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Aug 18, 2010

All relationships....

Come With A PAST.

There is this Indiblogger contest called SochLo. If not for the sake of the contest I would like to check out my own views on this topic.

Actually as a matter of fact, I do believe that I am what I am because of sum total of everything, place/person/event, that has happened in the past. How can it be otherwise and when that is the case, how can a relationship not come with a past. Some people do carry the baggage of past around openly and a few bury it down deep under the layers of so many other things, a few nurse their wounds in private, some move on with a greater resolve in life, some just drown themselves in the sorrow and fade into oblivion.

When I mean to say relationships it is not just the lover relationship, it can be ANYTHING. It is not about ex-loves or lovers that I think about when we talk about relations in general. I have a past and so do everyone, the present moment is going to turn to past every second as the clock ticks away.

I have so many relationships some which happen by birth with no way out and some which I chose, so if I prefer to talk about those that I made on my own.. yes, I do have a past, my moments of infatuations, my moments of false dreams, my moments of future aspirations, my moments where reality sinks in late and my moments where I felt used and dumped, my moments where people might have felt dumped by me, my moments where everything went blank and my moments where things slowly fall back in place.

I must say those very moments are the actual essence of me, the tried and tested me in the hands of fate and self. I have learnt a lot of things like giving unconditional love, bearing everything with a happy grin, braving out the storm with real calm, being coldblooded and a lot many things. As long as the ghosts from past do not upset the apple cart things are just fine. We have let each other go, we have moved on, we have our very set of priorities where they do not even feature in the remotest tiniest spot. I am not a person to get used to change easily, even a minute change happens with a lot of internal resistance but once the transition happens there is no looking back.

The present relationship whatever it is would be smooth only when the past is accepted and not brushed under the carpet.

And for the other question as to how would you handle if the parter's ex wants him/her back..

Well there cant be two ways about it
If the partner too wants her back, then no point making a fuss about it 'cos when the heart is set on one thing, we cant force him to do the other.. just move out peacefully

If the partner does not feel anything about it, then I dont really have to handle anything there, he would have to do that for himself.

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