficulties.. the confidence she has is mind-blowing considering the pressure-cooker situations she is in and is put under, so here is another person I need to learn a lot from, nothing personal, nothing in terms of ideologies but in terms of general behavior.. the coolness, the extreme rock-solid confidence that nothing can stop me, let me deal it then..

Should learn it from her.

Aug 27, 2010

Phew and Wow!!

Happened to see the launch of Story, Screen Play, Direction.. Appal Raju (full massagu ;)).. Man, Sridevi and Nag are they getting younger by the day or what??

Like I say time and again I simply simply love this guy RGV to the core for his sheer guts.


Aug 26, 2010


it has been raining  cats and dogs... oops it is raining scaring even cats and dogs, rain every single day for the past 2 months or so, undried clothes, unclean compounds... laziness, laziness everywhere....

Aug 25, 2010

Gunde pindesindi...

Naaku oka teerani kala tandri prema..

undemo ani murisipoyi, ledu ani telusukuni kumilipoyi, malli adugo undey untundi nenu tappugaa alochinchaanemo ani malli prayatninchi, enno rakaalugaa manasuki nacchacheppukuni, eduru debbalenno tini kooda inka vemparlaade ee picchi manasuki samaadhaanam cheppukoleka... andari kantiki kooda kanna tandri premanu kaala dannukundi ani anipinchinaa kooda manasullo tiruguleni nirnayaaniki vacchesina naaku oka kadha kanipinchindi.. kanna tandri premanu manasuki kattinattu choopinchindi oka kadhaloni oka paatra..... Rechakudu.

Okkosari eeyane migilina vaarikante melemo anipinchedi, okkosaari inta dourbhaagyam evariki undademo anipinchedi.. okasaari manasuku sardicheppukunelogaane chee nee picchi bhramale kaani aa manishike oka teeru daari ledu neeku choopedataada anipistundi... ee egudu digudu baandavyamlo naa jeevitamloki nenu aahvaaninchina kondaru tappulu vedakadam, nenu elaa pravarthinchaalo cheppadam.. enta varuku samanjasam?  Nenu okari gurinchi pattinchukonappudu naa maanana nannu vadileyocchuga nenu cheppedi vinadam ishtam lenappudu vinadam maneyocchuga, asalu nene ishtam lenappudu nannu vadileyocchu kada.. ledu nenu kaavali, naa manasulo vaalla ishtam vacchinaa bhaavalatoti kaavali... sambhavama idi??

Manasu champukuni nenu bratakalenu... adi lenappudu manishi jeevitaaniki artham ledu ani anukuntaanu alantappudu naa manasuni anukshanam gaayaparichi chitrahimsalaki guri chesevaallu evarainaa sare naaku avasarama???

naaku sambandam ledu ani cheppatam chaala telika, adi tegipoyindi anukunnappudu kaligina vedana antaa intaa kaadu, eppudaina chee enduku inta dwesham, enduku inta ashayam vadilesi naa maanana nenunnappudu atanu emi cheste naakenduku anukuni undataaniki veelu lekundaa chese pettanaalu, panchaayiteelu kalichi vestunnaa, muduchukupoyi pegulu tegipoyelaa edavalaani dukkham pongukostunna kooda daachipettesukuni paiki mondiga, paisachikamga kanipinchatam alavaatu aipoyindi... 

Enduku inta baadha, enduku inta cheppaleni vedana... evarinaina kshaminchadam goppa pani kada nenu enduku cheyyalekapotunnaanu...

jeevitam ivvatam varake talli tandru cheyyagaligindi.. daanni diddukune vidya prasaadinchatame vaari kartavyam.. vaarini gourvinchadam mana kaneesa baadhyata... badhyata okati cheptunte, manasu marokati porutunte... aa needa naa bedda meeda padakoodadu ane picchi taapatrayamlo emi jarugutundo ani bhayam tappa marokati ledu..

eppudu naaku vimukti... nenu enduku inka manku pattuto unnanu?  evaru cheppaleni samaadhaanam, naaku nenugaa naaku vidhinchukunna siksha.

Nannu intagaa kadilinchina aa kadha, kadhaloni vyakti.......HERE.

Aug 23, 2010

My Bro...

Never felt this senti for Raksha Bandan like now in my life... yay!! for my brother to stick through the worst... no words to please me in person, no love showered on me could ever match the rock solid support you give me in terms of backing each and every thing I do, the trust/faith in me.. I guess one needs that more than anything else... can never thank you enough kid!!!

We have our cat-dog fights, we have years of not talking to each other.. we have promised never to see each other, we hurt each other real bad because it is only the most loved ones that cause the worst heartache ever, but nothing can keep us apart if the other were to be in any trouble..

This is for the only ray of help in the toughest time of my life...

Love you kid.

Aug 21, 2010

Time To Decide

There are times when we plan a lot of things, we plan our life to be this way or that way forgetting that even the next moment is not in our hands.  I decided to start a new life from scratch forgetting everything with a lot more understanding and realization of life than I had when I set about a new life overseas.. but a twist in the tale, had LO coming and the life stalled for the next couple of years or maybe God knows how much more longer.  I have no regrets (really).. well, okay I do regret it some times when things get beyond my control and I lose temper in front of her wondering and the thought "she did not ask me to bring her into this world, why the hell did I and then put her through this mess" kills me time and again when I get angry on things, people, surroundings and situations and that helpless kid stares into my eyes seeing this monster called mamma and not really able to comprehend why the hell she is doing the shouting...

I know it is wrong, i know I need to control the anger, i know not every one is right, i know i am not right all the time, i know i cannot fight with everyone, i know there is no support from any corner and the superficial help that seems to be in place only hinders the efforts but nothing more, i know it is a long uphill climb ahead, i know it is going to get worse at times, i know it might all prove futile once the kid grows up, i know we give birth to kids and not their life, i know we nurture the kids but it is their nature that ultimately shows up, i know that upbringing is the key but not the be all and end all as to how they will turn out to be, i know a whole lot of things...

but what keeps me going is that...

I KNOW I WILL NEVER REGRET ANYTHING because my life is in my hands and not in anyone else's and that sense of security is what keeps me going.

Time to decide on a lot of things and they are made and implemented.. only thing to do is wait and see as the time unfolds each moment in front of me.

Aug 20, 2010

Good in Disguise

There are a lot of incidents which when they occur, the situation seems hopeless and the people involved heartless, the emotions involved bottomless but when we let the things cool off, those very same incidents are actually for your good.

I had been trying to bring up the kid in a happy and safe environment but inadvertently there are/were certain influences which the kid is better not acquainted with.  Being as self sufficient as I think I am or try to be, there is still a lot of dependence on people around, be it relatives or paid help.. some times knowing fully well, the influence is bad, you just cant say no for the simple reason as to not offend the other person.  I usually voice out my concern if it concerns the kid but there are some rare instances where in spite of my telling people still go ahead with what they intend to.  I always take pride in the fact that LO is a happy kid, adjusting and sweet (which kid is not to her mother ;).. but it is on a serious note).

I am not a discipline enforcing parent but I would like to keep the kid away from certain influences at least when within my limit but some people just do not see the reason and unforgivably, I have been tolerating this for a while (doing in her presence).. but there have been some recent developments which broke my heart but eventually when I see the sunnier side of it, it does not really matter.. coming to that, did it ever matter?  Then why did I let it happen, for the fear of being termed the mindless mother, a fighting cock with each and every one in the vicinity.

Well, situations do teach you a lesson, let people term me whatever they want to.. i am what I am and I dont want to be this or that for anyone, just trying to be a good mother which I seem to be failing time and again in little matters thanks to constant intervention.

Better late than never, especially when the kid is sensitive to surroundings as much as she is right now.


khwaaja mere khwaaja...

Movie: Jodha Akbar

Khwaaja mere khwaajaa, Dil mein samaaja
Shahon ka shah Tu... Ali kaa dulaara -2-
Beqaso ki taqdeer.. tune hai sawaari -2-
Tere darbaar mein khwaaja.. noor toh hai dekhaa

Tere darbaar mein khwaaja..Sar jhukaate hai auliya
Tu hai unalwali khwaaza.. Rutbaa hai pyaara
Chaahnese tujhko khwaaza ji mustafaa ko paaya -khwaaza-

Mere peer ka sadka -2-
Hai mere peer kaa sadka
teraa daaman hai... thaama.. Khwaajaji..
Tal har balaa hamaari.. chaaya hai khumaar teraa

Jitnaa bhi rashk kare beshak toh kam hai ae mere khwaaja
Tere kadmo ko mere rehnuma nahi chodna gawaara

Just like the regular ARR songs this is one song which did not sink in at the first listening or maybe the couple of times I actually saw the movie.. it is only when I saw Sreeram Chandra of Indian Idol 5 fame perform, did I realize its beauty and a biiig thanks to Sreeram for this wonderful number.. just fell in love with it as it goes on and on in the loop..

and any doubts... khwaajaa is replaced by Sreya a lot of times when we are playing around :))).

Listen to it HERE.

Aug 19, 2010

Lecture on Life and Dreams

Chanced up on this video in one of the friend's links and updates and felt really good about a lot of things.. conveyed in simple words, the speech in true sense signifies the life and not anything else...

kusalam adagamandi

This song by Gazal Srinivas has brought out so many feelings which I need to regroup and bring out...

I totally agree that it is high time we give something back to our roots.. but they are a few points that i totally disagree...  donating money is not our duty as the songs asks for "daanam"... daanam cheyyanavasaram lenanta dhanam mana desamlo undi adi goti kaada nakkala paalu kaakundaa choodatam mana baadhyata..

rather than getting blown out by the emotions in the song, I would say look at the inner and the actual need of the moment.  Each and every one of us, the educated individuals knows as to what needs to be done to get things on track but we leave politics to politicians and economics also to them and then blame every tom dick and harry we can point our finger on.

If the song is targeted on NRIs which I think it is and maybe I am wrong or even if it is targeted to the educated youth who left the village for greener pastures.. I already know a lot of people who contribute a lot to the village, the village temples, some times roads, schools, etc. are benefited by the thoughtful NRIs at least, in my village they are...

There are people who have donated for the post office, library, water foundation, community halls, temples and a lot of other welfare activities in the village, some of them sponsor a student, some of them reward merit students who belong to a lower strata.. they all go unnoticed because they dont shout on roof tops of their help.

The point to be driven is there are lot of resources out there gulped down by wolves called corrupt politicians, or wait a minute do we need to adjectives to describe the same... corrupt and politics arent they one and the same?

Village Calling...
Onamaalu nerpina nee veedhi badi
koolipotu nee kusalam adagamandi -2-

aanamaalu pattaleni raamulori bhajana gudi
beetalesi nee kusalam adagamandi --onamaalu--

eenaati nee keerthi toli adugulu
mundu evaru mosaaro gurtundaa -2-
bratukuloki ninu pampina veedhi roadduu..
gatukulato nee kusalam adagamandi --onamaalu-- (sommu tinesi road esina contractor, approval icchi maayam aipoyina officerni, vaallandari kommu kaasina ministerni vadalakunda kadagamandi)

siri sampadalennunna
daanaanikunna viluva neeku teliyanidaa -2-
oori madhya.. mana oori madhya gaandhi bomma navvutoo
origipotu nee tyaagam adagamandi --onamaalu-- (Tyagam kaadu teguva adagamandi, noru undi lenattu anyayam choodakunda vadalkandi)

polam dunni godlu kadiki paalu pituku paalerudi kodi kunuku -2-
tana biddanu gaalikodili..
ninu ettuku mosina paaleru bhaarya nee kshemam adagamandi --onamaalu-- (paaleru anu padame lekundaa cheyyamandi)

dorlipovu kaalam doralaa nuvu edagaalani evaru tapasu chesaaro -2-
porlu porlu... porlu porlu dandaalato mokkukuntu nee tallee
neerasinchi nee kshemam adagamandi --onamaalu-- (kanipistoo muripistoo kanipenchina talli kanti eduruga kadupu nindugaa undamandi)

baruvu kaaku bratukulo eppudu evariki o manasaa -2-
badi mundara... badi mundara raati meeda jeellamme musali avva
ninu deevistoo nee kshemam adagamandi --onamaalu-- (Prati gnapakam maravakunda nee gamanam munduku ani gurtu cheyyamandi)

and as an after thought, am I the only one who thinks all the songs that GS sings sound alike :((( 


Aug 18, 2010

All relationships....

Come With A PAST.

There is this Indiblogger contest called SochLo. If not for the sake of the contest I would like to check out my own views on this topic.

Actually as a matter of fact, I do believe that I am what I am because of sum total of everything, place/person/event, that has happened in the past. How can it be otherwise and when that is the case, how can a relationship not come with a past. Some people do carry the baggage of past around openly and a few bury it down deep under the layers of so many other things, a few nurse their wounds in private, some move on with a greater resolve in life, some just drown themselves in the sorrow and fade into oblivion.

When I mean to say relationships it is not just the lover relationship, it can be ANYTHING. It is not about ex-loves or lovers that I think about when we talk about relations in general. I have a past and so do everyone, the present moment is going to turn to past every second as the clock ticks away.

I have so many relationships some which happen by birth with no way out and some which I chose, so if I prefer to talk about those that I made on my own.. yes, I do have a past, my moments of infatuations, my moments of false dreams, my moments of future aspirations, my moments where reality sinks in late and my moments where I felt used and dumped, my moments where people might have felt dumped by me, my moments where everything went blank and my moments where things slowly fall back in place.

I must say those very moments are the actual essence of me, the tried and tested me in the hands of fate and self. I have learnt a lot of things like giving unconditional love, bearing everything with a happy grin, braving out the storm with real calm, being coldblooded and a lot many things. As long as the ghosts from past do not upset the apple cart things are just fine. We have let each other go, we have moved on, we have our very set of priorities where they do not even feature in the remotest tiniest spot. I am not a person to get used to change easily, even a minute change happens with a lot of internal resistance but once the transition happens there is no looking back.

The present relationship whatever it is would be smooth only when the past is accepted and not brushed under the carpet.

And for the other question as to how would you handle if the parter's ex wants him/her back..

Well there cant be two ways about it
If the partner too wants her back, then no point making a fuss about it 'cos when the heart is set on one thing, we cant force him to do the other.. just move out peacefully

If the partner does not feel anything about it, then I dont really have to handle anything there, he would have to do that for himself.

Aug 15, 2010

Here and There...

There have been quite a lot of things happening these days and me being me cant really help but have an opinion on them

Jeevitha-Rajashekar-Chiru War :).
.. Sick and tired!!! It is agreed and accepted that Chiru is no God, he runs a commercial blood bank claiming service and this has been exposed by the couple.. great!! we need more such revelations but can we put an end to it and move on to other issues.. and why is it that the society conscious couple only narrow down on Chiru, looks like they have taken the charge of saving the society just from Chiru's clutches!!!!

Jagan and Sonia
No one listens to the other but they never fail to make headlines.. by the way a question to Jagan, what is left in AP to loot still that you crave so much for power so much so that even before the father's whereabouts were found immediately after his flight's disappearing, you started garnering support and supporters from all corners.. by the way, from the fresh memory of seeing leader yesterday on TV yet again, you remind me of Dhanunjay!!!

Sreeram Indian Idol 5

I personally feel title or no title he is the best among the younger lot but somehow am not really very happy at his becoming an idol. Looking at the past record of how all the idols have been washed without a trace and the first ever idol resorting to anchoring the show right now, I feel he would have been better off the contract and the title and working it out by himself with all the fame that he has gathered during the course of the show. However, since that was what he wanted the most to become, Indian Idol. I wish him all the very best and wish and really really hope, he will rewrite the history of the Indian Idol Winners by not just fading out and becoming the best and get whatever he deserves. Good luck kid.. proud of you.

Good when it comes once in a while, okay when it comes frequently... a bigggg no if it comes each and every single day.. it has been the third consecutive month so far with daily rains here.. God, can you take a little break for a week or so :).

Another Addition

Finally doing something that I had wanted to in a long while, taking inspiration from Usha, a picture blog, tried putting that in this blog itself but then the pics got too small to accommodate the correct 3-column template which I always prefer for the prime blog and most importantly since this is the place I do my ramblings verbally, it was only about fit to start a new blog showcasing my life in pictures, things/events that catch my fancy.

It is true that a picture speaks what a 1000 words put together can do effectively, and in my opinion sometimes even maybe a million words.

I loved photography as a kid, even wanted to join fine arts college of JNTU and learning photography and other stuff, but then in my circumstances it was a distant, costly dream.

Lost in the flow of life, forgot that passion too.. I do not have the best of the camera in the world just the one I can afford at this point, A Sony Cybershot DSC-H10 model which captures the vital moments in my life, my daughter's important life moments.

The pics are not too good as of the moment, but hopefully they will get better with time like my writing. Wish me luck and do visit that place as well :).


Aug 14, 2010

No Worries...

A couple of things that touched me a lot this past week teach me about how short and ruthless life can be and how do we get the best out of it..

One being Nick.. who gets me to become "speechless" and mind you that is not an easy task!!!  one sentence... nee sankalpaaniki aa vidhi saitam chetulettaali :).

Check out the video HERE

Tejaswee Rao, Daughter of IHM made an exit from this world at a very tender age.. it is really unfortunate that I got to know this bubbly person after she is no longer around through her blog.. her bubbly posts, her self-claimed arrogance loved it all.. rest in peace kiddo

Rain Rain Go Away.. Little LO wants to play..

It is tough to keep the kid used to do running around early in the morning at one place in spite of luring with busy mind games like puzzles, loops, stackers, dough, crayons, colors...

Aug 13, 2010

Never Fail To Cheer Me Up

These beautiful flowers, the bright combination of colors on the nature's canvas never fail to bring me back from the blues...

Aug 12, 2010

On a rainy morning with Yaasi Anna...

Ennaallaki gurtocchaana vaana ani paadukodaaniki lekunda, konnallu etaina elli raamma ane rangelo varasapetti 2 nelala ninchi padutunna vaanallo... eppudu nettina edi pettinaa orukoni naa kooturu ee bulli godugu nettinesukuni aatalu.

Ghallu Ghallu Ghallu Mantu...

The one sound I hear day in and day out and never fails to bring a joy to my heart is the "muvvala savvadi"...

Naa busy bee lechinappatininchi padukunedaaka busy busyga adugulestoo tirugutoo unte aa muvvala savvadi vintoo undatamlo unna aanandame veru... deeni valla upayogaalu kooda boledanni unnay, tanu ekkadundo, ekkadikeltundo, enta speedga veltundo anni itte telisipotay.. tanu melukuni unnappudu konchem sepu aa sabdam raaledu ante naa gaduggaayi edo kompalantukune pani chestunnattu artham annamaata... so andaaniki andam upayogaaniki upagayogam... ee vendi muvvala patteelu... veenula vindunaina vinasompaina manjeera naadalu...

Aug 11, 2010


They say that people across the globe are more scared of spiders than death.. heard a lot about spider bites but this is a common sight in villages... one day you leave any place without cleaning the next day you see a spider web there!!

Saalepurugu goodu kattadam ante naaku oka rakamaina chiraaku.. intlo patte booju antaa kooda ade anukuntoo tittukuntoo untaanu, especially pandu talli puttaaka mareenu... oka roju ekkadaina cheepuru veyyadam marchipote marusati roju..arey chaala saarlu kevalam koddi gantallo oka teega pratyaksham... eegalu, domalu topaatu nannu parugulettinche maroka praani ee saalepurugu...  kaani teerikaga ee saayantram pooto chettu kinda mancham vaalchinappudu kanipinche ee gundrati valalo unna kalaatmakata telustundi... roju teesestunna enta orputoti malli vala vesukuntundi kadaa...

Aug 10, 2010

Work Table

This is how a corner of my work table looked yesterday, with things cluttered to remind of the tasks to be done and a board to remind meof the same.. did I finish them in spite of all this... yes... mostly :).

Aug 9, 2010

A, Aa, E, Ee

This is one of the charts I was very specific to buy for the kid at the very start... the alphabets in my language.. the very sweet and divine Telugu.. I am not a very insistent on being a teaching early mother but with the amount of grasping and learning she does with/without specifically teaching I wanted my language to be a part of her since very young age.

Alu, Alooni teesesaaka 54 aksharaalato maatram bosigaa kanipistunna ee chartni choosi telugulo vaadatam maanesina aksharaalu enno gnaapakam vastaay kada...

Ee chart kosam pakkana ooraina oka mostaru townlo kooda naalugaidu kotlu tiragaalsi vacchindi... evaru choosina ABC, parts of body, flowers, animals antaare kaani mucchataga a, aa, e, eelu ante ee rojullo English medium schoolslo evaru nerchukuntunnaru madam antunnaaru :((((... adi kooda vatti kaagitamtoti dorikindi, ABC maatram plastic cover vesindi nicega pillalu paadu cheyyakundaa undi... kaabatti deenni goda meeda atikinchaalsi vacchindi pandu gaadu chimpakundaa..

and memu elaa chaduvukuntaam ani edaina doubt unte adi clear chestunnaamoch ;).

Aug 8, 2010

Tum ho kamaal, bemisaal :)

This is what is on loop with me singing it to LO.. changing Aisha to Sreya ;).. yes I know and by the way you should already know that I am not the stereotype good mom singing lallaa lallaa lori to her.

Movie: Aisha

Tum ho kamaal, tum bemisaal, tum laajawaab ho Aisha
Aisi haseenho, Jisko choolo usko haseen kardo

Tum sochti ho duniya mein koi bhi kyun kharaab ho Aisha
Tum chaahati ho tum koi rang har zindagee mein bhar do---- bhar do!!

Nikliho likhne kismat kisiki apnihi dhunmein tumAisha
Yeh shauk kyaa hai, yeh zidhai kaisi, itnaa bataado humko
Suljhane mein tum auroki uljhane hoti ho jo gum Aisha
Apni bhi koi uljan ko door kar ke dikha do humko

Suno Aisha, itnaato tum bhi samjho...Aisha
Tum chaahe jitnaa chaaho....Aisha
Tum jitnibhi koshish karlo....Aisha
Tumsaa na hogaa koi

Baton mein ho aa jaati, ho jaati ho jazbaati
soche samjho to ke mohabbat ki hai raah kya
Pal mein ho ke diwaaani karti ho tum manmaani
Tumko hai duniya vuniya ki koi parwaah kya
Aisha jise kehte hain, ek hain wo laakhon mein
Dil mein jaake rukti hain wo, aati hai jo ankhhon mein..

Magar Aisha --itnaa--

Listen Here.

Puppy Love

We get a puppy-sitting assignment for a while and had to keep this beautiful pom pup with us for a few days much against our wish (first and foremost hygiene/allergy component for the kid)... my tiny little pet-lover gave it a tough time whenever she could find time by showering her Sreyarly love on it... it is no exaggeration to say that the pup to run to a safe corner under the TV table or a cupboard the moment she heard her anklets :)..

and this is one of its royal movements!! To its credit, it never even moaned let alone bite the LO even when it was hugged in a tight embrace.. and just do not ask how we could figure out who pee'd on the floor the kid or the pup :((((.. who seemed to have had a competition going on.

Miss you MITTU who we had to give away to a friend after LO.

Aug 7, 2010

Intlo Eegala Mota

This is the rainy season... errr.. housefly season in the rural areas.. disgusting considering how dangerous and irritating they are... not one or two but a several of them swarming over every possible place...  I make it a point not to eat or drink anywhere near my lappy but still a few of them manage to reach it in spite of HIT, Mortein, local fly killing powder :(((.  Forget the lappy they are a major threat to LO's health with God knows where they have landed feet landing on each and every thing.  One of the downsides of living in a village!!! and the worst thing, believe me, is to clean up the fly shit, those tiny dots on each and every object and washing and rewashing all of LO's feeding bowls time and again... so I end up covering the laptop and almost everything even when I move a few minutes away from it like this :((..

Intlo eegala mota bayata pallakeela mota antaaru.. ante ento naaku teliyadu kaani.. ee eegala motaki maatram naa jeevitam horetti potundi... Endaakaalamlo maamidikaayalaki vacchay annaaru... vaanaa kaalam eegala kaalam antunnaru.. naaku inka ennaallo ee gola mari??

Saathi Tere Naam...

A song from the movie Ustaadon Ke Ustaad..  heard this one as a kid, did not know what got me hooked on to this song for this long, the lyrics (definitely not at that tender age), music, visual... no idea but even to this day, it has not lost its appeal on me.. Heard obviously on Chitrahaar on DD.

Saathi tere naam, ek din, jeewan kar jaayenge -2-

tu hai meraa khuda, tu na karna daghaa
tum bin mar jayenge, tum bin mar jayenge -saathi-

poojtaa hu tujhe peepal ki tarha
pyaar teraa meraa ganga jal ki tarha
darthi ambar mein tu, dilke mandar mein tu
phool pattar mein tu, aur samandar mein tu
tu hai meraa khudaa, tu na karna daghaa

tum bin mar jayenge -2-

khushabuon ki tarha tu mahakati rahe
bulbulo ki tarha tu chahakati rahe
tu salamat rahe, bas yahi hai dua
tu hai meraa khudaa, tu na karna daghaa
tum bin mar jayenge -2-

Check it here.

Another wonderful song on the word Saathi is
O saathi re from Mukkaddar ka Sikandar..

I was under the impression that AB Sr. sung it for the song until I was much older.

o saathi re, tere bina bhi kyaa jeenaa, tere bina bhi kya jeena -2-
phoolon mein, kaliyon mein, sapanonki galiyon mein -2-
tere binaa kuchh kaheenaa, tere bina bhi kya jeena --o saathi-- (really haunting music for me)

Har dhadakan mein pyaas hai teri , saason mein teri khushboo hai
Is dharteese us ambar tak, meri najar mein tu hi tu hai
pyaar ye toote naa, tu mujhse ruthhe naa, saath ye chhoote, kabhinaa  --tere bina bhi--

tujhbin jogan meri raate, tujhbin mere din banjaare
mera jeewan jaltee dhoonee, bujhe bujhe mere sapane saare
tere bina meriiii, mere bina terii, ye zindagi, zindagee naa --tere bina bhi-

Check it here.

Aug 6, 2010

Maa perati jaamchettu pallanni..

What better way to begin my pic a day or pictorial glimpse of my day than with LO's favorite activity, fruit plucking :).

Maa perati jaamchettu pallanni kusalam adige antoo Ravali appudeppudoo paadindi kaani naa chichkoo maatram chettuna jaampandu kanipiste ettukuni koyinchaalsinde... maa roju modalayyede daani toti...

Aug 5, 2010

Lots to Do

With regard to the life
I intend to get back to good health, gain that seemingly lost focus, bask in this newly acquired silently violent way of silencing distractors.

With regard to the blog

I intend to a lot of posts as to what is on my mind, what I want to focus on and what I want to do and so and so forth... and most importantly do a pic a day post inspired by Usha.


With regard to the kid
I NEED TO spend a lot more time with her than I do right now since she is fast absorbing things like a sponge.. get her rid of that beating/hitting for no reason habit and try to erase the memories my shouting mad in front of her :(...

Aug 3, 2010

Life is a Bubble..

This past few days have been a blur, busy with activities, both physically and emotionally it has been very taxing.  A few of my past resolutions have been made stronger..

One happiest outcome is the passport tasks are done (touchwood) and am just waiting for the passport to come by post.

I think I have handled the critical-most situation in my life with applause and got some clarity for my LO when she is able to understand life.

Two of my well-wishers who have been a real good support for me in terms of crisis just passed away within a span of 1 week.  One, Sai Taata garu, a loner by choice, left this world a loner despite having a wife and daughters.. some things I need to reflect real bad from his life.. some things growing clearer in my mind more than ever as to never get back to somethings...

Another, Rani aunty, who wished death upon herself because of various issues plaguing her life... cancer took her and relieved her of her real ailment "mano vyadha"

there are parallels between the three of our lives in very different ways.. got to think and rethink and get clearer about life in a lot more ways than I do already..

Very, true life is a bubble, ready to burst at any moment... just like the bubble shows rainbow colors in one angle, so does the life.. nothing is permanant.. edi saasvatam kaadu kaani aa swalpa vyavadhilo manakantoo oka staanam erparukuvadame mana dhyeyam, lakshyam, gamyam...

manam ennukunna gamyaanni cherukune gamanaanni maname nirdesinchukovaali...

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