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Aug 20, 2010

Good in Disguise

There are a lot of incidents which when they occur, the situation seems hopeless and the people involved heartless, the emotions involved bottomless but when we let the things cool off, those very same incidents are actually for your good.

I had been trying to bring up the kid in a happy and safe environment but inadvertently there are/were certain influences which the kid is better not acquainted with.  Being as self sufficient as I think I am or try to be, there is still a lot of dependence on people around, be it relatives or paid help.. some times knowing fully well, the influence is bad, you just cant say no for the simple reason as to not offend the other person.  I usually voice out my concern if it concerns the kid but there are some rare instances where in spite of my telling people still go ahead with what they intend to.  I always take pride in the fact that LO is a happy kid, adjusting and sweet (which kid is not to her mother ;).. but it is on a serious note).

I am not a discipline enforcing parent but I would like to keep the kid away from certain influences at least when within my limit but some people just do not see the reason and unforgivably, I have been tolerating this for a while (doing in her presence).. but there have been some recent developments which broke my heart but eventually when I see the sunnier side of it, it does not really matter.. coming to that, did it ever matter?  Then why did I let it happen, for the fear of being termed the mindless mother, a fighting cock with each and every one in the vicinity.

Well, situations do teach you a lesson, let people term me whatever they want to.. i am what I am and I dont want to be this or that for anyone, just trying to be a good mother which I seem to be failing time and again in little matters thanks to constant intervention.

Better late than never, especially when the kid is sensitive to surroundings as much as she is right now.



ప్రణవ్ said...

So true... They might look like silly or simple. But, really matter and effect the thoughts and perspective of the kid.
Children should grow in healthy circumstances.

Unfortunately, very less people bother about it :(

I saw some parents/people using abusive words in front of children and observed the same children using the same words in the absence of their parents or when they are frustrated.
I didn't utter a single word there or warned the child coz its not the mistake of the child. But, later called the parents and told -
'Abusive parents yield abusive children' ( Like Yatha raja tatha praja: ). If you want your child to be abusive, don't speak abusive words, at least in front of them.

You are absolutely correct.
Liked the words - "let people term me whatever they want to.. i am what I am and I dont want to be this or that for anyone, just trying to be a good mother"

Finally, thanks for a wonderful post! :)

Sandhya said...

Hi Sree, simply put, just follow the "Sabki suno, apni karo" mantra. There will be this set of people who will always advise you on everything you do regardless of whether or not you need it. When I resumed working after my daughter was few months old, many people were quick in pointing out how kids with working mothers throw tantrums, suffer from attention deficiency, do not learn things properly etc and that I should give up my job. Two and half years later the same people compliment me saying that my daughter is brought up very well. I am not trying to glorify my parenting skills here. All I did was to follow the simple mantra I mentioned above. If you know what you are doing in right, just do it.


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