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Aug 12, 2010

Ghallu Ghallu Ghallu Mantu...

The one sound I hear day in and day out and never fails to bring a joy to my heart is the "muvvala savvadi"...

Naa busy bee lechinappatininchi padukunedaaka busy busyga adugulestoo tirugutoo unte aa muvvala savvadi vintoo undatamlo unna aanandame veru... deeni valla upayogaalu kooda boledanni unnay, tanu ekkadundo, ekkadikeltundo, enta speedga veltundo anni itte telisipotay.. tanu melukuni unnappudu konchem sepu aa sabdam raaledu ante naa gaduggaayi edo kompalantukune pani chestunnattu artham annamaata... so andaaniki andam upayogaaniki upagayogam... ee vendi muvvala patteelu... veenula vindunaina vinasompaina manjeera naadalu...

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